Wing Stop Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Are you looking for something new and exciting, but you don’t know what to eat? What if you are craving for wing and beer, then you are in the right place. I am talking about Wing Stop, if you have never heard about this restaurant then you must read this article.

I have been living in San Diego for over a year and I found this Wing Stop on the first day. There were no other restaurants in that area except this Wing Stop. If you don’t know what is this restaurant, then let me tell you the story behind this restaurant.

What is Wing Stop Restaurant?

This is the name of the restaurant which was founded by former US football player Dan Henning. He had been a professional football player for 17 years, but he had to stop his career due to injuries. After that, he went to open a restaurant named as Wing Stop.

The reason why he named it as Wing Stop is that he wanted to provide people with the best wings and best service. He was looking for a place where he can spend time with his family and friends. That’s why he chose to build this place.

After that, Wing Stop started its journey and became one of the most popular restaurant. It has many branches all over the world.

There are more than 150 branches in the USA, Canada and the UK. They serve more than 200 million wings per month.

Wing Stop is a family-friendly restaurant and it has more than 20 outlets in the USA. It offers different types of food like burgers, salads, sandwiches, desserts and much more.

This is a fast-food restaurant which has the largest wings menu in the world.

They offer three sizes of wings which are large, medium and small.

It also offers a variety of sauces to make the wings taste better. The sauces include buffalo ranch, blue cheese, spicy honey BBQ, garlic and teriyaki sauce.

The wings are served in a basket and they are made from chicken. It is grilled and cut into pieces.

It is the best place to enjoy wings and beer.

How to get to Wing Stop Restaurant?

You will find this restaurant in many cities including San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, San Francisco and Portland.

You can visit the website of this restaurant or you can find them on Google Maps. You can also book your reservation by visiting their website.

You can even find the nearest location on the map. I will recommend you to visit this restaurant as soon as possible.

Wing Stop Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Bourbon Baked Beans2818g3g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Hawaiian1849g8g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Hickory Smoked2009g8g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Louisiana Rub17015g12g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Plain1669g8g
Blue Cheese3123g32g
Veggie Sticks – Carrot17
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce1221g8g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Atomic14415g9g
Honey Mustard36733g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Teriyaki25920g9g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Mild34119g22g
Yeast Rolls1355g2g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Lemon Pepper2109g13g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Cajun22920g9g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Hawaiian15615g8g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Lemon Pepper32419g20g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Garlic Parmesan20416g15g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Plain22419g9g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Cajun1689g8g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Mango Habanero16015g8g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Original Hot1689g8g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Original Hot14215g9g
Seasoned Fries – 6 oz4107g18g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Louisiana Rub36120g24g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Plain14015g8g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Teriyaki16016g8g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Mango Habanero1909g8g
Veggie Sticks – Celery5
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Original Hot22820g9g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Hickory Smoked BBQ28420g9g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Hickory Smoked BBQ17015g8g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Teriyaki1889g8g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Louisiana Rub1969g11g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Mild2209g14g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Garlic Parmesan22010g14g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Mango Habanero26820g9g
Seasoned Fries – 11 oz76013g34g
Boneless Chicken Wings – Atomic1729g8g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Garlic Parmesan37420g25g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Atomic23620g10g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Mild18415g13g
Jumbo Chicken Wings – Cajun14215g8g
Potato Salad2725g15g
Crispy Chicken Tenders – Hawaiian25520g9g


I hope you found this post interesting. I have shared a lot of things with you, so please go through the article.