Vocelli Pizza Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Vocelli Pizza Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Vegetarian Sub on Ciabatta91036g45g
Chocolate Cake3204g14g
Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Penne - Party7730299g214g
Chocolate Cake - Party Tray448056g196g
Small Garlic Spinaci Pizza White Slice21010g8g
Boneless Wings - Garlic Romano107059g77g
Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Penne - Family4850178g228g
Small Deluxe Pizza Slice24011g10g
Colosso Deluxe Pizza Slice26012g12g
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Party Tray432072g216g
Italiano Sub on Wheat98054g45g
Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Linguini - Family4890178g228g
Bone-In Wings - Garlic - Party Tray7530401g639g
Tuscan Grilled Chicken Salad - Party2040156g91g
Spinach Salad - Regular29020g17g
Colosso Philly Steak Pizza Slice28015g13g
Large Meat Magnifico Pizza Slice39021g18g
Chicken Florentine Sub on Wheat89059g33g
Spinach Salad - Family106069g57g
Chicken Florentine Sub on Italian89059g33g
Large Quattro Cheese Pizza Slice34018g14g
Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Linguini - Party7810299g214g
Large BBQ Chicken Pizza Slice39020g13g
Chicken Caesar Salad - Regular18022g4g
Neapolitan Philly Steak Pizza Slice25013g11g
Colosso Chicken Spinaci Pizza Slice24014g9g
Boneless Wings - BBQ - Party Tray3570287g118g
Colosso Mac'N'Cheese Pizza Slice28014g13g
Turkey Bacon Cheddar Sub on Italian93065g37g
Pasta Diablo with Linguini - Family4050139g138g
Mac'N'Cheese - Party7740298g333g
Neapolitan Mac'N'Cheese Pizza Slice25012g10g
Neapolitan BBQ Chicken Pizza Slice26013g9g
Meatball Marinara Pasta with Penne - Single103043g33g
Large Chicken Pesto Pizza Slice34020g14g
Large Thin Crust Chicken Spinaci Pizza Slice33016g16g
Garden Della Casa Salad - Party127059g56g
Large Thin Crust Mac'N'Cheese Pizza Slice38016g20g
Bone-In Wings - Buffalo105080g78g
Neapolitan Chicken Carbonara Pizza Slice24013g10g
Pasta Diablo with Linguini - Party8110277g276g
Buffalo Chicken Sub on Italian95064g39g
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Penne - Family5010184g248g
Medium Deluxe Pizza Slice26012g11g
Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Penne - Single119047g54g
Bone-In Wings - Hot BBQ - Party Tray5880404g382g
Colosso Hawaiian Pizza Slice28016g12g
Large Thin Crust Philly Steak Pizza Slice38016g21g
Large Spring Veggie Pizza Slice29014g9g
Large Thin Crust Chicken Pesto Pizza Slice35017g18g
Bone-In Wings - Hot Vesuvius Buffalo - Party Tray5280404g392g
Neapolitan Deluxe Pizza Slice23011g9g
Medium Quattro Cheese Pizza Slice26013g10g
Italiano Sub on Ciabatta101055g48g
Meatball Sub on Ciabatta120068g59g
Chicken Tenders - Party Tray4900368g245g
Large Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice34018g15g
Neapolitan Meat Magnifico Pizza Slice25014g11g
Meatball Marinara Pasta with Linguini - Party8430345g266g
Chicken Parmesan Sub on Ciabatta102055g43g
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Linguini - Party10110369g496g
Large Philly Steak Pizza Slice37019g16g
Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Linguini - Family3900150g107g
Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Penne - Party9710357g456g
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Penne - Single122048g57g
Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Penne - Single95037g26g
Bone-In Wings - Mango Habanero113080g76g
Garden Della Casa Salad - Side1206g6g
Large Thin Crust Garlic Spinaci Pizza White Slice31012g16g
Pasta Diablo with Penne - Single95032g30g
Medium Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice24014g10g
Colosso Chicken Carbonara Pizza Slice27016g12g
Pasta Diablo with Penne - Family4010139g138g
Small BBQ Chicken Pizza Slice26013g9g
Chocolate Chip Cookie1202g6g
Tuscan Grilled Chicken Salad - Family102078g46g
Ham Sub on Ciabatta88053g35g
Small Philly Steak Pizza Slice25013g12g
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Linguini - Single123048g57g
Buffalo Chicken Sub on Ciabatta98065g42g
Ham Sub on Wheat85052g32g
Mediterranean Salad - Family80045g38g
Small Meat Magnifico Pizza Slice26014g12g
Small Hawaiian Pizza Slice25013g10g
Bone-In Wings - BBQ - Party Tray5830401g379g
Club Sub on Ciabatta93059g40g
Bone-In Wings - Buffalo - Party Tray5230401g389g
Large Chicken Spinaci Pizza Slice32019g12g
Spicy Italian Stromboli143076g56g
Large Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza Slice38017g20g
Bone-In Wings - Garlic151080g128g
Meatball Sub on Wheat117067g56g
Chicken Florentine Sub on Ciabatta92060g36g
Bone-In Wings - Garlic Romano - Party Tray7620409g646g
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Linguini - Family5050184g248g
Chicken Parmesan Sub on Wheat99054g40g
Chicken Sub on Italian86057g30g
Bone-In Wings - BBQ117080g76g
Garden Della Casa Salad - Regular20011g10g
Small Chicken Spinaci Pizza Slice22013g8g
Chicken Pesto Pasta with Penne - Party10030369g496g
Vegetarian Sub on Italian88035g42g
Boneless Wings - Hot BBQ - Party Tray3630289g121g
Meatball Marinara Pasta with Penne - Party8350345g266g
Large Thin Crust Meat Magnifico Pizza Slice40018g22g
Boneless Wings - Garlic105057g76g
Garden Della Casa Salad - Family63029g28g
Breadstick Bites76030g10g
Ham Sub on Italian85052g32g
Boneless Wings - Garlic - Party Tray5270287g378g
Tuscan Grilled Chicken Salad - Regular32030g13g
Neapolitan Spring Veggie Pizza Slice2009g6g
Medium Hawaiian Pizza Slice28015g11g
Vegetarian Sub on Wheat88035g42g
Large Thin Crust Deluxe Pizza Slice37014g20g
Colosso Garlic Spinaci Pizza White Slice23011g10g
Neapolitan Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice21012g8g
Large Thin Crust Chicken Carbonara Pizza Slice38018g20g
Mediterranean Salad - Regular23014g11g
Small Quattro Cheese Pizza Slice23012g9g
Medium Chicken Spinaci Pizza Slice25015g9g
Vocelli Rolls - Bacon Cheddar - Party Tray3800168g108g
Medium Philly Steak Pizza Slice27014g12g
Chicken Caesar Salad - Side11012g2.5g
Boneless Wings - BBQ71057g24g
Pepperoni Stromboli141061g62g
Medium Spring Veggie Pizza Slice22011g7g
Boneless Wings - Garlic Romano - Party Tray5360295g385g
Breadsticks - Party Tray233092g30g
Vocelli Rolls - Garlic - Party Tray3440146g76g
Medium Meat Magnifico Pizza Slice29015g13g
Large Thin Crust BBQ Pizza Chicken Slice40017g18g
Meatball Marinara Pasta with Linguini - Family4210173g133g
Boneless Wings - Mango Habanero - Party Tray3370287g118g
Mac'N'Cheese - Family3870149g166g
Boneless Wings - Hot BBQ73058g24g
Vocelli Rolls - Pepperoni - Party Tray4250175g151g
Steak Sub on Ciabatta107055g54g
Meatball Marinara Pasta with Penne - Family4170173g133g
Large Garlic Spinaci Pizza White Slice30015g12g
Chicken Tenders56042g28g
Colosso Meat Magnifico Pizza Slice29016g14g
Vocelli Rolls - Pepperoni106044g38g
Large Deluxe Pizza Slice36017g15g
Turkey Bacon Cheddar Sub on Wheat93065g38g
Colosso Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice23013g10g
Medium Chicken Pesto Pizza Slice26015g10g
Small Chicken Pesto Pizza Slice22013g8g
Large Thin Crust Quattro Cheese Pizza Slice35015g18g
Colosso Quattro Cheese Pizza Slice26014g11g
Small Chicken Carbonara Pizza Slice24014g10g
Steak Sub on Italian104054g50g
Large Hawaiian Pizza Slice37020g15g
Mediterranean Salad - Party160090g75g
Build Your Own 3 Topping Stromboli109050g33g
Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Linguini - Party9790357g456g
Steak Sub on Wheat104054g51g
Boneless Wings - Hot Vesuvius Buffalo61058g26g
Chicken Sub on Ciabatta89058g34g
Boneless Wings - Buffalo59057g26g
Spinach Salad - Party2120138g115g
Colosso Spring Veggie Pizza Slice22011g7g
Chicken Sub on Wheat86057g31g
Medium Garlic Spinaci Pizza White Slice23011g9g
Neapolitan Quattro Cheese Pizza Slice23012g9g
Bone-In Wings - Garlic Romano152082g129g
Turkey Sub on Italian84060g29g
Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza Slice29015g10g
Vocelli Rolls - Bacon Cheddar95042g27g
Large Chicken Carbonara Pizza Slice37021g16g
Club Sub on Wheat90058g37g
Boneless Wings - Buffalo - Party Tray2970287g128g
Pasta Diablo with Penne - Party8030277g276g
Meatball Marinara Pasta with Linguini - Single104043g33g
Pasta Diablo with Linguini - Single96032g30g
Spinach Salad - Side16011g9g
Meatball Sub on Italian117067g55g
Turkey Sub on Ciabatta87061g33g
Medium Chicken Carbonara Pizza Slice27016g11g
Double Fudge Chunk Brownie5005g28g
Turkey Bacon Cheddar Sub on Ciabatta96066g41g
Buffalo Chicken Sub on Wheat95064g39g
Club Sub on Italian90058g36g
Large Thin Crust Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice35015g19g
Large Thin Crust Spring Veggie Pizza Slice30011g14g
Colosso BBQ Chicken Pizza Slice29015g10g
Medium Mac'N'Cheese Pizza Slice28014g12g
Colosso Chicken Pesto Pizza Slice24014g10g
Neapolitan Garlic Spinaci Pizza White Slice21010g8g
Mac'N'Cheese - Single97037g42g
Steak Stromboli135072g48g
Turkey Sub on Wheat84060g30g
Bone-In Wings - Mango Habanero - Party Tray5630401g379g
Neapolitan Hawaiian Pizza Slice25013g10g
Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Penne - Family3860150g107g
Breadstick Bites - Party Tray233092g30g
Large Mac'N'Cheese Pizza Slice37019g16g
Neapolitan Chicken Spinaci Pizza Slice21012g8g
Bone-In Wings - Hot BBQ118081g76g
Tuscan Grilled Chicken Salad - Side18016g7g
Chicken Parmesan Sub on Italian99054g39g
Vocelli Rolls - Spinach and Mushroom - Party Tray3490153g76g
Small Spring Veggie Pizza Slice2009g6g
Mediterranean Salad - Side1408g6g
Neapolitan Chicken Pesto Pizza Slice22013g9g
Vocelli Rolls - Spinach and Mushroom87038g19g
Chicken Caesar Salad - Party1340120g41g
Italiano Sub on Italian98054g44g
Boneless Wings - Hot Vesuvius Buffalo - Party Tray3030289g131g
Small Original Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice22013g9g
Small Mac'N'Cheese Pizza Slice25012g10g
Chicken Caesar Salad - Family67060g21g
Bone-In Wings - Hot Vesuvius Buffalo106081g78g
Boneless Wings - Mango Habanero67057g24g
Vocelli Rolls - Garlic86036g19g
Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Linguini - Single120047g54g
Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Linguini - Single96037g26g

What is Vocelli Pizza Restaurant?

Are you a pizza lover? Well, if yes then you will love this place as this is the only place that can serve you delicious and homemade pizza.

There are a lot of pizzeria’s in town, but the only difference between these pizzeria’s and Vocelli pizza is that Vocelli is owned by a celebrity.

Who is the owner?

If you are a fan of celebrity then you might be familiar with the name of the founder of this place. He is the famous model and actor named as Johnny Vocelli.

He is a native of the USA and is known for his work in Bollywood. He was born in the year 1975.

He has worked in the movies like ‘Vicky Donor’, ‘Bobby’ and ‘Dum Maaro Dum’.

Location of this place.

The location of this place is located in the main road of Mumbai. So, you will get to see a lot of cars parked outside this place.

This place is open for 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.

What is the specialty of this place?

This place is famous for their pizza. They use the authentic recipes to prepare the pizza. The ingredients used to prepare the pizza are organic and fresh.

They have various types of pizza available in this place.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza are available in this place.

You will find the pizza with chicken, fish, egg, and cheese.

This place serves the pizza in a very professional way.


I hope you liked this post about what is Vocelli Pizza restaurant. If you want to eat the best pizza then you should try this place.

It is the only place where you can get the best pizza. I know a lot of people will tell you that they don’t like the pizza, but trust me, this is the only place that can provide you with the best and authentic pizza.