XS Calories and Nutrition Facts

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If you want to enjoy the experience of fine dining in a cozy atmosphere then you should visit xsrestaurant.com, as this is the place where you will find the perfect combination of food and service. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the food and feel the difference.

You can even try the food without making any payments and if you like the dishes then you can use the loyalty points that you have earned for free.

Now let’s talk about the XS restaurant in detail:


If you have visited a restaurant before then you will agree with me that the ambience is one of the most important factors to enjoy the food. The XS restaurant is not an exception and if you see the photos of the XS restaurant you will understand how the ambience is different from the others.

The XS restaurant is not a fancy restaurant but the food is prepared in a professional way and the ambiance is very comfortable. You will feel the comfort even if you are sitting alone.

The interior of the XS restaurant is designed in a modern way and you will get a different view of the city. You will feel the energy of the city and you will get the opportunity to experience the life of the people.

There is a bar where you can sit and enjoy the food and beverages. The bar is decorated in a different way and the service is also different. You can also enjoy the view of the city.


When you visit a restaurant for the first time you will get a feeling that the staff is not friendly and they don’t know what you want. But this is not true, the XS restaurant is a place where you will get the best service.

The staff is polite and will answer your queries and give you the information that you need. They are always there for you and they will take care of you.


If you have visited the XS restaurant before then you must have experienced the quality of the food. You will find the food to be fresh and delicious. You will get the opportunity to taste the authentic Chinese cuisine.

You will get the best service and the quality of the food is worth the price.


The menu of the XS restaurant is very simple and you will get the best of the dishes. The menu will include the Chinese and Indian dishes. You can choose the dish according to your preference.

XS Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
BBQ Protein Crisps18012g6g
Energy Drink – Citrus Blast10
Energy Drink – Juiced Mango45
Energy Drink – Electric Lemon Blast10
Energy Drink – Melonade Burn10
Energy Drink – Juiced Mango Pineapple Guava45
Energy Drink – Tamarindo Blast10
Energy Drink – Naranja Orange Blast122g
Energy Drink – Classic Blast152g
Sriracha Lime Protein Crisps18012g6g
Energy Drink – Black Cherry Cola Blast10
Energy Drink – Cherry Blast10
Energy Drink – Cranberry-Grape Blast10
Energize Energy Bar – Peanut Butter Crunch29012g12g
Rich Chocolate Protein Shake17025g6g
Energy Drink – Juiced Pink Grapefruit45
Recharge Protein Bar – Chocolate Berry Blast25020g8g
Energy Drink – Tropical Blast10
Energy Drink – Juiced Dragon Fruit45
Recharge Protein Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter25020g11g
Energize Energy Bar – Chocolate Chip27011g8g
Energy Drink – Strawberry Burn10
Energy Drink – Rootbeer Blast10
Energy Drink – Summit Blast122g
Vanilla Creme Protein Shake16025g6g
Energy Drink – Wild Berry Blast10
Energy Drink – Blood Orange Burn10


If you are looking for the best Chinese restaurant in your area then you should visit xsrestaurant.com, as the food will make you fall in love with the restaurant.