Yogli Mogli Calories and Nutrition Facts

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5 Important Things To Know Before Going To Yogli Mogli Restaurant

Yogli Mogli restaurant is a famous Indian restaurant located in Kolkata. Many people from all over the world visit this restaurant to enjoy the delicious food and taste the Indian cuisine.

Many people wonder what is the difference between Indian restaurant and Indian food?

The answer is that Indian food has different flavors and it is made according to the recipes of our ancestors. Whereas, the Indian restaurant is the place where all types of food is served.

But the question is what is the difference between Indian food and Indian restaurant?

Well, there is a huge difference between the Indian food and the Indian restaurant.

1. Taste Of Food

Indian food is mostly spicy. That’s why most of the people who visit this restaurant come for the taste of spicy food. Whereas, the Indian restaurant serves a variety of foods, including non-spicy and spicy ones.

2. Environment

The environment in the Indian restaurant is clean. In the restaurant, you will find everything that you need. There are many people sitting together and enjoying the delicious food. Whereas, in the Indian restaurant, you will not feel crowded.

3. Menu

The menu of the Indian restaurant is different. You will get a wide range of dishes. You will find the foods that you like to eat. Whereas, in the Indian restaurant, the menu will be limited to the spices that are used in the food.

4. Service

In the Indian restaurant, you will get a good service. The staff is trained to serve the customers in the best possible way. The staff will make you feel at home. Whereas, in the Indian restaurant, the staff will not be friendly with you. They will treat you like a guest.

5. Cost

In the Indian restaurant, the price of the food is high. The food is made with the ingredients that are imported. Whereas, the food in the Indian restaurant is cheap and affordable. You will get the food that is made with the Indian ingredients.

Yogli Mogli Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Blueberry Burst1002g
Thin Mint Cookies1103g
Reese's Peanutbutter1404g5g
Strawberry Banana704g
White Chocolate Macadamia1003g
Orange Burst Sorbet90
Watermelon Sorbet90
Cake Batter1203g3.5g
Chocolate Classic1103g
Ginger Bread1003g
Heath Toffee1102g1g
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart1003g
Ginger Lemonade Sorbet80
Key Lime Sorbet90
Very Strawberry903g
Very Raspberry1002g
Carrot Cake1003g
Butter Brickle1103g
Luscious Lemon1003g
Original Tart903g
York Peppermint Patty1002g
Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet80
Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet90
Zesty Orange Tart1003g
Country Vanilla1003g
Peppermint Stick1003g
Euro Tart Cranberry Hibiscus902g
Sweet Coconut1103g1g
NY Cheesecake1003g
Dutch Chocolate1304g4g
Wild Berry Tart1003g
Outrageous Orange1003g
Red Velvet1403g3.5g
Fancy French Vanilla1405g
Euro White Peach White Tea902g
Green Tea903g
Cookies N Cream1102g
Euro Tart Pink Grapefruit902g
Euro Tart902g
Georgia Peach1002g
Euro Tart Honey Lavander9014g
Dulce de Leche1403g3.5g
Very Strawberry Sorbet90
Egg Nog1002g
Rootbeer Float1003g
Angel Food Cake1g
Apple Pie1003g
Pecan Praline1103g
Irish Mint1003g
Peach Mango Tart1003g
Island Banana2003g
Kiwi Strawberry Splash Sorbet80
Blueberry Acai Tart1103g
Mango Tango Sorbet80
Hawaiian Pineapple1003g
French Vanilla1204g3g
Praline n Cream1303g2.5g


These are the 5 important things to know before going to the Yogli Mogli restaurant. I am sure that you will not regret going to the restaurant.