Vital Proteins Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Vital Proteins Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Bone Broth Collagen – Beef409g
Beauty Collagen – Tropical Hibiscus6011g
Collagen Creamer – Vanilla14010g9g
Beauty Boost Capsules
Cartilage Collagen Capsules102g
Beef Gelatin – Unflavored7017g
Collagen Beauty Greens – Vanilla Coconut8012g
Marine Collagen – Unflavored4511g
Collagen Whey Proteins – Dark Chocolate & Coconut Water16027g2.5g
Collagen Peptides – Mixed Berry10018g
Collagen Whey Proteins – Banana, Cinnamon & Vanilla15025g1.5g
Beef Liver Capsules102g
Matcha Collagen – Original509g
Beauty Collagen – Strawberry Lemon6011g
Organic Whey Protein – Unflavored13025g2.5g
Collagen Coconut Creamer14010g9g
Collagen Peptides – Vanilla9018g
Collagen Whey Proteins – Vanilla & Coconut Water13025g1.5g
Bone Broth Collagen – Chicken409g
Spirulina Capsules102g
Beauty Collagen – Melon Mint6011g
Beauty Collagen – Lavender Lemon5011g
Collagen Creamer – Gingerbread14010g9g
Matcha Collagen – Peach609g
Collagen Peptides – Unflavored7018g
Collagen Beauty Greens – Veggie Medley909g
Collagen Creamer – Mocha14010g9g
Collagen Peptides – Dark Chocolate Blackberry11018g

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