V8 Calories and Nutrition Facts

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V8 Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
V-Fusion Black Cherry Apple Juice110
Spicy Hot Vegetable Juice452g
V-Fusion Strawberry Banana Juice110
Bloody Mary Mix401g
Low Sodium Spicy Hot Vegetable Juice452g
Energy Black Cherry Drink45
Energy Sparkling Orange Pineapple Drink501g
V-Fusion Light Strawberry Banana Juice50
Red Radiance Veggie Blend701g
Orange Carrot Veggie Blend801g
Energy Diet Strawberry Lemonade Drink10
V-Fusion Peach Mango Juice110
+Hydrate Strawberry Cucumber Drink45
Pineapple Passion Veggie Blend801g
High Fiber Vegetable Juice602g
Energy Orange Pineapple Drink50
Essential Antioxidants Vegetable Juice452g
Original Vegetable Juice452g
V-Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry Juice100
Energy Pomegranate Blueberry Drink50
Energy Tropical Green Drink60
Hint of Black Pepper Vegetable Juice452g
V-Fusion Concord Grape Raspberry Juice1201g
V-Fusion Light Pomegranate Blueberry Juice50
Low Sodium Vegetable Juice452g
V-Fusion Acai Mixed Berry Juice1001g
V-Fusion Light Peach Mango Juice50
+Hydrate Coconut Watermelon Drink45
Energy Raspberry Vanilla Drink451g
Energy Diet Cranberry Raspberry Drink10
Caribbean Green Veggie Blend601g
Energy Strawberry Banana Drink60
Berry Bliss Veggie Blend801g
Carrot Mango Veggie Blend601g
Energy Vegetable Juice Drink502g
Healthy Greens Veggie Blend601g
V-Fusion Pineapple Strawberry Juice1101g
Purple Power Veggie Blend501g
Energy Sparkling Kiwi Melon Drink50
Energy Peach Mango Drink50
Energy Sparkling Blackberry Cranberry Drink50
+Hydrate Orange Grapefruit Drink45
Sweet Greens Veggie Blend801g

I know you are curious to know what V8 restaurant is, so here is the complete information about the V8 restaurant.

V8 is a popular restaurant in the UK which has been serving different kinds of meals for more than 25 years. People know this place as one of the most delicious restaurants of the UK. The ingredients used in the recipes are quite expensive, but the taste of the food is worth spending money.

The recipes are very healthy and the ingredients are all organic. The menu is divided into different sections and you can easily choose the meal that suits your taste.

There are numerous dishes in the menu, but the most popular one is the Italian pizza. It is a combination of various veggies and meat which tastes great.

There is a special menu for kids and teens which will be a great choice for them. They can easily eat food without worrying about their weight.

If you are a vegetarian, then you will surely enjoy the vegan menu. All the dishes are made with organic and vegan ingredients.


I hope you liked the article on “What is V8 Restaurant?”. If you are looking for a place to eat healthy food, then I recommend you to visit V8 restaurant. It is one of the most delicious restaurants of the UK and you can get the food without breaking your budget.