Andy’s Frozen Custard Calories and Nutrition Facts

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I don’t think you will ever forget your first visit to Andy’s Frozen Custard. The sweet smell of custard will take you back to your childhood days. You will feel nostalgic when you hear the jingling of the bell and you will enjoy the custard treats.

The owner of Andy’s Frozen Custard is Andy’s. He is a well-known personality in the frozen custard industry and he has a very unique style of serving custard.

1. Custard is served in a bucket

Andy’s Frozen Custard serves custard in a bucket, which is very unusual. Usually, we have a spoon to scoop the custard from the container.

2. The best custard in the industry

Andy’s has a wide range of custard flavors. If you are a custard lover, then you will surely love Andy’s Frozen Custard. The custard flavors are not only delicious but also very affordable.

3. No one knows the secret recipe

Andy’s is very secretive about his secret recipe. He never shares his secrets with anyone. The secret recipe is kept in the ice cream factory and no one knows the exact recipe.

4. No one can create Andy’s custard

Andy’s Frozen Custard is the only company in the frozen custard industry that has its own ice cream factory.

5. The most delicious custard in the industry

Andy’s Frozen Custard is the only company that serves the best custard in the frozen custard industry.

Andy’s Frozen Custard Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Heath Bar, Small2101g13g
Strawberry Old-Fashioned Soda, Large6608g19g
Vanilla Float with Cream Soda, Large5708g19g
Key Lime Syrup, Small110
Vanilla Float with Cream Soda, Small4406g14g
Vanilla Float with Diet Coke, Large3808g19g
Milk Chocolate Custard Bar, Salted Caramel3504g20g
Butter Pecan Concrete, Small79013g46g
Andy's Vanilla Kids' Custom Sundae2505g13g
Vanilla Float with Coca-Cola, Large5308g19g
Vanilla Cone, Small3006g14g
Butterfinger, Small1802g7g
Dr. Pepper, Small150
Hot Fudge, Medium & Large2402g12g
Vanilla Cone, Large60012g28g
Zarlengo's Italian Ice, Raspberry Lemonade120
The Jackhammer, Vanilla, Large105021g53g
Snowmonster Concrete, Medium97016g45g
James Brownie Jackhammer, Medium140036g88g
Andy's Vanilla Custom Sundae, Large58012g29g
Bootdaddy Concrete, Small79015g37g
Pineapple, Medium & Large601g
Andy's Chocolate Custom Concrete, Medium77018g36g
Reese's Pieces, Small802g4g
Pretzels, Medium & Large902g
Vanilla Float with Dr. Pepper, Large5308g19g
Sprinkles, Medium & Large27010g
Dr. Pepper, Medium200
Chocolate Old-Fashioned Soda, Small4907g15g
Dark Chocolate Custard Bar, Mint3205g20g
Chocolate Cone, Medium4209g19g
Cherry Old-Fashioned Soda, Small4906g14g
Marshmallow Creme, Medium & Large280
Hot Fudge Brownie, Pint108020g57g
Pineapple, Small401g
Cookie Dough, Medium & Large2503g10g
Peanut Butter Cups, Small2205g13g
Vanilla Freeze with Cream Soda, Small4909g21g
Key Lime Old-Fashioned Soda, Large5908g19g
Cheesecake, Small1202g7g
Sprecher Root Beer on Tap, Medium220
Key Lime Old-Fashioned Soda, Small4406g14g
Andy's Vanilla Custom Sundae, Regular4309g21g
Butterfinger, Medium & Large2603g11g
Vanilla Float with Dr. Pepper, Small4006g14g
James Brownie Jackhammer, Large173043g104g
Dr. Pepper, Large300
Chocolate Cone, Jumbo73017g33g
Vanilla Freeze with Dr. Pepper, Large74013g33g
Vanilla Freeze with Diet Coke, Small4309g24g
Andy's Chocolate Kids' Custom Sundae2907g14g
Vanilla Freeze with Diet Coke, Large65013g33g
Mint Chocolate Chip, Pint106017g48g
Vanilla Malt, Large92019g38g
Sprite, Large290
Diet Coke, Medium
Coca-Cola, Large290
Espresso, Small
Butterscotch, Medium & Large1401g
Creme Caramel, Medium & Large2103g4g
Vanilla Freeze with Sprite, Small4709g21g
Vanilla Freeze with Root Beer, Small4809g21g
Vanilla Cup, Jumbo65013g33g
Sprecher Root Beer on Tap, Small170
Raspberry Iced Tea, Large110
Chocolate Malt, Large96022g38g
Vanilla Float with Sprite, Small3906g14g
Vanilla Float with Orange Soda, Large5308g19g
Butter Pecan Concrete, Medium104017g56g
Andy's Chocolate Custom Sundae, Regular45011g21g
Andy's Vanilla Custom Concrete, Medium73015g36g
Diet Coke, Small
Oreo, Medium & Large1601g7g
Espresso, Medium & Large
Coca-Cola, Small150
Chocolate Cone, Large63015g28g
Snowmonster Concrete, Small69011g33g
Andy's Ozark Turtle Sundae, Large103017g60g
Chocolate, Pint85020g40g
Chocolate Syrup, One Pump701g
Vanilla Freeze with Root Beer, Large75013g33g
M&M's, Medium & Large3303g14g
Dark Chocolate Custard Bar, Chocolate3505g20g
Key Lime Syrup, Medium160
Brownie, Small602g5g
Milk Chocolate Custard Bar, Vanilla3205g19g
M&M's, Small2302g9g
Strawberry Old-Fashioned Soda, Small4606g14g
Hot Fudge, Small1601g8g
Snowmonster Concrete, Large129022g61g
Chocolate Syrup, Four Pumps2902g1g
Melted Chocolate Chip, Small901g6g
Orange Soda, Medium200
Vanilla Freeze with Coca-Cola, Small53010g24g
Andy's Ozark Turtle Sundae, Regular88014g51g
Vanilla, Quart4309g21g
Chocolate Syrup, Two Pumps1501g1g
Vanilla Freeze with Coca-Cola, Large74013g33g
Andy's Chocolate Custom Concrete, Large111026g53g
Sprecher Cream Soda on Tap, Medium250
Andy's Banana Split56016g22g
James Brownie Jackhammer, Small103026g63g
Sprecher Cream Soda on Tap, Small200
The Jackhammer, Chocolate, Small56013g26g
Brownie, Medium & Large902g8g
Vanilla Cone, Medium4008g19g
Andy's Vanilla Custom Concrete, Large105021g53g
Andy's Hot Fudge Sundae with Pecans, Regular81013g50g
Chocolate Cup, Medium4009g19g
Cookie Dough, Small1702g7g
Andy's Vanilla Custom Concrete, Small53011g26g
Chocolate Cup, Small2907g14g
Stolen Brownie Sundae, Regular87015g56g
Sprite, Small140
Cherry Old-Fashioned Soda, Large7008g19g
Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pint121023g58g
Sweet Iced Tea, Large330
Raspberry Old-Fashioned Soda, Large6608g19g
Bootdaddy Concrete, Medium111018g53g
Bordeaux Cherry Chip, Pint99017g3947g
Chocolate Shake, Small54012g24g
Butterscotch, Small901g
Mint Syrup, Small70
Peanut Butter Cups, Medium & Large3107g18g
Butter Pecan Concrete, Large136024g73g
Vanilla Freeze with Sprite, Large73013g33g
Chocolate Old-Fashioned Soda, Large66010g20g
Heath Bar, Medium & Large2701g17g
Vanilla, Pint80016g40g
Orange Soda, Small150
Andy's Chocolate Custom Sundae, Large61014g29g
Chocolate Cup, Large58014g28g
Raspberries, Small120
Melted Chocolate Chip, Medium & Large1201g8g
Strawberries, Small80
Andy's Hot Fudge Sundae with Pecans, Large96016g57g
Vanilla Freeze with Orange Soda, Large74013g33g
Vanilla Float with Coca-Cola, Small4006g14g
Lil' Digger Kids' Sundae4006g15g
Sprecher Root Beer on Tap, Large330
Vanilla Cup, Small2806g14g
Cheesecake, Medium & Large1703g11g
Chocolate Mini Cup3208g15g
Vanilla Cup, Large55011g28g
Vanilla Cone, Jumbo70014g33g
Marshmallow Creme, Small180
Cherries, Small110
The Jackhammer, Chocolate, Large111026g53g
Vanilla Float with Root Beer, Large5408g19g
Mint Syrup, Large140
Vanilla Freeze with Cream Soda, Large76013g33g
The Jackhammer, Chocolate, Medium77018g36g
Crushed Nuts1708g14g
Reese's Pieces, Medium & Large1102g5g
Vanilla Shake, Large70014g36g
Vanilla Shake, Small51010g26g
The Original Straw-Ana Sundae, Large70012g29g
Peanut Butter, Small29012g24g
Sprinkles, Small2107g
Andy's Chocolate Custom Concrete, Small56013g26g
Vanilla Malt, Small62013g27g
Orange Soda, Large300
Chocolate Malt, Small65015g27g
Zarlengo's Italian Ice, Strawberry110
Raspberry Old-Fashioned Soda, Small4606g14g
Mint Syrup, Medium110
The Original Straw-Ana Sundae, Regular5309g21g
Raspberries, Medium & Large1601g
Roasted Pecans1802g19g
Chocolate Cup, Jumbo69016g33g
Chocolate Cone, Small3207g14g
Andy's Turtle Split57014g37g
Chocolate Shake, Large74016g33g
Peanut Butter, Medium & Large43018g36g
Bootdaddy Concrete, Large140024g68g
Sprecher Cream Soda on Tap, Large380
Chocolate, Quart45011g21g
Vanilla Float with Diet Coke, Small2806g14g
Coca-Cola, Medium190
Vanilla Mini Cup3006g15g
The Jackhammer, Vanilla, Medium73015g36g
Butter Pecan, Pint121020g70g
Vanilla Cup, Medium3808g19g
Strawberries, Medium & Large130
Zarlengo's Italian Ice, Lemon120
Vanilla Float with Root Beer, Small4106g14g
Chocolate Syrup, Three Pumps2202g1g
Creme Caramel, Small1402g3g
Triple Chocolate Concrete, Medium113022g54g
Cherries, Medium & Large170
Diet Coke, Large
Triple Chocolate Concrete, Large148030g71g
Vanilla Freeze with Dr. Pepper, Small4809g21g
Key Lime Syrup, Large210
The Jackhammer, Vanilla, Small53011g26g
Dark Chocolate Custard Bar, Coffee3205g20g
Vanilla Float with Orange Soda, Small4006g14g
Oreo, Small1201g5g
Triple Chocolate Concrete, Small82016g39g
Sprite, Medium190
Pretzels, Small702g
Vanilla Freeze with Orange Soda, Small4809g21g
Vanilla Float with Sprite, Large5208g19g


If you are planning to visit Andy’s Frozen Custard then make sure to book your seats before the rush.