Yoshinoya Nutrition

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Yoshinoya is a Japanese fast food chain. The restaurant’s motto is – “Tasty, low-priced and also quick”. They are the second-largest chain of gyūdon restaurants. To view more detailed yoshinoya nutrition information, view this page in landscape mode or on a desktop computer.

Food NameServing Size (g)CaloriesCalories from FatTotal Fat (g)Sat FatTrans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Carbohydrate (g)


Grilled Steak Bowl – Regular373570100115060127097
Grilled Steak Bowl – Large5448501501770852180144
Beef Bowl® – Regular4257302402712070131091
Beef Bowl® – Large6101040340381701001870131
Beef Bowl® w/ Vegetable – Regular496650180209050122095
Beef Bowl® w/ Vegetable – Large80896026029120702040141
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl – Regular57279016018501651490110
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl – Regular (No Skin)5727401301540901400110
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl – Large903114023025702202480165
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl – Large (No Skin)903109019021601152350166
Grilled Steak & Teriyaki Chicken Combo – Large787101020022802252550144
Grilled Steak & Beef Combo – Large7288701902190851900137
Beef & Teriyaki Chicken Combo – Large8001190330361402152340151
Beef & Teriyaki Chicken Combo (No Skin) – Large7991150300331201352250151
Vegetable Bowl – Regular51044025310074097
Breaded Shrimp Bowl (4 pcs) – Regular4316901501630210840119
Breaded Shrimp & Beef (Breaded) – Large663109031034111.5551530164
Breaded Shrimp & Teriyaki Chicken (Breaded) – Large66310402202460651350160
Beef Bento5268802202570.5651510131
Teriyaki Chicken Bento599101026029701001630137
Asian BBQ Wings Plate (4 pc)5407102302670145174088
Asian BBQ Wings Plate (6 pc)73892034039100217258098
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Coleslaw512570110132.504515091
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Vegetables491540100122.504562088
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Coleslaw- Lemon Butter Sauce556640160196.505036094
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Vegetables- Lemon Butter Sauce535610150186.505083091
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Coleslaw- Teriyaki Sauce554619110133045698103
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Vegetables- Teriyaki Sauce5335891001230451168100


Kid’s Meal Beef26935010011503070048
Kid’s Meal Teriyaki Chicken284360707307568053
Kid’s Meal Teriyaki Chicken (No Skin)284340506204064053


Clam Chowder Soup2272106072.501075034
Cheese Cake99330170191106526035
Chocolate Cheese Cake99370190221204025037
Caramel Flan1282708095011010538
Cookie – Chocolate Chip3717060730116226
Cookie – Oatmeal3715040520014126


Grilled Steak only14120090124.5060120021
Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables3454101401650165147027
Teriyaki Chicken (No Skin) and Vegetables345370110124090137027
Beef only198360230251107012908
Vegetables only2847050.500072014
White Rice2273702020.5002583
Breaded Shrimp Only – (1pc)1960303.50.50101106
California Roll – (2pc)741091210.250233422
Teriyaki Sauce only11313000000146031
Beef Soup only11340000005906
Seafood Sauce Only11313000000155030
Lemon Butter Sauce Only44705064052103


Asian BBQ Wings – (4pc)1984102202560145168021
Asian BBQ Wings – (6pc)29862033037100215252032
Spring Rolls – (2pc)118300180202.50052026
Spring Rolls – (4pc)23660036040500104052


Pepsi® – Regular24 floz300000007682
Diet Pepsi® – Regular24 floz000000760
Wild Cherry Pepsi® – Regular24 floz300000007684
Mountain Dew® – Regular24 floz3300000010694
Mug Rootbeer® – Regular24 floz300000009078
No Calorie Brisk® Green Tea with Peach24 floz0000002100
Sierra Mist® – Regular24 floz300000007682
Tropicana® Pink Lemonade – Regular24 floz3000000027084
Brisk® – Raspberry Sweetened Iced Tea – Regular24 floz240000007664
Tropicana® Fruit Punch – Regular24 floz3300000015090
Aquafina® Bottled Water20 floz00000000
Tropicana® Orange Juice10 floz140000002033
Tropicana ® Apple Juice10 floz140000002534

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