Yoshinoya Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Yoshinoya Restaurant Guide – The Most Popular Japanese Restaurant In America

Yoshinoya is the Japanese name of the restaurant and it is the most famous and popular restaurant in the United States. It is located in Las Vegas and is known for its tasty and affordable food and service. There are two restaurants in Las Vegas and you can easily reach it.

Yoshinoya is a chain of restaurants all over the world and it has around 4,000 employees. All the restaurants are run by the same management and the company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

How to reach the restaurant?

If you are planning to visit this restaurant then you need to have a car because it is located in Las Vegas and it is about 1 hour drive. The closest airport is McCarran International Airport and you need to book your flight before you reach the city.

Yoshinoya is famous for its tasty food and affordable prices and it serves different types of Japanese food.

Foods offered

If you are visiting this restaurant for the first time then you might not know the dishes that are available at the restaurant. So, let me share the details of the dishes.


The most popular dish at this restaurant is sushi and it is the most affordable and delicious type of Japanese food. You will get different kinds of sushi including rolls, maki, nigiri and sashimi.


If you are visiting this restaurant for the first time then you should try the nigiri, which is a raw and sliced fish.


If you are new to Japanese food then this is the most common dish and it is a roll of fish or meat that is wrapped in seaweed.


The last but not the least is sashimi which is a thin slice of fish that is served raw.


The beverages that are served in the restaurant include beer, soda and other alcoholic drinks.

Price and service

Yoshinoya offers affordable prices for the food and beverage and you can easily enjoy the food at this restaurant. You can also enjoy the Japanese culture and experience the Japanese atmosphere.

Yoshinoya Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Kid's Meal Beef35013g11g
Beef Soup Only404g
Asian BBQ Wings Plate (4 pc)71036g26g
Mountain Dew330
Mug Rootbeer - Medium380
Grilled Steak & Teriyaki Chicken Combo - Large101062g22g
Kid's Meal - Teriyaki Skinless Chicken34020g6g
Chocolate Cheese Cake3706g22g
Garden Salad503g
Grilled Tilapia with Rice & Coleslaw Topped with Lemon Butter Sauce64026g19g
Asian BBQ Wings (6pc)62045g37g
Tropicana Apple Juice1401g
Chocolate Chip Cookie1702g7g
Beef Only36025g25g
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Vegetables- Lemon Butter Sauce61025g18g
White Rice3706g2g
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Vegetables- Teriyaki Sauce59026g12g
Cheese Cake3307g19g
Beef & Teriyaki Skinless Chicken Combo - Large115064g33g
Ocean Spray Apple Juice2101g
Diet Pepsi
Tropicana Fruit Punch330
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Coleslaw57026g13g
Diet Pepsi - Medium
Asian BBQ Wings (4pc)41030g25g
Spring Rolls - 2 piece3004g20g
Diet Pepsi - Large
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Coleslaw- Teriyaki Sauce62027g13g
Caramel Flan2707g9g
Chicken Salad36043g14g
Beef Bowl with Vegetable - Regular65024g20g
Italian Dressing (12 grams)404g
Grilled Steak Bowl - Large85038g17g
Angus Steak Bowl - Large85038g17g
Beef Bowl - Large104043g38g
Grilled Tilapia with Rice & Vegetables54025g12g
Cookie - Chocolate Chip1702g8g
Grilled Tilapia with Rice & Vegetables Topped with Teriyaki Sauce59026g12g
Asian BBQ Wings - 4 piece41030g25g
Brisk Raspberry Sweetened Iced Tea - Small200
Asian BBQ Wings Plate (6 pc)92051g39g
Kid's Meal - Teriyaki Chicken36021g7g
Teriyaki Skinless Chicken & Vegetables37039g12g
Grilled Steak Only20019g12g
Beef & Teriyaki Chicken Combo - Large119067g36g
Asian BBQ Wings - 6 piece62045g37g
Beef Bowl w/ Vegetable - Large96035g29g
Grilled Tilapia with Rice & Vegetables Topped with Lemon Butter Sauce61025g18g
Lemon Butter Sauce Only706g
Asian BBQ Wings Plate - 4 piece71036g26g
Brisk Raspberry Sweetened Iced Tea - Kid Meal Drink160
Ocean Spray Orange Juice2104g
Diet Pepsi - Kid Meal Drink
Vegetables Only702g0.5g
Oatmeal Cookie1502g5g
Cookie - Oatmeal1502g5g
No Calorie Brisk Green Tea with Peach- Small
Kid's Meal - Beef35013g11g
Beef Bowl with Vegetable - Large96035g29g
No Calorie Brisk Green Tea with Peach- Large
Brisk Raspberry Sweetened Iced Tea - Large420
Diet Pepsi - Small
Brown Rice1704g1.5g
Mountain Dew - Small280
Teriyaki Skinless Chicken Bowl - Large109061g21g
Mountain Dew - Kid Meal Drink220
Grilled Steak & Beef Combo - Large87041g21g
Angus Steak only20019g12g
Spring Rolls - 4 piece6008g40g
Tropicana Pink Lemonade300
No Calorie Brisk Green Tea with Peach
Angus Steak & Beef Combo - Large87041g21g
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl - Large114066g25g
Vegetable Bowl - Regular4408g3g
Grilled Tilapia with Rice & Coleslaw57026g13g
Asian BBQ Wings Plate - 6 piece92051g39g
Clam Chowder Soup2103g7g
Beef Bowl - Regular73030g27g
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl - Regular79048g18g
Beef & Teriyaki Chicken Combo (No Skin) - Large115064g33g
Brisk Raspberry Sweetened Iced Tea240
Teriyaki Skinless Chicken Bowl - Regular74044g15g
Grilled Steak Bowl - Regular57025g11g
Angus Steak & Teriyaki Chicken Combo - Large101062g22g
Mug Rootbeer - Large530
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Coleslaw- Lemon Butter Sauce64026g19g
Brisk Raspberry Sweetened Iced Tea - Medium300
Teriyaki Sauce Only1302g
Mug Rootbeer300
Wild Cherry Pepsi300
Sierra Mist300
Beef Bowl w/ Vegetable - Regular65024g20g
Grilled Tilapia with Rice & Coleslaw Topped with Teriyaki Sauce62027g13g
Blue Cheese Dressing2801g30g
Angus Steak Bowl - Regular57025g11g
Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetables41042g16g
Grilled Tilapia w/Rice & Vegetables54025g12g
Tropicana Orange Juice1402g


In conclusion, if you want to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal then you should visit this restaurant. You can have your favorite food and drink at an affordable price and you will be able to experience the culture of Japan.