Wilton Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Wilton Restaurant is the best place for Indian food lovers in Chicago. It is a famous restaurant for its Indian food and drinks. The restaurant was founded in 1996 by the Chef Ashwin K. Malhotra. The menu is created to provide quality food to the customers.

The menu has been designed by the Chef to serve different types of cuisines including Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, French, Japanese, and Indian. It is one of the best Indian restaurants in Chicago. The Indian food is prepared by the chefs in a very traditional way.

It is not only the menu that attracts the customers, but also the interior of the restaurant. The walls are decorated with various types of paintings and artwork. The restaurant provides high quality and fresh food to the customers.

Indian food is known for its spices and flavors, and the flavors of the food are enhanced by the decoration of the restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very pleasant to the eyes. There is a huge table and sofa where the customers can sit and enjoy the dishes.

The restaurant provides a special service for the children. The children will enjoy the special kid’s menu, and will get a free bottle of water with every meal. The menu includes a kids menu, and a kids drink menu. There are a lot of options for the children.

The children will be served with rice, dal, and a salad. They will get an ice cream and cake after they finish their dinner. The children will also get a free toy, coloring book, and stickers for their lunch. The parents can also order a pizza and can eat with the children.

The main dishes are very tasty, and the taste will be enhanced by the decoration of the restaurant. The decorating style is unique and different from any other restaurant. The restaurant is very popular among the tourists, and it is a place to visit in Chicago.

The location of the restaurant is very good and easy to reach. It is located near the Lake Michigan, and the customers can enjoy the beautiful view while they eat. The customers will also get a free parking at the restaurant.

The prices are very reasonable and affordable. The best part is that the prices don’t vary a lot for a large group of people. The prices will be the same even if a large number of people are ordering.

Wilton Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Gel Food Coloring
Unicorn Icing Decorations20
Dark Green Candy Melts22012g
Monkey w/ Banana Royal Icing Decorations10
One in a Watermelon Candy Melts22012g
Flowerful Assortment Sprinkles15
Lightning Bolt Icing Decorations20
Food Color Mist Spray
Mini Candy Eyeballs15
Meringue Powder201g
Cookie Icing1001g
Rainbow Nonpareils Sprinkles15
Pastel Owl Icing Decorations10
Dinosaur Icing Decorations15
Caramel Candy Spoons60
La La Lemon Candy Melts22012g
Cherry Gummy Mix351g
8-Bit Heart Icing Decorations15
Pineapple Icing Decorations10
Clear Piping Gel100
Black, Red & White Bows Royal Icing Decorations10
Decorating Icing251g
Nautical Theme Anchor Icing Decorations5
Candy Corn & Pumpkins Royal Icing Decorations15
Red Candy Melts22012g
Bright White Candy Melts22012g
Sugar Sprinkles15
Heart Shaped Icing Decorations10
Salted Caramel Candy Melts22012g
Gingerbread House Decorating Kit1201g2.5g
Blue Candy Melts21012g
Vibrant Green Candy Melts2201g12g
White Candy Melts21012g
Clear Vanilla Extract
Nerdy Mummies Icing Decorations10
Pink Candy Melts21012g
Valentine's Day XOXO Royal Icing Decorations15
Light Cocoa Candy Melts21012g
Yellow Candy Melts21012g
Autumn Assorted Leaf Icing Decorations15
White Daisy Wafer Decoration10
Despicable Me Minions Icing Decorations10
Sunflower Royal Icing Decorations5
Royal Icing120
Orange Candy Melts21012g
Pure Peppermint Extract
Happy Birthday Letters & Numbers Icing Decorations15
Royal Blue Candy Melts21012g
Candy Eyeballs15
White Creamy Decorator Icing18012g


The Wilton is one of the best Indian restaurants in Chicago. It is a good place for the Indian food lovers. The food is delicious, and the decorating style is unique.