Zoes Kitchen Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Zoes Kitchen Restaurant is a modern eatery which is inspired by the food that people eat in the cities like Paris. The restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering dishes.

Zoes Kitchen is known for its delicious food, friendly staff and great ambiance. The Zoes Kitchen restaurant is located in the heart of Singapore, so it is close to the Marina Bay area.

What is Zoes Kitchen

The Zoes Kitchen restaurant is one of the best places where you will find amazing food and a unique atmosphere. The place is well known for its French Cuisine. If you want to try the best cuisines, then you must visit Zoes Kitchen.

The Zoes Kitchen restaurant is open from 11:00 AM to 01:00 AM, so you can visit the place anytime. You can also enjoy some drinks, music and dancing at the restaurant.

Why choose Zoes Kitchen

The best thing about Zoes Kitchen is that it serves delicious and mouth-watering food which will make you crave for more. The food is prepared in an authentic French style and it is the perfect place for people who love to spend a romantic date with their loved ones.

You will find lots of desserts, pastries, soups and salads at the Zoes Kitchen. You can enjoy the dishes while you are relaxing and enjoy a night out.

Zoes Kitchen offers you a great experience and you will find the perfect spot for your night out. The best part is that it is open for the entire day.

Best time to visit Zoes Kitchen

If you are planning to visit Zoes Kitchen, then you must know that the place is open from 11:00 AM to 01:00 AM. So, you can visit the place any time of the day and enjoy a delightful dinner.

It is also best to visit the place in the evening because the place is fully decorated and it will give you the best ambience.

The restaurant offers you a variety of dishes, so you don’t need to worry about what to order. You can enjoy some of the popular dishes such as the Lamb Burger, Lamb Chops, Lamb Ragu, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Tostada, Turkey Cacciatore and Lamb Kofta.

Zoes Kitchen is not only famous for its delicious dishes, but it is also known for its delicious beverages. You will find a variety of drinks, juices and cocktails at the restaurant. You will find some of the popular drinks such as the Mojito, Bellini and Champagne.

You will find the best drinks at Zoes Kitchen and you will love the atmosphere. If you are looking for a romantic and delicious date, then you must visit the restaurant.

Zoes Kitchen offers you a great experience and you will find the perfect place for your night out. The best thing is that you will get to enjoy the services of the experienced chefs and waiters.

How to reach Zoes Kitchen

You can easily reach the restaurant by using the MRT. You will find Zoos Kitchen on the rooftop of the Marina Square station. You just need to take the train to Marina Square Station and you will find the place.

Zoes Kitchen Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Gruben Sandwich57043g26g
Grilled Turkey & Cheese45029g20g
Fruit Pint (two servings)601g
Kids Quesadilla59021g30g
Braised White Beans2709g14g
Harissa Red Pepper Hummus32010g20g
YaYa's Hand-Made Chocolate Cake Slice6005g26g
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl w/ Chicken70047g38g
Pita Chips1805g1g
Grilled Pimento60026g39g
Steak Roll-Ups78048g41g
Kids Pizza Piadina34012g22g
Fruit Quart (four servings)601g
Hummus - GF43013g27g
Spinach & Mushroom Piadina62022g41g
Power Grain Bowl w/ Harissa Salmon58039g16g
Tossed Greek Salad78064g33g
Mediterranean Lentil Soup17010g4g
Basil Pesto Hummus - GF45013g31g
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate - GF70028g42g
Harissa Salmon Pita45030g19g
Kids Chicken Salad Sandwich44021g24g
Med Tuna 1/2 Pint (two servings)24017g19g
Basil Pesto Hummus41011g32g
Steak Kabobs49042g27g
Modern Mediterranean40030g24g
Hummus Trio62020g30g
Chicken Salad Sandwich70035g45g
Cauliflower Rice Bowl w/ Lamb56028g43g
Hummus & Salad Plate - GF66024g37g
Roasted Vegetables1102g8g
Greek Chicken Marinara63047g27g
Kids Hummus1505g8g
Side Greek Salad1908g8g
Chicken & Orzo - Cup14011g6g
Chicken Roll-Ups60043g22g
Protein Power Plate52041g33g
Turmeric Rice1904g2g
Chicken & Orzo - Quart45034g18g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie5906g27g
Med Tuna Pint (four servings)24017g19g
Cauliflower Rice Bowl w/ Chicken49041g30g
Baked Falafel Pita46017g17g
Turkey Stack Sandwich45037g17g
Kids Rollup33022g13g
Kids Greek Salad352g2g
Salmon Kabobs33040g17g
Power Grain Bowl w/ Lamb Kafta67033g27g
Rustic Lamb Pita59024g38g
Lean Turkey Pita31028g9g
Kids Salmon Kabob17020g9g
Pasta Salad2209g7g
Chocolate Cake6005g26g
French Baked Feta50019g32g
Chicken & Orzo Soup13012g3g
Kids Pasta Bowl28010g14g
Greek Chicken Pita45041g17g
Greek Salad - With Feta - No Pita22010g10g
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl w/ Falafel66023g33g
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl48014g30g
Mediterranean Lamb Kafta35022g25g
Shrimp Kabobs17023g7g
Classis Hummus42012g29g
Kids Ham & Cheese Piadina28013g16g
Baked Lays1302g2g
Power Grains29511g2g
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl w/ Lamb Kafta77034g51g
Moroccan Chicken Piadina62032g25g
Fresh-Squeezed Limeade210
Power Grain Bowl38013g6g
Tomato Bisque Soup3208g19g
Greek Salad - No Feta - With Pita2409g6g
Baked Feta with Cucumbers - GF41019g33g
Power Grain Bowl w/ Chicken60046g14g
Pita Bread1004g3g
Mediterranean Chicken25033g10g
Fresh Fruit901g
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate79031g44g
Chicken & Orzo - Bowl20015g8g
Baked Falafel1658g5g
Chocolate Chip Cookie5906g27g
Cauliflower Rice Bowl w/ Harissa Salmon47034g32g
Greek Salad - GF38014g25g
Balanced Bites39030g16g
Hummus Duo & Veggies43011g33g
Cauliflower Rice Bowl w/ Falafel45017g25g
Steak Stack Sandwich54032g28g
Chicken Kabob - GF27038g9g
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl w/ Harissa Salmon68040g40g
Basil Pesto Hummus & Pita69021g36g
Kids Shrimp Kabob9012g4g
Zesty Lemon Cookie4005g12g
Baked Feta with Pita Chips50021g33g
Greek Salad - With Feta - With Pita32013g12g
Marinated Slaw1504g13g
Quinoa Salad32010g14g
Sorrentina Bakes Ravioli25011g16g
Chicken Kabobs27038g9g
Kids Grilled Chicken Fingers23034g8g
Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella Piadina68032g43g
Hummus & Salad Plate73026g39g
Hibiscus Green Tea
Half Chicken Salad Sandwich35018g23g
Power Grain Bowl w/ Falafel56022g9g
Grilled Chicken Fingers22032g8g
Greek Chicken Marinara - GF39040g21g
Chicken Salad Pint (four servings)38019g33g
Live Med Salad67023g36g
Cauliflower Rice Bowl2708g22g
Greek Salad49018g27g
Chicken Salad 1/2 Pint (two servings)38019g33g
Greek Salad - No Feta - No Pita1405g3.5g


Zoes Kitchen is a wonderful place for a romantic date. If you are looking for a place to spend your date, then you must visit the place. You will find the best food and you will be able to enjoy a romantic and amazing experience.