YumEarth Calories and Nutrition Facts

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If you are thinking that what is the concept of YumEarth and why it is called that way then let me tell you. It is because the food that is served here is so delicious that it will make you feel yum.

If you are looking for a restaurant that will provide you with amazing food then YumEarth is the right choice. You can enjoy the food here in a different way.

The best thing is that you will be able to save money by eating at YumEarth. You can save as much as $8.00 for the food that you will eat.

If you have never visited this place then you are missing a lot of fun. Here you will be able to enjoy the dinner with your friends and family.

I hope that you will enjoy your dinner at YumEarth and will get amazed by the food that they serve.

YumEarth Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Organic Vitamin C Antioxidant Fruit Drops60
Organic Roadside Rootbeer Hard Candies60
Organic Wild Peppermint Hard Candies60
Organic Favorite Fruit Hard Candies60
Organic Sour Twists70
Organic Strawberry Lollipops60
Organic Gluten Free Strawberry Licorice1101g1g
Organic Hot Chili Mango Lollipops60
Organic Assorted Flavor Lollipops60
Assorted Flavor Gummy Bears701g
Organic Candy Corn50
Organic Sour Beans70
Organic Citrus Grove Vitamin C Drops60
Organic Tropical Fruit Snacks60
Assorted Flavors Gummy Worms902g
Organic Pomegranate Pucker Hard Candies60
Organic Gluten Free Black Licorice1001g1g
Organic Fruit Snacks70
Organic Gluten Free Pomegranate Licorice1101g1g
Organic Cheeky Lemon Hard Candies60
Organic Sour Lollipops60
Organic Assorted Flavors Vitamin C Lollipops60
Pomegranate Pucker Gummy Bears901g
Organic Gluten Free Peach Licorice1001g1g