Vega Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Vega Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Snack Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup2004g12g
Performance Protein – Mocha15030g3g
Essentials Shake – Chocolate14020g4g
Essentials Proteins & Greens – Tropical12020g0.5g
One Nutritional Shake – French Vanilla16020g6g
One Nutritional Shake – Natural15020g6g
One Bar – Chocolate Coconut Cashew27012g11g
Karmalized SaviSeed2006g9g
Natural SaviSeed1709g13g
Performance Protein – Vanilla15030g3g
One Nutritional Shake – Chocolate1709g6g
Protein Smoothie – Natural8015g
One Nutritional Shake – Berry16020g6g
Maca Chocolate2153g15g
Protein Smoothie – Viva Vanilla8015g
One Nutritional Shake – Mocha16020g6g
Essentials Proteins & Greens – Coconut Almond11020g2g
Sport Energy Bar – Chocolate Coconut Almond2304g14g
Sport Protein Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter26015g11g
Sport Performance Protein – Berry13025g0.2g
Snack Bar – Coconut Cashew2203g14g
Sport Endurance Gel – Orange Zest1000.5g1g
Performance Protein – Chocolate16030g3g
Cocoa Kissed SaviSeed1706g12g
Protein Smoothie – Choc-a-lot9015g0.5g
Essentials Shake – Vanilla13020g3.5g
Clean Protein – Vanilla13025g2g
Snack Bar – Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts & Sea Salt2004g12g
Sport Protein Bar – Chocolate Coconut25015g9g
Essentials Proteins & Greens – Vanilla11020g0.5g
Essentials Proteins & Greens – Natural10020g0.5g
Performance Protein – Berry15030g3g
One Nutritional Shake – Vanilla Chai17020g6g
Protein Smoothie – Bodacious Berry8015g
Essentials Proteins & Greens – Chocolate12020g1g
Oh Natural SaviSeed1709g13g
Sport Endurance Gel – Raspberry1000.5g1g
Sport Energy Bar – Apple Cherry2004g9g
Protein Smoothie – Tropical Tango9015g
Snack Bar – Dark Chocolate Cashew Cherry1803g8g
Clean Protein – Chocolate13025g2g
Essentials Proteins & Greens – Berry11020g0.5g
One Nutritional Shake – Coconut Almond16020g6g
One Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter27013g11g
One Bar – Chocolate Cherry Almond26012g9.5g
Snack Bar – Cranberry Almond1803g8g
Sport Protein Bar – Chocolate Mint24015g8g

What is Vega Restaurant? How to Order a Healthy Meal

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy meal, then you must try the Vega restaurant. The main purpose of the Vega restaurant is to serve a healthy and tasty meal to the customers. There are a lot of things that are required to make a restaurant a healthy and a delicious one, but the most important thing is to serve a healthy and delicious food.

Let’s see what are the main features of the Vega restaurant and how to order a healthy meal.

The main aim of the Vega restaurant is to provide healthy and delicious food to the people and there are many benefits of consuming a healthy diet. I have discussed a lot of health issues that are caused by eating the wrong food. Here are some of the benefits of eating a healthy diet:

Healthy heart

If you consume a balanced diet, then you will have a healthy heart and you will not get any kind of cardiovascular diseases. In order to prevent any kind of diseases and to keep your heart healthy, you need to consume a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is the one that contains all the essential nutrients that are needed by the body. All the vitamins and minerals will play a vital role in maintaining a healthy heart.

Diseases prevention

When you will eat a healthy diet, then you will not suffer from any kind of diseases. If you eat the right food, then you will not get any kind of diseases. It will increase your immunity level and you will be able to fight against all the infections.

Improves your body

If you will consume a balanced diet, then you will be able to boost up your overall health and improve your body. Your digestive system will work perfectly and you will be able to digest the food properly.

Weight loss

When you will consume a balanced diet, then you will have a weight loss. You will lose some extra pounds and you will become a slim person.

If you want to lose some weight, then you need to consume a healthy diet. I have discussed the main benefits of a healthy diet, but there are so many other benefits of a healthy diet as well.


If you want to eat a healthy and delicious meal, then you must visit the Vega restaurant. The main aim of the Vega restaurant is to provide a healthy and delicious meal to the customers. You will enjoy a great experience when you will visit the Vega restaurant.