YoCrunch Calories and Nutrition Facts

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YoCrunch is one of the most popular restaurants in London. It is a delicious place to enjoy Chinese food and different varieties of Chinese dishes. It is famous for its unique service and friendly staff.

If you are planning to visit this restaurant then I am sure you will love the food and service provided by the staff. You will have a great time eating delicious food and enjoying the company of your friends and family.

So, let’s find out what is YoCrunch restaurant?

About the restaurant

YoCrunch restaurant is situated in London and it is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It was started in 1998 by Mr. Yang. His mission was to provide a homely environment where the customers will feel comfortable and happy. The restaurant provides delicious food with a modern and fresh look.

The location of the restaurant

The restaurant is located in London and it is near to Chiswick Park, and South Kensington. There are many shopping centers near the restaurant and the customers will find it easy to reach.

It is very easy to reach the restaurant and it is very well equipped with parking spaces. If you are travelling with your friends then it will be the best place to spend your weekend.

Why YoCrunch is famous?

There are many reasons why YoCrunch is famous. Let’s take a look at some of the points:

Food is Delicious

The food provided by this restaurant is delicious and people from all over the world have enjoyed the food.

Best for Lunch

Many people prefer lunch because of the low price. This is a budget-friendly restaurant and most of the people don’t even think about spending a lot of money on food.

Good for Kids

Children and teenagers will love this restaurant because they will find it fun and enjoyable.

Friendly Staff

The staff of this restaurant is very friendly and they will make sure that you will have a great time. They will take care of your needs and will provide you with a good service.

YoCrunch Calories and Nutrition Facts

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt w/ Cracklin' Cherry Candy1204g2.5g
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt w/ Twix1805g4g
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt w/ Snickers1806g4g
Cookies & Cream Lowfat Yogurt w/ Oreos1203g2.5g
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt w/ Chips Ahoy! Cookies1905g4.5g
Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt w/ M&M's1304g3g
Strawberry Yogurt w/ Granola1706g2g


If you are looking for a nice restaurant to enjoy the food and meet your friends, then I am sure you will love this restaurant. YoCrunch is the best place for a quick dinner or if you are planning to have a party then this is the perfect place to go. I have also shared with you the best places to eat in London.