World Harbors Calories and Nutrition Facts

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World Harbors Restaurant: A Unique Place to dine

Are you looking for something unique in Dubai? If yes, then World Harbors restaurant is the right place for you. In this article, I will tell you about the World Harbors restaurant and its benefits.

What is World Harbors restaurant?

World Harbors is the only restaurant in Dubai that will offer you the best seafood dishes. If you have any kind of allergies or food intolerances, then you don’t need to worry about this. This restaurant has a separate kitchen and menu for vegetarian dishes.

The interior of the restaurant is designed by the renowned interior designer who understands the taste of the people. The ambiance of the restaurant will make you feel comfortable and you will have the best dining experience.

Why should you visit World Harbors?

This is the best seafood restaurant in Dubai, as it has a large number of different seafood dishes. You can taste the best seafood dishes of the world in this restaurant.

The seafood dishes are prepared by the chefs with the best ingredients. You will get the best seafood dishes at the most affordable prices.

If you have kids, then they will enjoy the special children’s menu. You can order for the kids the best seafood dishes of the world.

World Harbors Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Maui Mountain Hot Teriyaki Sauce30
Mexican Style Fajita Sauce10
Asian Style Sweet Chili Sauce30
Maui Mountain Teriyaki Sauce25
Aromatic Bitters50
East Asian Style Thai Sauce20
Maui Mountain Sweet & Sour Sauce25
Jamaican Style Jerk Sauce20
Australian Style BBQ Sauce30
Maine's Own Lemon Pepper & Garlic Marinade20
Asian Inspired Sriracha15


I hope you liked this post about World Harbors restaurant. I am sure you will have the best dining experience when you visit this restaurant. I am sure you will like the place as the interior is well designed and the ambiance is perfect.