Yupik Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Yupiks Restaurant is the Best Destination to Visit

Many people ask me that why I travel to the remote part of Alaska and what makes me to visit that particular place? And my answer to all those questions is the Yupik restaurant. If you want to visit the best restaurant of Alaska then Yupiks is the best place.

It is a very small village in Alaska and not many people come here to visit and eat. But this place is definitely worth visiting, as the food here is very delicious and the environment is quite romantic.

Yupiks restaurant is located on the banks of Yukon River, which is the largest river in Alaska. The location of the restaurant is surrounded by mountains and trees. There is no electricity here, only the sun will provide light to the entire area.

The Yupiks restaurant is the best place to stay in this village, as it is located near the river and you can see the scenery from the balcony of your room. If you want to stay here then you can contact the Yupiks restaurant and they will arrange the perfect accommodation for you.

Now let’s talk about the food here. The chef here makes the best meals. You will find the most delicious and exotic dishes here. Some of the main dishes include:


This is a kind of fish, which is native to the Arctic Ocean. It is served with rice, potatoes and salad.


This is a kind of fish which is native to the Pacific Ocean. It is served with potatoes, vegetables and salad.


This is a kind of fish which is native to the Pacific Ocean. It is served with salad and bread.

Grizzly bear

This is a kind of fish which is native to the Arctic Ocean. It is served with salad and bread.

Yupik Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chocolate Covered Cashews2203g14g
Kimmie Chocolate Jordan Almonds2103g12g
Honey Almonds1405g7g
Vietnam Cashew Pieces2207g17g
Chocolate Jordan Almonds2003g12g
Toasted Butter Flavored Cashews1903g9g
Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts1702g12g
Raw Jumbo Cashews2207g17g
Smoked Almonds1807g16g
Roasted Unsalted Whole Cashews2908g24g
Dark Chocolate Ginger1802g11g
Roasted Salted Almonds1806g17g
Chocolate Covered Almonds2103g14g
Blanched Thin Sliced Almonds1707g15g
Natural Diced Almonds1706g15g
Roasted Unsalted Large Cashews2908g24g
Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Almonds2105g17g
Whole Shelled Brazil Nuts2606g27g
Dark Chocolate Almonds2103g15g
Blanched Almond Powder1707g15g
Roasted Brazil Nuts3307g33g
Crystallized Ginger Slices150
Roasted Salted Jumbo Cashews2908g24g
Maple Syrup Cashews2202g16g
Crunchy Volcano Mix Cashews2205g15g
White Chocolate Gingerbread2002g10g
Dry Roasted Salted Brazil Nuts3307g33g
Roasted Large Cashews2908g24g
Yogurt Almonds1602g10g
Organic Diced Ginger140
Cheer Mix Almonds1505g10g
Butter Toasted Almonds2004g11g
Dry Roasted Unsalted Almonds1807g16g
Raw Cashews2207g17g
Soya Almonds18010g15g
Maple Syrup Almonds1804g9g
Dry Roasted Semi-Salted Jumbo Cashews2306g18g
Dry Roasted Black Pepper Cashews1654g13g
Organic Sliced Ginger340
Natural Sliced Almonds1706g15g
Glazed Ginger2902g
Roasted Unsalted Cashew Butts2908g24g
Organic Ginger Chunks1301g
Blanched Marcona Almonds1706g15g
Original Ginger Candy Gin Gins40
Roasted Unsalted Jumbo Cashews2908g24g
Roasted Unsalted Almonds1806g17g
Natural Coconut Curry Cashews2304g16g
Cashew Pieces2207g17g
Crystallized Ginger Mini Chips3102g
Roasted Diced Almonds1807g16g
Natural Almond Powder1706g15g
Diced Ginger310
Soya Jumbo Almonds18010g15g
Greek Yogurt Almonds2203g13g
Blanched Diced Almonds1707g15g
Natural Almonds1706g15g
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Almonds2205g18g
Roasted Salted Whole Cashews1605g13g
Slivered Almonds1707g15g
Roasted Salted Cashew Butts2306g19g
Crystallized Ginger130
Dry Roasted Jumbo Cashews2306g18g
Natural California Almonds1706g15g
Brazil Nuts In Shell2104g21g
Raw Cashew Butts2207g17g
Soft Shelled Salted Almonds1707g15g
Natural Matcha Green Tea Almonds2305g17g
Blanched Whole Almonds1707g15g
BBQ Cashews2808g23g
BBQ Oriental Almonds1802g15g
Dry Roasted Natural Sliced Almonds1807g16g
Dry Roasted Salted Almonds803g7g


If you are looking for a great dining experience then Yupiks is the best place to go. If you are looking for a romantic place to stay then this is the best place. If you want to enjoy the nature then this is the best place to visit. So, if you are planning to visit the place then book your tickets for Yupiks now.