Which Wich Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Have you heard of a fast food chain, which is famous for its delicious sandwiches? No, don’t get surprised because the name of this chain is “Which Wich”. It is one of the most popular sandwich chain in the world.

The Which Wich restaurant was founded in 1960 by William Rosenberg in New Jersey. Since then, it has grown a lot and now it is the number one restaurant chain in the world.

Why do you need to know this information? Well, I will tell you why! You have heard of a very famous and delicious burger called Whopper, but have you ever heard of a Whopper sandwich? Well, it is the Whopper sandwich, but with a different name.

This is a fast food chain that has the best sandwiches in the world and I am not kidding, it is the best. If you want to know about the history of the restaurant, then here is the interesting story:

The first Which Wich restaurant was opened in the year 1960 in New Jersey, but it had a different name. It was called the “Winchell’s Chicken Sandwich”. In the beginning, the owner of the restaurant, William Rosenberg, used to sell chicken sandwiches, but in a short time he thought of a new idea. He thought of selling a chicken sandwich with a different name, which will attract more customers. So, he changed the name of the sandwich to “Whopper”.

It was a huge success in the year 1962 and the company started to expand to other states. But after some time, the business of the restaurant went down. Rosenberg decided to sell the restaurant in the year 1970 and the chain was sold to the famous restaurant chain “Burger King”.

Today, the Which Wich restaurant is the most successful restaurant chain in the world and is also the number one fast food chain in the USA. So, if you are looking for a fast food chain that has the best sandwiches in the world, then the Which Wich restaurant is the best.

Which Wich Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Wrap Tray - Large9650518g458g
Hot Pepper Mix Spread, Large20021g
Muffuletta on White Bread76035g41g
Mustard Packet
Pepper Jack Cheese, Regular1006g8g
White Baguette2809g2.5g
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - Regular38027g5g
Ranch Dressing, Large12012g
Chicken w/ Provolone Sandwich on Wheat Bread24018g7g
Turkeywich Sandwich - Regular48027g12g
Surf & Turf Sandwich - Super116044g49g
Egg Salad Sandwich, Large (add bread)86017g85g
Honey Mustard, Super11010g
3.5 inch Italian Grinder with Provolone on White Bread30013g14g
Banana Peppers5
Large House Salad - Entree502g1.5g
Dijon Mustard, Super35
Hard Boiled Eggs, Super16013g11g
Blue Cheese1006g8g
Grinder Sandwich on White Bread58025g28g
Unsweet Tea, Gallon
3.5 inch The Avocado with Swiss on Wheat Bread2007g7g
3.5 inch Tuna Salad with Cheddar on White Bread50028g29g
Wicked w/ Swiss, Provolone & Cheddar Sandwich on White Bread35022g16g
Salad Base202g
Tomatoes, Large201g
Kidswich, Sliced Round Top White Bread1604g2g
Caprese Wrap28011g13g
Olive Salad Spread, Regular504.5g
Olive Salad - Full25023g
Caprese Sandwich - Regular55024g23g
Turkey w/ Cheddar Sandwich on Wheat Bread24018g7g
Club Pasta Salad - Full Tray3410138g169g
Reuben Sandwich61048g27g
Chocolate Chip Cookie2403g11g
Hard Boiled Eggs, Large16013g11g
Roasted Red Peppers, Super15
Sweet Tea, Single Serving140
Surf & Turf Sandwich - Regular58022g25g
Fruit And Cheese Tray28017g18g
Pesto Hummus602g4.5g
Honey Mustard, Small505g
Egg Salad Sandwich, Small (add bread)4309g42g
Side of Caprese Pasta Salad - Boxed lunch2009g10g
Provolone Cheese, Large15011g11g
Muffuletta Sandwich - Regular76035g41g
Crispy Onion Strings, Large1109g
Muffuletta Wrap45022g27g
Philly Cheesesteak72047g30g
Muffuletta Wrap - Half Wrap45022g27g
3.5 inch Buffalo Chicken with Mozzarella on White Bread24017g6g
Black Bean Patty Sandwich on White Bread45017g8g
Bacon, Regular805g7g
Mushrooms, Regular51g
Turkey, Bacon & Ranch Wrap34020g16g
Crushed Red Pepper
The Reuben61048g27g
Unsweet Tea - 1 Gallon
Chocolate Shake88018g36g
Kids Ham Rollup20018g14g
1000 Island Dressing, Regular503.5g
Club Sandwich - Regular46030g12g
Chocolate Shake88018g36g
Pepperoni Pizzawich Sandwich - Super187076g119g
Turkey w/ Cheddar Sandwich on White Bread25017g7g
3.5 inch Wicked with Swiss, Provolone & Cheddar on White Bread35022g16g
Spicy Ranch Dressing706g
Kids Turkey Kidswich19013g2g
Pepper Jack Cheese1008g
Meatball Grinder100053g61g
Lemonade - 1 Gallon1760
Deli Mustard, Super30
Mozzarella Cheese, Super18012g14g
Honey Mustard, Large807g
3.5 inch Club with Cheddar on White Bread24015g6g
Grinder Sandwich with Double Meat, Small (add bread)59031g50g
Black Bean Patty Sandwich - Regular45017g8g
Bell Peppers5
Regular Mayo, Large12013g
3.5 inch Ham with Swiss on Wheat Bread25017g8g
Fruit & Cheese Tray28017g18g
Oreo Shake93019g48g
Green Eggs & Ham Sandwich, Medium (add bread)40035g25g
Turkey Sandwich - Large56039g6g
Olive Salad Spread504.5g
1000 Island Dressing, Large805g
Chipotle Mayo808g
White Baguette, Super57018g5g
Cheddar Cheese, Regular1107g9g
Swiss Cheese, Regular1109g8g
Caprese Pasta Salad - Full Tray3210139g157g
Crab Salad Sandwich, Large (add bread)58010g47g
Deli Mustard15
Turkey, Bacon, Ranch Wrap - Half Wrap34020g16g
Oil, Regular506g
Club Sandwich - Large69045g18g
Green Eggs & Ham Sandwich with Double Meat, Large (add bread)58054g35g
Turkeywich Sandwich - Super96053g24g
Chicken Pesto Sandwich on White Bread43028g11g
Cobb Salad14011g8g
Salt, Large
Unsweet Tea
1000 Island Dressing, Super1007g
Black Olives, Super454.5g
Kids Roast Beef Rollup19020g13g
Ham Sandwich - Large58035g11g
Super Wicked (Without Cheese)103061g37g
3.5 inch Wicked with Swiss, Provolone & Cheddar on Wheat Bread34022g16g
Avocado Sandwich - Super79021g26g
Grinder Sandwich, Large (add bread)59031g50g
Ham Sandwich - Regular39023g7g
Sweet Tea - 1 Gallon1280
Peanut Butter Cookie2504g13g
Caprese Pasta Salad - Entree46020g22g
Marinara Sauce452g1g
Blue Cheese, Large1509g12g
Tomatoes, Super301g
Balsamic Vinaigrette For Salads - Entree1009g
Eggs, Hard Boiled - Large16013g11g
Olive Salad Spread, Super1009g
Deli Mustard, Regular15
Pepperoni Pizzawich Sandwich - Large141057g89g
Buffalo Sauce5
Kids Add-On, Carrots20
Honey Mustard505g
Dijon Mustard, Medium25
Hot Pepper Mix809g
Mayonnaise Packet808g
Hummus, Large1004g6g
Bell Peppers, Super5
Cheddar Cheese, Large17011g14g
Caprese w/ Mozzarella Sandwich on White Bread28012g11g
Hot Pepper Mix, Large26027g
Chicken Pesto Sandwich - Super86056g22g
Avocado Sandwich - Large60015g20g
Chicken Pesto Sandwich - Regular43028g11g
Caprese Pasta Salad - Side29013g14g
Strawberry Shake80016g35g
Iceberg Lettuce
White Baguette, Regular2809g2.5g
Kids Add-On, Ranch Dressing34034g
Pesto Sauce301g3g
French Dip w/ Au Jus39027g5g
Oil, Super10011g
Pesto Hummus - Full52018g38g
Coleslaw, Regular907g
Caprese Wrap - Half Wrap28011g13g
Turcado Wrap31018g13g
Turkey Sandwich on White Bread37026g4g
Large House Salad - Full37012g12g
Mozzarella Cheese, Large1409g10g
Kids Super Awesome Grilled Cheese on Sliced Round Top Bread50014g36g
Kids Rollup - Ham20018g14g
Egg Salad Sandwich with Double Egg Salad, Medium (add bread)128025g128g
Jalapenos, Super
Eggs, Hard Boiled - Regular806g5g
Philly Cheesesteak72047g30g
Dijon Mustard, Small15
Turkey Sandwich - Regular37026g4g
Cucumbers, Super5
Fruit And Cheese Tray - Full2260136g142g
Meatball Grinder100053g61g
BBQ Sauce, Regular30
Italian Grinder w/ Provolone Sandwich on White Bread30013g14g
Deli Mustard, Large30
3.5 inch Tuna Salad with Cheddar on Wheat Bread49029g29g
Garlic, Medium
Sauerkraut, Regular
3.5 inch Caprese with Mozzarella on White Bread28012g11g
Sauerkraut, Super1013g
Hard Boiled Eggs, Regular806g5g
Grinder Sandwich - Regular58025g28g
Carmelized Onions, Large15
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing403.5g
Egg Salad Sandwich - Large179041g140g
Club w/ Cheddar Sandwich on Wheat Bread23016g6g
Traditional Tray - Large9090555g366g
Wheat Baguette, Super53021g5g
Roasted Red Peppers5
Buffalo Sauce, Super5
Chipotle Mayo, Large12013g
House Chips, Large3004g18g
Crispy Onion Strings, Regular504.5g
Ultimate BLT85030g56g
Kids Ham Kidswich19012g3.5g
Spicy Ranch Dressing, Regular706g
Italian Grinder w/ Provolone Sandwich on Wheat Bread29014g14g
Cobb Salad Wrap87045g50g
Kids Roast Beef Kidswich on Baguette19013g2.5g
Eggs, Hard Boiled - Super16013g11g
Light Mayo10
Provolone Cheese1007g8g
Marinara Sauce, Regular452g1g
Superfood Sandwich80028g24g
Avocado, Large701g6g
Banana Peppers, Large10
Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Half Wrap24015g7g
Kids Rollup - Roast Beef19020g13g
House Chips Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper2102g11g
Chicken Sandwich - Regular37027g5g
Pesto Hummus602g4.5g
Olive Salad303g
Turkeywich on White Bread48027g12g
Muffuletta Sandwich - Super152071g83g
Black Bean Patty Sandwich - Large68025g11g
Egg Salad Sandwich on White Bread119027g93g
Thank You Turkey Sandwich on White Bread59028g6g
Crispy Onion Strings504.5g
Caprese Sandwich - Super110047g45g
Banana Peppers, Super10
Ranch Dressing808g
Crushed Red Pepper, Small
Cordon Bleu Sandwich - Regular38025g6g
Egg Salad Sandwich, Medium (add bread)64012g64g
Ultimate BLT85030g56g
House Salad502g1.5g
White Baguette, Large43013g4g
Kids Peanut Butter and Jelly on Sliced Round Top Bread45012g18g
Club Pasta Salad31013g15g
French Dip Sandwich with Double Meat, Small (add bread)20035g5g
Pepper Jack Cheese, Large1509g12g
Elvis Wich, Small (add bread)65025g38g
Crab Salad Sandwich, Medium (add bread)4307g35g
Buffalo Chicken w/ Mozzarella Sandwich on White Bread24017g6g
Pepper Jack Cheese, Super20012g16g
Buffalo Chicken w/ Mozzarella Sandwich on Wheat Bread23018g6g
Blue Cheese, Super20012g16g
Wich Krispie2401g6g
Swiss Cheese, Large16014g12g
Side of Bread - 1 Slice451g
Kidswich, Add Tomato5
Unsweet Tea, Single Serving
Spinach, Large101g
Avocado, Regular451g4g
3.5 inch Ham with Swiss on White Bread26016g8g
Kids Turkey Kidswich on Baguette19013g2g
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie2203g8g
Pickles, Large5
Ranch Dressing For Salads - Side12012g
Hot Pepper Mix Spread, Regular13014g
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - Super76053g11g
Ham Sandwich - Super78046g14g
Turkey Sandwich - Super74053g8g
Chicken Pesto Sandwich - Large64042g16g
Strawberry Shake80016g35g
Provolone Cheese, Super20015g15g
Kids Turkey Rollup19020g12g
Kids Add-Ons, Ranch Dressing34034g
Iceberg Lettuce, Large5
Egg Salad Sandwich with Double Egg Salad, Large (add bread)171034g170g
Cobb Salad - Entree14011g8g
Roast Beef Sandwich - Super74053g11g
French Dip with Au Jus Sandwich - Super76053g11g
Hot Pepper Mix - Full66070g
Blue Cheese, Regular1006g8g
French Dip with Au Jus Sandwich - Regular39027g5g
Veggie Tray with Ranch & Hummus2403g18g
Kids Cheese Pizzawich on Sliced Round Top Bread29013g11g
French Dip Sandwich with Double Meat, Medium (add bread)28053g8g
Tuna Salad on White Bread86048g48g
Kids Add-Ons, Carrots20
3.5 inch Turkey with Cheddar on Wheat Bread24018g7g
Caprese Sandwich - Large82036g34g
Crushed Red Pepper, Large5
3.5 inch Chicken with Provolone on White Bread2017g7g
Coleslaw, Super1801g14g
Surf & Turf Sandwich on White Bread58022g25g
Marinara Sauce, Super904g2g
Krab Salad Sandwich - Large118026g66g
3.5 inch The Avocado with Swiss on White Bread2106g7g
Kids Add-Ons, M&Ms1001g4g
Salt, Regular
Classic Hummus502g3g
Club Pasta Salad - Side31013g15g
Chicken Sandwich on White Bread37027g5g
Crispy Onion Strings, Medium806g
Crab Salad Sandwich, Small (add bread)2905g23g
Tuna Salad w/ Cheddar Sandwich on Wheat Bread49029g29g
Thank You Turkey Sandwich - Super117057g11g
Tuna Salad Sandwich - Large129072g72g
Ham w/ Swiss Sandwich on White Bread26016g8g
Thank You Turkey Sandwich - Regular59028g6g
Hot Pepper Mix, Medium20020g
Green Eggs & Ham Sandwich, Large (add bread)47040g31g
Chocolate Chip Cookie2403g11g
Egg Salad Sandwich with Double Egg Salad, Small (add bread)86017g85g
Club Sandwich on White Bread46030g12g
Olive Salad Spread, Large807g
Chef Salad15014g9g
Wheat Baguette, Regular27011g2.5g
Lemonade, Gallon1760
Mushrooms, Super102g
Sweet Tea140
Corned Beef Sandwich on White Bread41027g9g
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - Large57040g8g
Turcado Wrap - Half Wrap31018g13g
Spinach Wrap3109g7g
Avocado Sandwich - Regular40010g13g
Meatball Sandwich - Super126061g57g
Dijon Mustard15
Yellow Mustard, Super151g
Wrap Tray - Regular6430345g305g
Buffalo Sauce, Large
Meatball Sandwich - Regular63031g29g
Wicked w/ Swiss, Provolone & Cheddar Sandwich on Wheat Bread34022g16g
Carmelized Onions, Regular10
French Dip Sandwich, Large (add bread)20035g5g
Spinach, Super152g16g
3.5 inch Chicken with Provolone on Wheat Bread24018g7g
Crispy Onion Straws806g
Signature Tray - Regular Tray5250297g196g
Black Olives202g
Kids Super Awesome Grilled Cheese50014g36g
Chicken Sandwich - Large56040g8g
Vanilla Shake92016g35g
Ranch Dressing For Salads - Entree19019g
BBQ Sauce, Large40
Krab Salad Sandwich - Regular79018g44g
Ham Sandwich on White Bread78046g14g
Roasted Red Peppers, Regular5
Elvis Wich with Double Meat, Large (add bread)154071g94g
Bacon, Large1208g11g
Classic Hummus - Full40017g23g
Dijon Mustard, Large35
Yellow Mustard, Regular10
Sweet Tea, Gallon1280
Bacon, Super16010g14g
Kidswich, Add Mayonnaise404.5g
Garlic, Small
Meatball Sandwich on White Bread63031g29g
Kidswich, Add Mustard
Swiss Cheese1109g8g
Thank You Turkey Sandwich - Large95043g8g
French Dip Sandwich, Medium (add bread)15026g4g
Chicken Salad Sandwich - Large138056g92g
Kidswich - Sliced Round Top White Bread (2 Slices)1604g2g
Kids Add-Ons, Apples30
Regular Mayo809g
Caprese Pasta Salad29013g14g
Dijon Mustard, Regular15
Black Olives, Regular202g
Red Onions
Mushrooms, Large101g
Antipasto Pasta Salad - Full Tray3010108g138g
Spinach Wrap3109g7g
Elvis Wich, Large (add bread)129051g76g
Chicken Salad Sandwich - Regular92037g61g
Grinder Sandwich - Large87037g42g
Hot Pepper Mix Spread, Super26028g
Crispy Onion Strings, Small5014g
Black Olives, Large353.5g
French Dip with Au Jus Sandwich - Large58040g8g
Light Mayo, Regular10
Cobb Salad - Full96080g59g
Tuna Salad w/ Cheddar Sandwich on White Bread50028g29g
Kids Add-On, Apples30
Crab Salad Sandwich with Double Meat, Small (add bread)58010g47g
Signature Tray - Large Tray7920441g293g
Chicken Sandwich - Super74053g11g
Chicken w/ Provolone Sandwich on White Bread22017g7g
Caramelized Onions10
Oreo Shake93019g48g
Decadent Dessert Tray2503g12g
Club Pasta Salad - Entree49020g24g
Oil, Large709g
Hummus, Regular703g4g
Ham & Egg Sandwich, Large (add bread)24027g13g
Veggie Tray w/ Ranch & Hummus2383g18g
Pesto Sauce, Super601g6g
Carmelized Onions, Super251g
3.5 inch Club with Cheddar on Wheat Bread23016g6g
Hummus, Super1306g8g
Balsamic Vinaigrette For Salads - Full72064g
Wich Krispie2401g6g
Ranch Dressing, Super16016g
American Cheese, Regular1005g9g
Pepperoni Pizzawich on White Bread94038g59g
Chicken Salad Sandwich on White Bread92037g61g
Hot Pepper Mix809g
Red Onions, Super5
Corned Beef Sandwich - Super81053g18g
Jalapeno Hummus502g3g
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie2203g8g
Coleslaw, Large1401g10g
Chef Salad - Side1009g6g
Provolone Cheese, Regular1007g8g
Ranch Dressing, Regular808g
Kids Ham Kidswich on Baguette19012g3.5g
Muffuletta Sandwich - Large130059g77g
Wheat Baguette27011g2.5g
Egg Salad Sandwich - Super239054g187g
Regular Mayo, Regular809g
Deli Mustard, Medium20
Jalapeno Hummus - Full40017g23g
Cordon Bleu Sandwich - Large57038g9g
Light Mayo, Large15
Mozzarella Cheese, Regular906g7g
BBQ Sauce30
Chef Salad - Entree15014g9g
Red Onions, Large5
Corned Beef Sandwich - Regular41027g9g
Club Sandwich - Super92059g25g
Cheddar Cheese1107g9g
Krab Salad Sandwich - Super158035g88g
Kidswich, White Baguette1404g1.5g
Avocado w/ Swiss Sandwich on White Bread2106g7g
Roasted Red Peppers, Large10
Kidswich, Add American Cheese502g4.5g
Regular Mayo, Super16018g
Crispy Onion Strings, Super1109g
Avocado w/ Swiss Sandwich on Wheat Bread2007g7g
Pepperoni Pizzawich Sandwich - Regular94038g59g
Veggie Tray with Ranch & Hummus - Full190027g145g
Buffalo Chicken Wrap24015g7g
Ham & Egg Sandwich with Double Meat, Medium (add bread)31038g15g
Tomatoes, Regular151g
Cucumbers, Medium5
BBQ Sauce, Super60
3.5 inch Buffalo Chicken with Mozzarella on Wheat Bread23018g6g
Kids Roast Beef Kidswich19013g2.5g
Turkeywich Sandwich - Large79040g23g
Kids Rollup - Turkey19020g12g
Krab Salad on White Bread79018g44g
Salt, Super
Deli Mustard, Small15
Kids Peanut Butter and Jelly45012g18g
Honey Mustard, Regular505g
Side of Bread451g
Caprese Sandwich on White Bread55024g23g
Grinder Sandwich - Super115049g56g
1000 Island Dressing503.5g
Classic Hummus502g3g
Egg Salad Sandwich - Regular119027g93g
Pesto Sauce, Regular301g3g
Light Mayo, Super25
Hard Boiled Eggs806g5g
Club w/ Cheddar Sandwich on White Bread24015g6g
Pesto Sauce, Large451g4.5g
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Super807g
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Large605g
Cucumbers, Large5
Olive Salad303g
Marinara Sauce, Large703g1.5g
Pickles, Super10
Parmesan Cheese, Large22020g14g
American Cheese, Super20010g18g
Surf & Turf Sandwich - Large98031g47g
Cobb Salad Wrap87045g50g
Peanut Butter Cookie2504g13g
Grinder Sandwich with Double Meat, Large (add bread)117062g101g
Cobb Salad - Side907g5g
Wicked Sandwich on White Bread52030g19g
Elvis Wich with Double Meat, Medium (add bread)132060g85g
Buffalo Sauce, Regular
Grilled Cheese Kidswich (add bread)1005g9g
Tuna Salad Sandwich - Super172096g96g
Cheddar Cheese, Super23014g19g
Corned Beef Sandwich - Large61040g13g
Iceberg Lettuce, Super101g
Mozzarella Cheese906g7g
American Cheese1005g9g
Cordon Bleu Sandwich - Super76050g12g
Vanilla Shake92016g35g
Regular Wicked (Without Cheese)52030g19g
Kids Cheese Pizzawich29013g11g
Roast Beef Sandwich on White Bread37027g5g
Lemonade, Single Serving200
Wheat Baguette, Large40016g4g
Traditional Tray - Regular6030373g244g
3.5 inch Italian Grinder with Provolone on Wheat Bread29014g14g
Banana Peppers, Regular5
Chicken Salad Sandwich - Super183074g122g
Superfood Wich80028g24g
Spicy Ranch Dressing, Large10010g
3.5 inch Turkey with Cheddar on White Bread25017g7g