Veggie Noodle Co. Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Veggie Noodle Co. Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Butternut Spirals351g
Butternut Veggiccine351g
Zucchini Spirals101g
White Sweet Potato Spirals651g
Riced Cauliflower202g
Butternut Shells & Cheez1004g6g
Z-Cut Mixed Sweet Potatoes1191g5g
Zucchini Marinara291g
Zucchini Veggiccine101g
Butternut Vegan Shells & Cheez901g5g
Beet Spirals351g
Sweet Potato Spirals701g
Riced Broccoli352g0.5g
Z-Cut Summer Squash631g6g
Riced Medley302g
Z-Cut Carrots & White Sweet Potatoes1001g5g
Yellow Squash Spirals101g

Veggie Noodle Co. is a Vegetarian restaurant serving delicious and healthy food in London.

It is a perfect place to eat healthy and delicious food. If you want to taste amazing food without wasting your money, then come to Veggie Noodle Co. restaurant and enjoy your meal.

Here are some of the popular dishes served by Veggie Noodle Co. restaurant:

Baked Potato Soup – This is a soup made of roasted potatoes with various herbs and spices. You will love its flavor.

Cauliflower Cheese Bake – This is the most popular dish of the restaurant and it is served with salad and veggie noodles. The Cauliflower cheese is made with cauliflower, breadcrumbs and cheese.

Pizza – Pizza is another dish offered at the restaurant. It is made with dough and various toppings.

Fried Rice – Fried rice is another dish served by the restaurant. It is a Chinese style fried rice with vegetables.


The restaurant serves both Veg and Non-veg food. So, if you want to enjoy delicious and healthy food then try the dishes at the restaurant.