Which Wich Nutrition

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As a casual dining restaurant, Which Wich’s menu consists mainly of sandwiches and salads, but as this Which Wich nutrition guide will show, the calorie count varies for each because of the toppings and content.

  • Thank You Turkey: 230 calories, 2 g fat, 1235 mg of sodium
  • Turkey Reuben: 140 calories, 5 g total fat, 1230 mg of sodium
  • BBQ Pork and Slaw: 260 calories, 2 g total fat, 1235 mg of sodium
  • Beef Cheesesteak: 200 calories, 10 g total fat, 1401 mg of sodium
    Food Name
    Cals (kcal)
    Tot Fat (g)
    Sod (mg)
    Carb (g)
    Fiber (g)
    Prot (g)


    Large Beef Cheesesteak400202,8007150
    Large Beef Cheesesteak Double Meat580255,1107186
    Large Corned Beef250122,2000035
    Large Corned Beef Double Meat500244,3900070
    Large French Dip20053,5004035
    Large French Dip Double Meat370105,8004070
    Large Reuben410232,86012035
    Large Reuben Double Meat660355,06012070
    Large Roast Beef18052,3000035
    Large Roast Beef Double Meat350104,6100070
    Medium Beef Cheesesteak300152,1005<137
    Medium Beef Cheesesteak Double Meat430193,8305<164
    Medium Corned Beef19091,6500026
    Medium Corned Beef Double Meat370183,3000053
    Medium French Dip15042,9204026
    Medium French Dip Double Meat28084,6504053
    Medium Reuben290162,1209026
    Medium Reuben Double Meat480253,7709053
    Medium Roast Beef13041,7300026
    Medium Roast Beef Double Meat27083,4600053
    Small Beef Cheesesteak200101,4004<125
    Small Beef Cheesesteak Double Meat290122,5504<143
    Small Corned Beef12061,1000017
    Small Corned Beef Double Meat250122,2000035
    Small French Dip11032,3404017
    Small French Dip Double Meat20053,5004035
    Small Reuben180101,3805017
    Small Reuben Double Meat300162,4805035
    Small Roast Beef9031,1500017
    Small Roast Beef Double Meat18052,3000035


    Large Skinny Wheat360486073514
    Large Skinny White380488073011
    Large Wheat53051,280109721
    Large White57051,310109017
    Medium Skinny Wheat270365055410
    Medium Skinny White29036605509
    Medium Wheat400496082515
    Medium White430498082013
    Small Skinny Wheat17024003427
    Small Skinny White18024103406
    Small Wheat270364054410
    Small White28036605409


    Large Bacon & Egg380271,4403033
    Large Bacon & Egg Double Meat620452,7403053
    Large Green Eggs & Ham470311,6606040
    Large Green Eggs & Ham Double Meat580352,97010054
    Large Ham & Egg240131,4606027
    Large Ham & Egg Double Meat350182,77010041
    Large Sausage & Egg630571,3503025
    Large Sausage & Egg Double Meat1,1201052,5503037
    Large Veggies & Egg13091503013
    Large Veggies & Egg Double Egg270182905026
    Medium Bacon & Egg280201,0802025
    Medium Bacon & Egg Double Meat460342,0502040
    Medium Green Eggs & Ham400251,7606035
    Medium Green Eggs & Ham Double Meat520303,26010052
    Medium Ham & Egg210111,4206024
    Medium Ham & Egg Double Meat310152,7309038
    Medium Sausage & Egg470431,0102018
    Medium Sausage & Egg Double Meat840791,9102027
    Medium Veggies & Egg10071102010
    Medium Veggies & Egg Double Egg200142204020
    Sausage& Egg – Large500417703030
    Sausage& Egg – Super660541,0204040
    Sausages & Egg – Regular330275102020
    Small Bacon & Egg190137202016
    Small Bacon & Egg Double Meat310221,3702026
    Small Green Eggs & Ham240158303020
    Small Green Eggs & Ham Double Meat290171,4905027
    Small Ham & Egg12077303013
    Small Ham & Egg Double Meat17091,3805020
    Small Sausage & Egg310286702012
    Small Sausage & Egg Double Meat560521,2702018
    Small Veggies & Egg70575207
    Small Veggies & Egg Double Egg13091503013


    Large Buffalo Chicken18052,0301035
    Large Buffalo Chicken Double Meat360103,6201070
    Large Chicken18051,5900035
    Large Chicken Cordon Bleu19072,1104031
    Large Chicken Cordon Bleu Double Meat390144,2207063
    Large Chicken Double Meat350103,1900070
    Large Chicken Pesto230101,700<1036
    Large Chicken Pesto Double Meat410163,290<1072
    Large Chicken Salad630581,6405028
    Large Chicken Salad Double Meat1,2701163,28010056
    Medium Buffalo Chicken14041,520<1026
    Medium Buffalo Chicken Double Meat27082,720<1053
    Medium Chicken13041,2000026
    Medium Chicken Cordon Bleu14051,4502024
    Medium Chicken Cordon Bleu Double Meat280102,9104049
    Medium Chicken Double Meat27082,3900053
    Medium Chicken Pesto18081,2700027
    Medium Chicken Pesto Double Meat310122,4700054
    Medium Chicken Salad480431,2304021
    Medium Chicken Salad Double Meat950872,4607042
    Small Buffalo Chicken9031,010<1017
    Small Buffalo Chicken Double Meat18051,810<1035
    Small Chicken9038000017
    Small Chicken Cordon Bleu10041,0502015
    Small Chicken Cordon Bleu Double Meat19072,1104031
    Small Chicken Double Meat18051,5900035
    Small Chicken Pesto12068500018
    Small Chicken Pesto Double Meat21081,6500036
    Small Chicken Salad320298203014
    Small Chicken Salad Double Meat630581,6405028


    Large BLT760553,9106262
    Large BLT Double Meat1,4901097,80062123
    Large Egg Salad860856508017
    Large Egg Salad Double Meat1,7101701,31015034
    Large Elvis Wich1,230761,8201221351
    Large Elvis Wich Double Meat1,540943,1201221371
    Large Gyro740581,35016032
    Large Gyro Double Meat1,4101102,57030064
    Large Monet Cristo Double Meat550114,53052063
    Large Monte Cristo36062,27047031
    Medium BLT630453,2605251
    Medium BLT Double Meat1,240916,50062102
    Medium Egg Salad640644906012
    Medium Egg Salad Double Meat1,28012898011025
    Medium Elvis Wich1,140711,500971145
    Medium Elvis Wich Double Meat1,320852,470971160
    Medium Gyro620491,13013027
    Medium Gyro Double Meat1,060821,92022047
    Medium Monte Cristo27051,79035022
    Medium Monte Cristo Double Meat420103,58040045
    Montecristo – Large26051,70033024
    Montecristo – Regular17031,13022016
    Montecristo – Super34062,26044032
    Small BLT390271,9605231
    Small BLT Double Meat750543,9005261
    Small Egg Salad43042330409
    Small Egg Salad Double Meat860856508017
    Small Elvis Wich6503891061725
    Small Elvis Wich Double Meat770471,56061735
    Small Gyro410317409018
    Small Gyro Double Meat800611,44016036
    Small Monte Cristo17031,14022015
    Small Monte Cristo Double Meat27062,26026031


    Chocolate Chip Cookie240101203313
    Cookie Sandwich Ice Cream Center200101002405
    Oatmeal Raisin Cookie22083603313
    Peanut Butter Cookie250122203114
    Wich Krispie24062604301

    HAM & PORK

    Large BBQ Pork & Slaw530322,76022238
    Large BBQ Pork & Slaw Double Meat900584,35022275
    Large Bac-Hammon®460273,9207048
    Large Bac-Hammon® Double Meat910547,84014097
    Large Ham21092,6207028
    Large Ham Double Meat430175,25014056
    Large The Cuban300172,7205<133
    Large The Cuban Double Meat590344,8209<166
    Large The Hula™30092,62030<128
    Large The Hula™ Double Meat510175,25037<156
    Medium BBQ Pork & Slaw400242,07017228
    Medium BBQ Pork & Slaw Double Meat680433,26017256
    Medium Bac-Hammon®340202,9405036
    Medium Bac-Hammon® Double Meat500264,91010057
    Medium Ham16071,9705021
    Medium Ham Double Meat320133,93010042
    Medium The Cuban250151,9103<126
    Medium The Cuban Double Meat490303,3605<151
    Medium The Hula™23071,97022<121
    Medium The Hula™ Double Meat390133,93027<142
    Small BBQ Pork & Slaw260161,38011<119
    Small BBQ Pork & Slaw Double Meat450292,18011<137
    Small Bac-Hammon®230131,9604024
    Small Bac-Hammon® Double Meat430273,9207048
    Small Ham11041,3104014
    Small Ham Double Meat21092,6207028
    Small The Cuban15091,5404<116
    Small The Cuban Double Meat300172,5905<133
    Small The Hula™15041,31015<114
    Small The Hula™ Double Meat26092,62018<128


    Brown Bag230132702433
    Window Bag300183603244


    Large Chicken Parm490213,37020459
    Large Chicken Parm Double Meat670264,96020494
    Large Grinder590502,7000031
    Large Grinder Double Meat1,1701015,4100062
    Large Meatball1,060743,38038661
    Large Meatball Double Meat1,8101334,98057998
    Large Muffuletta480353,88010331
    Large Muffuletta Double Meat850596,71015363
    Large Pepperoni Pizzawich®1,060824,00021456
    Large Pepperoni Pizzawich® Double Meat1,6301355,98021476
    Medium Chicken Parm370152,53015344
    Medium Chicken Parm Double Meat500193,72015371
    Medium Grinder440372,0300023
    Medium Grinder Double Meat880754,0600047
    Medium Meatball800562,53029545
    Medium Meatball Double Meat1,5201104,42044789
    Medium Muffuletta360262,9108223
    Medium Muffuletta Double Meat640445,03011247
    Medium Pepperoni Pizzawich®800613,00016342
    Medium Pepperoni Pizzawich® Double Meat1,2201014,48016357
    Small Chicken Parm250101,69010229
    Small Chicken Parm Double Meat330132,48010247
    Small Grinder300251,3500015
    Small Grinder Double Meat590502,7000031
    Small Meatball530371,69019330
    Small Meatball Double Meat900662,49028549
    Small Muffuletta240171,9405215
    Small Muffuletta Double Meat420293,3508231
    Small Pepperoni Pizzawich®530412,00010228
    Small Pepperoni Pizzawich® Double Meat900743,11011244




    Cheese Pizzawich160104504011
    Grilled Cheese1009510005
    Peanut Butter & Jelly240141352327


    Combo Bowlwich®20055422
    Lettuce Bowlwich® (One Size)25045522
    Spinach Bowlwich®20065322


    Lettucewich (One Size)15025321


    Large Banana Added210105363
    Large Chocolate Added44026510844
    Large Extra Banana110002631
    Large Extra Malt18041703006
    Large Oreo® Crumbs Added540246007945
    Large Pineapple Added130003420
    Large Shake Base1,32070670158032
    Large Strawberry Added2900506800
    Large Vanilla Added5100012800
    Medium Banana Added160104052
    Medium Chocolate Added3201457833
    Medium Extra Banana50001321
    Medium Extra Malt12031152004
    Medium Oreo® Crumbs Added400184505934
    Medium Pineapple Added110002810
    Medium Shake Base85045430101020
    Medium Strawberry Added2400405600
    Medium Vanilla Added390009600
    Small Banana Added110002631
    Small Chocolate Added2201305422
    Small Extra Banana50001321
    Small Extra Malt601551002
    Small Oreo® Crumbs Added270123003923
    Small Pineapple Added700017<10
    Small Shake Base6603534079016
    Small Strawberry Added1500253400
    Small Vanilla Added260006400


    Large Crab & Artichoke Double Meat*640472,28042713
    Large Crab & Artichoke*350231,5202679
    Large Crab Salad Double Meat*1,160943,04063019
    Large Crab Salad*580471,52031010
    Large Sriracha Tuna600451,3009039
    Large Sriracha Tuna Double Meat1,170902,14012078
    Large Surf & Turf® Double Meat*760523,82031045
    Large Surf & Turf®*380261,91015022
    Large Tuna Salad580458404039
    Large Tuna Salad Double Meat1,160901,6808078
    Medium Crab & Artichoke Double Meat*610471,90037411
    Medium Crab & Artichoke*320231,1402147
    Medium Crab Salad Double Meat*870702,28047014
    Medium Crab Salad*430351,1402307
    Medium Sriracha Tuna450339807029
    Medium Sriracha Tuna Double Meat880671,60010058
    Medium Surf & Turf® Double Meat*470283,06015040
    Medium Surf & Turf®*230141,5308020
    Medium Tuna Salad430336303029
    Medium Tuna Salad Double Meat870671,2606058
    Small Crab & Artichoke Double Meat*320231,1402147
    Small Crab & Artichoke*200117601344
    Small Crab Salad Double Meat*580471,52031010
    Small Crab Salad*290237601505
    Small Sriracha Tuna300226505019
    Small Sriracha Tuna Double Meat590451,0706039
    Small Surf & Turf® Double Meat*380261,91015022
    Small Surf & Turf®*190139608011
    Small Tuna Salad290224202019
    Small Tuna Salad Double Meat580458404039


    Large Club440233,5505051
    Large Club Double Meat870477,110100103
    Large Thank You Turkey®46032,47070537
    Large Thank You Turkey® Double Meat64064,36074572
    Large Turkey18021,8904034
    Large Turkey Double Meat35053,7808<169
    Large Turkey Reuben340132,56016034
    Large Turkey Reuben Double Meat340132,56016034
    Large Turkeywich™420202,38021235
    Large Turkeywich™ Double Meat590224,27025270
    Medium Club330182,7605038
    Medium Club Double Meat660375,5109076
    Medium Thank You Turkey®34031,85052428
    Medium Thank You Turkey® Double Meat48043,27055454
    Medium Turkey13021,4203026
    Medium Turkey Double Meat26042,8406<152
    Medium Turkey Reuben24091,89011026
    Medium Turkey Reuben Double Meat370103,31014<152
    Medium Turkeywich™300141,76015126
    Medium Turkeywich™ Double Meat460173,22020152
    Small Club220111,7803025
    Small Club Double Meat440233,5505051
    Small Thank You Turkey®23021,24035318
    Small Thank You Turkey® Double Meat32032,18037336
    Small Turkey9019502017
    Small Turkey Double Meat18021,8904034
    Small Turkey Reuben14051,2307017
    Small Turkey Reuben Double Meat23062,1808034
    Small Turkeywich™18081,1409<117
    Small Turkeywich™ Double Meat270102,09011<135


    Large Artichoke Hearts480292,16014738
    Large Artichoke Hearts Double Artichokes550292,920241441
    Large Black Bean Patty34010940361229
    Large Black Bean Patty Double Patty680191,880722459
    Large Caprese4703459015428
    Large Caprese Double Cheese840621,06018452
    Large Hummus40022910451117
    Large Hummus Double Hummus790451,810902234
    Large Tomato & Avocado220171517104
    Large Tomato & Avocado Double Avocado400332527176
    Mediterranean – Large450471706518
    Mediterranean – Regular300311154312
    Mediterranean – Super600622308624
    Medium Artichoke Hearts360211,62010528
    Medium Artichoke Hearts Double Artichoke410212,190181031
    Medium Black Bean Patty260870027922
    Medium Black Bean Patty Double Patty510141,410541844
    Medium Caprese3602544011321
    Medium Caprese Double Cheese6404680017440
    Medium Hummus33018760371014
    Medium Hummus Double Hummus660371,510751828
    Medium Tomato & Avocado16012151383
    Medium Tomato & Avocado Double Avocado310252022135
    Small Artichoke Hearts240141,0807419
    Small Artichoke Hearts Double Artichokes270141,46012720
    Small Black Bean Patty170547018614
    Small Black Bean Patty Double Patty34010940361229
    Small Caprese240173008214
    Small Caprese Double Cheese4203153010326
    Small Hummus200114502269
    Small Hummus Double Hummus40022910451117
    Small Tomato & Avocado1109101052
    Small Tomato & Avocado Double Avocado20016151493


    Large Wicked®930674,8105077
    Large Wicked® Double Meat1,5401098,79080133
    Medium Wicked®700503,7204058
    Medium Wicked® Double Meat1,140816,6506099
    Small Wicked®430302,2803037
    Small Wicked® Double Meat700484,1504064


    1000 Island Dressing – Large1007190700
    1000 Island Dressing – Medium806140600
    1000 Island Dressing – Small50495400
    American Cheese – Large200181,0200010
    American Cheese – Medium15013770008
    American Cheese – Small1009510005
    Avocado – Large9080641
    Avocado – Medium7060431
    Avocado – Small4540321
    BBQ Sauce – Large6003701300
    BBQ Sauce – Medium4002801000
    BBQ Sauce – Small250180700
    Bacon – Large240181,3000020
    Bacon – Medium180139700015
    Bacon – Small12096500010
    Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing – Large807280400
    Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing – Medium606210300
    Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing – Small404140200
    Banana Peppers – Large100410200
    Banana Peppers – Medium100300200
    Banana Peppers – Small50200100
    Bell Peppers – Large10002<10
    Bell Peppers – Medium500100
    Bell Peppers – Small000<100
    Black Olives – Large454180000
    Black Olives – Medium353130000
    Black Olives – Small20290000
    Blue Cheese – Large200167902012
    Blue Cheese – Medium15012590109
    Blue Cheese – Small1008400<106
    Buffalo Sauce – Large100430100
    Buffalo Sauce – Medium00320<100
    Buffalo Sauce – Small00220<100
    Candied Walnuts – Large38032551826
    Candied Walnuts – Medium29024401314
    Candied Walnuts – Small19016309<13
    Caramelized Onions – Large200051<1
    Caramelized Onions – Medium150154<1<1
    Caramelized Onions – Small10003<10
    Cheddar Cheese – Large23018350<1014
    Cheddar Cheese – Medium17014260<1010
    Cheddar Cheese – Small1209180007
    Cheez Whiz® – Large310231,86010013
    Cheez Whiz® – Medium230171,3908010
    Cheez Whiz® – Small16011930507
    Coleslaw – Large180133901421
    Coleslaw – Medium140102901021
    Coleslaw – Small9072007<11
    Cranberries – Large180004650
    Cranberries – Medium140003540
    Cranberries – Small90002320
    Crispy Onion Strings – Large1109150700
    Crispy Onion Strings – Medium806110600
    Crispy Onion Strings – Small180142501200
    Crushed Red Pepper – Large000<100
    Crushed Red Pepper – Medium000<100
    Crushed Red Pepper – Small000000
    Cucumbers – Large500100
    Cucumbers – Medium500<100
    Cucumbers – Small000<100
    Deli Mustard – Large300280000
    Deli Mustard – Medium200210000
    Deli Mustard – Small150140000
    Dijon Mustard – Large350820000
    Dijon Mustard – Medium250610000
    Dijon Mustard – Small150410000
    Fat Free Italian Dressing – Large100270200
    Fat Free Italian Dressing – Medium50200200
    Fat Free Italian Dressing – Small00130200
    Feta Cheese – Large15012630308
    Feta Cheese – Medium1109470206
    Feta Cheese – Small706320104
    Garlic – Large000<100
    Garlic – Medium000<100
    Garlic – Small000<100
    Honey Mustard – Large11010200500
    Honey Mustard – Medium807150400
    Honey Mustard – Small505100300
    Honey Mustard Dressing – Large11010200500
    Honey Mustard Dressing – Medium807150400
    Honey Mustard Dressing – Small505100300
    Horseradish Mayo – Large15016170200
    Horseradish Mayo – Medium11012125200
    Horseradish Mayo – Small80885100
    Hot Pepper Mix – Large26027680310
    Hot Pepper Mix – Medium200205102<10
    Hot Pepper Mix – Small130133402<10
    House Chips – Large300183603244
    House Chips – Medium230132702433
    House Chips – Small15091801622
    Hummus – Large13083001546
    Hummus – Medium10062301134
    Hummus – Small704150823
    Iceberg Lettuce – Large10052<11
    Iceberg Lettuce – Medium5002<10
    Iceberg Lettuce – Small000<100
    Jalapenos – Large00480<100
    Jalapenos – Medium00360<100
    Jalapenos – Small00240<100
    Light Mayo – Large200170500
    Light Mayo – Medium150125400
    Light Mayo – Small10085300
    Marinara Sauce – Large9028601844
    Marinara Sauce – Medium7016501333
    Marinara Sauce – Small451430922
    Mozzarella Cheese – Large180132402012
    Mozzarella Cheese – Medium14010180109
    Mozzarella Cheese – Small907115<106
    Mushrooms – Large10002<12
    Mushrooms – Medium1000201
    Mushrooms – Small500<101
    Oil – Large100110000
    Oil – Medium7090000
    Oil – Small5060000
    Olive Salad – Large120101,060531
    Olive Salad – Medium908790420
    Olive Salad – Small605530310
    Oregano – Large000<1<10
    Oregano – Medium000<100
    Oregano – Small000000
    Parmesan Cheese – Large220149102020
    Parmesan Cheese – Medium170106802015
    Parmesan Cheese – Small11074601010
    Pepper – Large000<100
    Pepper – Medium000<100
    Pepper – Small000000
    Pepper Jack Cheese – Large200163802012
    Pepper Jack Cheese – Medium15012290209
    Pepper Jack Cheese – Small1008190106
    Pesto Sauce – Large606105<101
    Pesto Sauce – Medium40480001
    Pesto Sauce – Small30350001
    Pickles – Large1006102<10
    Pickles – Medium504602<10
    Pickles – Small00310<100
    Provolone Cheese – Large200155001014
    Provolone Cheese – Medium15011370<1010
    Provolone Cheese – Small1008250<107
    Ranch Dressing – Large16016260200
    Ranch Dressing – Medium12012200200
    Ranch Dressing – Small808130<100
    Red Onions – Large500200
    Red Onions – Medium500100
    Red Onions – Small000<100
    Regular Mayo – Large16017120200
    Regular Mayo – Medium1201390100
    Regular Mayo – Small80960<100
    Salt – Large00240000
    Salt – Medium00180000
    Salt – Small00120000
    Sauerkraut – Large100380200
    Sauerkraut – Medium50280200
    Sauerkraut – Small00190<100
    Spicy Mayo – Large15016310200
    Spicy Mayo – Medium11012230200
    Spicy Mayo – Small708150100
    Spicy Ranch Dressing – Large13012360200
    Spicy Ranch Dressing – Medium10010270200
    Spicy Ranch Dressing – Small706180<100
    Spinach – Large15045212
    Spinach – Medium100352<11
    Spinach – Small50201<11
    Sprouts – Large1500112
    Sprouts – Medium500<1<11
    Sprouts – Small000001
    Sriracha Sauce – Large150460500
    Sriracha Sauce – Medium100350400
    Sriracha Sauce – Small100230300
    Sweet Chili Sauce – Large70038016<10
    Sweet Chili Sauce – Medium50028012<10
    Sweet Chili Sauce – Small3501908<10
    Swiss Cheese – Large220151202018
    Swiss Cheese – Medium16011902013
    Swiss Cheese – Small110860109
    Tomatoes – Large30010621
    Tomatoes – Medium2005521
    Tomatoes – Small1500311
    Tzatziki – Large45490201
    Tzatziki – Medium35365201
    Tzatziki – Small25245<101
    Vinegar – Large000000
    Vinegar – Medium000000
    Vinegar – Small000000
    Yellow Mustard – Large1512601<11
    Yellow Mustard – Medium101190<1<11
    Yellow Mustard – Small51130<101

Healthy Eating Options

If you want to reduce your calorie intake, order their turkey as it only has 90 calories and just a single gram of fat. You might also want to try their tasty ham which only has 110 calories, while The Cuban and Hula have 150 calories each. They also have an extensive vegetarian menu if you want to steer clear of meat altogether.

For more information about Which Wich nutrition please check their official website.