Werther’s Original Calories and Nutrition Facts

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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Eat At Werther’s Original Restaurant

Werther’s is known for its original and delicious wafer biscuits and its famous chocolate bar. The company was founded by Hermann Werther in 1831 and it became the most popular company for wafer biscuits.

Werther’s Original is available in almost every city of the world and the company has its own website which provides information about the products, latest updates, etc. Here are the top reasons why you should eat at Werther’s Original restaurant.

1) The Food Is Always Delicious

We all know that the wafer biscuit is a part of our childhood. And when it comes to food, you cannot beat the taste of wafer biscuit. They are the best wafer biscuits that are known for its crispy texture, crunchy wafer and filling inside.

2) The Wafer Biscuits Are Not Dry

Most of the companies who produce wafer biscuits use the starch as a main ingredient in their product and it gives them a dry texture. The wafer biscuits that are available at Werther’s are not dry because they use the vegetable fat instead of starch.

3) The Wafer Biscuits Are Always Crunchy

The wafer biscuit is one of the most popular snacks in the world and the reason is that they are always crunchy. The crunchiness is due to the use of the vegetable fat and the crunchy texture is something that we all love.

4) They Have A Wide Range Of Products

Werther’s is a renowned brand for the wafer biscuits and their chocolate bar. Their products are available in various flavors and you can choose whatever suits your taste.

5) They Have The Best Customer Service

At Werther’s, they have the best customer service and the people working in the restaurants are polite and friendly. If you have any question related to their products or services then just ask and they will provide you with the solution.

Werther’s Original Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Cocoa Creme Soft Caramels1501g6g
Chewy Caramels1701g5g
Caramel Apple Filled Hard Candies501g
Cappuccino Filled Hard Candies501g
Sea Salt & Pretzel Caramel Popcorn1401g4.5g
Soft Caramels1400.5g4.5g
Caramel Coffee Hard Candies701g1g
Caramel Hard Candies – Sugar Free501g
Creamy Caramel Filled Hard Candies501g
Caramel Hard Candies701.5g
Caramel Coffee Hard Candies – Sugar Free401g
Pumpkin Spice Soft Caramels1401g5g
Chewy Caramels – Sugar Free904g
Caramel Chocolate Hard Candies – Sugar Free501.5g
Caramel Popcorn1401g4.5g
Vanilla Creme Soft Caramels1500.5g6g


Werther’s Original is not only for children, adults too can enjoy the delicious wafer biscuits. The wafer biscuits are one of the most popular products that are available in the market and if you want to eat delicious wafer biscuits then you must try them at Werther’s.