WOWBUTTER Calories and Nutrition Facts

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WOWbutter is a famous Japanese restaurant that is famous for its quality food. The restaurant serves delicious dishes like noodles and sushi. The food is prepared in a traditional way and the ingredients are fresh. All these qualities make the food delicious and delicious.

The restaurant has been opened since 2008, and has been getting more and more popularity. Now the restaurant is known for its delicious food.

WOWBUTTER restaurant is a Japanese restaurant that was started by Mr.Yusuke Hayashi, a Japanese entrepreneur who has been a successful businessman. He has served in the management of various restaurants in Japan.

The menu of the restaurant is traditional, and the dishes are prepared using the finest Japanese ingredients. The restaurant has become very popular because of its delicious and delicious food.

WOWBUTTER Restaurant – Famous for its Food

The restaurant serves different types of dishes that include noodle, Japanese cuisine, and Sushi. Each dish is served with an appetizing aroma, and the taste of the dish is delicious.

Has a great ambiance that makes the customers feel comfortable. The staffs of the restaurant are professional and well trained.

The restaurant is famous for its delicious food, and the ingredients used are of high quality. The restaurant has a modern environment, and it provides the best of services.

WOWBUTTER Restaurant – A Great Place for a Dinner

The restaurant is located in the heart of Ginza, and it offers a wide variety of food. The food is prepared in a traditional way, and the taste is delicious.

Has a contemporary design that gives it a unique appearance. The restaurant is popular among the celebrities and people who visit the city of Tokyo.

Serves both the Japanese and western food. The restaurant has a great ambience and the atmosphere is pleasant.

The food is prepared by the chef, and the menu is changed according to the season. The chefs prepare the dishes using the best of ingredients.

WOWBUTTER Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Creamy Soy Butter2007g15g
Crunchy Soy Butter2007g15g


I hope you liked this article about the famous restaurant WOWBUTTER. The restaurant is famous for its delicious food, and the ingredients are of high quality. The menu of the restaurant changes according to the season.