Zpizza Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Why You Should Go For Zpizza Restaurant

You must be knowing that pizza is the most delicious and favorite food. There are many pizza restaurants available in the market but not all are worth spending money. So, for those who are looking for the most amazing restaurant with great service then go for zpizza.

What is zpizza?

Zpizza is a popular pizza restaurant which provides quality and delicious pizzas at affordable prices. The restaurant offers its customers mouthwatering food. The food prepared by the zpizza is made with high-quality ingredients and served at affordable rates.

The restaurant is not only famous for providing quality and delicious pizzas but also for its delicious and flavorful dishes. There are many zpizza restaurants available in the market but none of them provide the same level of customer service as that of zpizza.

The concept of zpizza

The concept of zpizza is to provide quality and delicious pizzas. There are a lot of options for zpizza customers and the customers can choose their favorite pizza among the options. The pizzas prepared by the zpizza are made with quality ingredients and are served in the restaurant within the given time.

The restaurant offers a lot of delicious and mouthwatering food and the customers can get their favorites. The menu of the restaurant includes a variety of pizzas, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. The pizzas and the salads are available in various sizes and flavors.

The food offered by zpizza is prepared by the chefs in the restaurant and the chefs prepare the food with great care. The pizzas offered by zpizza are cooked in the ovens and the pizzas are available in different flavors. The pizzas are served to the customers in a very tasty manner and the restaurant is the best place for eating out.

Zpizza is a restaurant which will surely fill you up and make you crave for more. The pizzas prepared by the zpizza are delicious and fresh and the customers can enjoy a variety of pizzas. The restaurant serves a lot of mouthwatering and delicious pizzas at affordable prices. The pizzas are prepared in the best possible way and the taste of the pizzas is amazing.

You must be wondering why you should go for zpizza, but the answer is simple, you can eat out without spending a fortune. The restaurant offers the best pizzas at affordable rates. The restaurant offers a lot of delicious and mouthwatering food items and you can get the pizzas and the other items of the menu.

There are many pizzas and the customers can choose their favorite. The menu of the restaurant has a lot of options and you can get the food you like. The pizzas are made by the best chefs and the restaurant is the best place to eat out.

So, if you are planning to eat out then go for zpizza and enjoy your meal.

Zpizza Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Tuscan Pizza1608g7g
Casablanca - Small Slice1809g8g
Casablanca Pizza19010g9g
Tuscan - XL Slice37018g14g
ZBQ - Large Slice23014g6g
Napoli - Small Slice1508g6g
Penne w/ Meatballs113067g59g
Berkeley Vegan - Small Slice1505g5g
Arugula Salad2603g20g
Greek Pizza1508g6g
Provence - Small Slice1507g6g
Cheese - XL Slice32017g10g
Cheese Pizza20011g6g
Turkey Sandwich88040g37g
Pear & Gorgonzola Salad - Small56015g46g
Casablanca - Large Slice26013g11g
Curry Chicken & Yam Rustica1307g3.5g
Penne w/ Chicken & Basil Pesto58035g27g
Napoli - Large Slice23012g9g
Veggie Calzone63020g22g
American - Large Slice25014g10g
Chicken Caesar Salad40023g28g
Penne with Meatballs73035g30g
Mediterranean Rustica1406g8g
Ham & Pineapple - Small Slice1509g4.5g
Mediterranean Pizza1004g5g
Caesar Side Salad2005g16g
Parmesan Flatbread Sticks83039g31g
American - XL Slice38020g15g
Sausage & Mushroom - Large Slice23013g9g
Thai - Small Slice17010g6g
Greek Salad - Small2507g19g
Cheese - Large Slice21012g7g
Santa Fe - Small Slice1509g6g
Provence - Large Slice23011g9g
Pollo Latino Sandwich50033g6g
Sausage & Mushroom - XL Slice37020g14g
California Salad1003g6g
California - Large Slice21011g7g
Italian Pizza18010g8g
Tuscan - Large Slice24012g10g
Mexican - XL Slice34020g11g
Curry Chicken & Yam Pizza1005g3g
BBQ Pizza17010g5g
Mediterranean Plate95026g54g
Yuppie Veggie Sandwich76023g37g
Curry Chicken Sandwich49029g8g
Super Sub46030g23g
ZBQ Salad - Large45032g22g
Santa Fe - Large Slice23014g9g
Italian - Large Slice25013g11g
ZBQ - Small Slice16010g4g
Greek - XL Slice33017g12g
Sausage & Mushroom - Small Slice1609g6g
Z-Tuna Sandwich67032g32g
Moroccan Rustica1406g7g
Napoli - XL Slice35018g13g
Chicken Sausage & Arugula Pizza705g2g
Casablanca - XL Slice39019g16g
Ham & Pineapple - XL Slice33019g10g
Chicken Caesar Salad - Large77047g53g
Greek Salad1208g6g
Berkeley Vegan Pizza1809g8g
Mexican Pizza18010g7g
Thai - Large Slice25014g9g
Garlic Bread71013g33g
American - Small Slice17010g7g
American Pizza24012g13g
Mexican - Large Slice22013g8g
Caesar Salad2005g17g
Kid's Pasta32014g7g
Chicken Sausage Rustica1007g3.5g
Pear & Gorgonzola Rustica1307g6g
Meat Calzone79035g36g
BBQ Salad22015g11g
California - XL Slice32017g10g
Moroccan Pizza1003g4.5g
Provence Pizza1608g7g
Napoli Pizza1809g8g
Thai - XL Slice38022g12g
Mixed Greens Salad201g
Tuna Sandwich67032g32g
Tuscan - Small Slice1608g7g
Pepperoni Pizza21011g7g
Cheese - Small Slice1408g4.5g
Mixed Green Side Salad301g
Santa Fe Pizza1809g7g
Pepperoni - Large Slice22012g9g
Chicken Penne Pesto59036g26g
Provence - XL Slice35016g13g
Pepperoni - XL Slice36018g14g
Sausage & Mushroom Pizza1608g6g
Berkeley Vegan - Large Slice2207g8g
Classic Calzone89039g49g
Hot Meatball Sub85042g34g
Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza1005g4g
Thai Pizza17010g6g
Ham & Pineapple - Large Slice22013g7g
Chicken Caesar Salad - Small39023g26g
Supersub Sandwich102045g60g
Greek Salad - Large49014g38g
Italian - Small Slice1709g8g
Turkey Breast Sandwich40034g14g
Veggie Sandwich46019g24g
ZBQ Salad - Small23016g11g
California Salad - Small902g4.5g
ZBQ - XL Slice35020g9g
Italian - XL Slice39019g17g
California Salad - Large1804g9g
Pear & Gorgonzola Salad52916g44g
Pepperoni - Small Slice1508g6g
Santa Fe - XL Slice36021g13g
California - Small Slice1407g4.5g
Greek - Large Slice22012g8g
California Pizza1507g6g
Arugula Salad - Large90026g72g
Ham & Pineapple Pizza1408g4.5g
Mexican - Small Slice16010g5g
Arugula Salad - Small45013g36g
Greek - Small Slice1408g5g
Pear & Gorgonzola Salad - Large108031g86g
Berkeley Vegan - XL Slice35012g12g


If you are looking for the best pizzas then you should definitely visit zpizza. The restaurant is the best place to eat out and the food offered by the restaurant is delicious and fresh. You can get your favorite pizza and other items from the menu of the restaurant.