Vermont Bread Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Vermont Bread Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Organic Old Fashioned White Bread702g1g
Organic Oat Bread802g1g
Organic Soft Wheat Bread1103g2g
Soft Potato Bread1003g1.5g
Old Style Rye Bread904g
Hamburger Bun – 100% Whole Wheat1405g2g
Multigrain English Muffin1305g1.5g
Cinnamon Raisin Bread703g
Organic Spelt Bread903g1g
Hotdog Bun – 100% Whole Wheat1507g1g
Soft Whole Wheat Bread703g1g
Organic Whole Wheat Bread802g1.5g
Soft 10 Grain Wholesome Bread904g2g
Hotdog Bun – Potato1505g2.5g
Honey Wheat English Muffin1204g0.5g
Spelt English Muffin1204g2g
Organic Multigrain Bread803g1g
Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread703g1g
Slider Bun – 100% Whole Wheat1705g1g
Organic Soft Multigrain Bread1103g2g
100% Whole Wheat English Muffin1306g2.5g
Potato Hamburger Bun1806g3g
Organic Soft White Bread1103g2g
Golden White English Muffin1405g2g
Soft White Bread703g1g
Sodium Free Whole Wheat Bread703g1.5g
Slider Bun – Potato1103g1.5g
Whole Wheat English Muffin1506g2g

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