Woody’s BBQ Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Reasons Why You Should Visit Woody’s BBQ Restaurant

Woody’s BBQ restaurant is the most famous barbecue restaurant in Houston Texas. The barbecue menu of this restaurant is so delicious that you will feel like you are eating in a BBQ joint of Kentucky or North Carolina.

The food served by Woody’s BBQ is made from the best ingredients. They use only the best beef, chicken, ribs, and brisket. Also, they use a special sauce that tastes amazing.

Here are some reasons why you should visit this restaurant:

Best place to have a party

This restaurant is the best place where you can host a party. This is because, they serve the best BBQ and the atmosphere is amazing. If you want to throw a great party, then this is the place for you.

Best place to enjoy the Texas weather

If you live in the area of Houston, then you must visit Woody’s BBQ restaurant. This is the best place to enjoy the Texas weather. Not only you can enjoy the weather, but you can also get the best BBQ.

Good and affordable prices

I don’t know about you, but I love eating BBQ. If you love eating BBQ then you will love Woody’s BBQ. The prices are very reasonable and it is affordable for everyone.

Woody’s BBQ Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Shrimp Dinner36022g2g
Super Sampler72010g31g
Woody's Blue Cheese Dressing1501g16g
Woody's French Dressing13012g
Spare Ribs68040g43g
Bar-B-Q Cheese Fries61016g31g
Lunch Pork30032g19g
Beef Prime Rib76046g62g
Awesome Squash2804g1g
Woody's Italian Dressing606g
Cobb Salad20013g12g
Woody's Ranch Dressing1201g11g
Feast for 21980187g137g
Bacon Cheddar Burger100059g62g
Lunch Bar-B-Q Chicken42042g28g
Prime Rib Sandwich65034g45g
Lunch Chicken Tenders38030g14g
Sante Fe Wrap64044g27g
Tossed Salad & Mesquite Chicken20033g4g
Slaw Dog58018g44g
Lunch Country Fried Steak60024g35g
Large Pork Sandwich74057g37g
Ceasar Salad5508g44g
Tossed Salad101g
Classic Pork45048g28g
Lunch Spare Ribs27020g21g
Corn Nuggets2202g12g
Regular Turkey Sandwich37036g11g
Large Beef Sandwich590102g20g
Sweet Potato Fries2602g10g
Large Turkey Sandwich56054g15g
French Fries1903g7g
Chili Cheese Dog63029g48g
Chicken Feast1680166g112g
Chicken Caesar Salad72028g54g
Sausage Dog83035g68g
Brunswick Stew705g1.5g
Woody's Tangy Mustard Dressing10
New York Strip49038g36g
Mesquite Chicken Salad24025g13g
Lunch Beef20034g7g
Lunch Catfish20024g4g
Chicken Breast45041g8g
Lunch Beans N Franks83035g68g
Southern Trio86078g55g
Beef Brisket Sandwich67044g36g
Garlic Mushrooms903g0.5g
Pulled Cheese Steak Sandwich61035g30g
Feast for 43450322g233g
Lunch Baby Back Ribs26019g20g
Hot Dog43017g32g
Turkey Chili Cheese Fries79062g35g
Beef Brisket52042g38g
3 Meat Salad33041g16g
Pulled Pork Sandwich54033g23g
Woody's Chipotle Dressing14014g
Pork Chili Cheese Fries91048g50g
Cinnamon Butter Cup605g
Baby Back Ribs52038g40g
Pork Sampler1010105g62g
Woody's Sweet Sauce35
Sloppy Woody Sandwich56031g22g
Beef BBQ Wrap38041g13g
Southweat Salad40043g13g
Turkey BBQ Wrap32032g10g
Mozzarella Sticks604g3g
Baby Back Combo6806g48g
Woody's Petal Sauce16017g
Beef Chili Cheese Fries81050g38g
Classic Beef30096g11g
Regular Beef Sandwich39040g14g
Lunch Turkey18030g4g
Woody's Caesar Dressing1302g13g
Country Crock Butter Cup607g
Cole Slaw2001g16g
Breaded Wings (10)70057g47g
Backyard Feast5970512g416g
Woody's Honey Mustard Dressing16014g
Add 1/2 Rack Baby Back Ribs26019g20g
Loaded Chicken Breast74085g35g
Lunch Pulled Pork24020g16g
Fried Okra1905g1g
Beef Salad28039g11g
Pork BBQ Wrap44040g21g
Garlic Toast1203g6g
Woody's Hot Sauce10
Add 6 Shrimp18011g1g
Turkey Salad19025g6g
Tossed Salad & BBQ Chicken43043g28g
Caesar Wrap65050g28g
BBQ Beans1709g8g
Naked Wings (10)45038g30g
Ribeye Steak74057g54g
Classic Turkey27045g6g
Baby Back Ribs & Shrimp44030g21g
Salmon Salad3403g20g
Bar-B-Q Salad without Meat705g3.5g
Awesome Onion Rings37010g1g
Lunch Sausage60040g48g
Chicken Tenders Salad36028g15g
1/2 Chicken84083g56g
Onion Rings1103g
Pulled Chicken Sandwich48037g10g
Woody's Carolina Sauce20
Lunch Loaded Chicken37043g28g
Taste of Woody's1220120g65g
Pork Salad38038g23g
Green Beans503g2.5g
Carolina Pulled Pork38024g29g
Chicken Tenders38030g14g
Regular Pork Sandwich49038g26g


Woody’s BBQ is one of the most famous restaurants in Houston, and if you are visiting Houston for the first time, then you must visit this restaurant. It is one of the best places to eat BBQ and to have a party. So, you will love to visit this restaurant.