Villaggio Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Villaggio Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Italian Style Crustini Bun1806g2g
Toscana Crustini Bun1805g3.5g
Italian Style Whole Wheat Bread1807g2g
Toscana White Bread1705g3.5g
Artesano Style White Bread1506g1.5g
Toscana Sausage Bun1906g4g
Italian Style White Bread – Sesame1906g4g
Italian Style White Bread – Original1706g2g
Italian Style Sausage Bun1906g2g
Italian Style Whole Wheat Crustini Bun1907g2.5g

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Villaggio Restaurant In Pune

Villaggio restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Pune and it is the place where you can enjoy your best dining experience. Let’s discuss the top 5 reasons why you must visit this amazing restaurant in Pune.

Romantic Date Spot

This restaurant is one of the best romantic date spots in Pune. You can choose a table near the window or in the garden area. You can enjoy the fresh air and feel happy with your partner.

Best Food

When you visit this restaurant you can’t resist to taste the best food. The food is served in a unique way that you will never forget.

Good Ambiance

The ambiance is just great and the interiors of the restaurant are designed in such a way that you will enjoy every bit of the atmosphere.

Great Service

Villaggio restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Pune and the staff members are very friendly and helpful. They will provide you with a great service that will keep you satisfied.

The Atmosphere

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Pune because of the unique atmosphere. It will fill you with the best energy and you will enjoy your meal to the fullest.


We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and if you are planning to visit this restaurant then you can check out the address and book your table online.