Upton’s Naturals Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Upton’s Naturals Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Sweet & Smoky Jackfruit301g
Chick Seitan10016g1g
Ground Seitan10015g1.5g
Chili Lime Carnitas Jackfruit351g
Cheesy Bacon Mac27010g6g
Pad See Ew1903g6g
Bacon Seitan10015g1.5g
Original Jackfruit201g
Massaman Curry2407g9g
Chorizo Seitan10015g1.5g
Cheesy Mac27010g6g
Traditional Seitan10015g1.5g
Classic Burger16822g5g
Thai Curry Noodle2004g9g
Italian Seitan10015g1.5g
Thai Spaghetti1604g4g
Thai Curry Jackfruit401g1g
Bar-B-Que Jackfruit451g
Sriracha Jackfruit301g

The History of Upton’s Naturals

Upton’s Naturals was founded by two women named Susan and Elizabeth. They were working in a supermarket and they wanted to create their own line of natural beauty products. In 1991, they created their first product called “Upton’s Naturals”. They were the only company which was producing natural beauty products.

They started with selling their products in local stores and now they have almost 4000 stores across the world. The first store was opened in San Francisco in 1992 and today they have over 80 stores in US, Canada and UK.

Why is Upton’s Naturals restaurant?

They have around 150 restaurants in the US and they also have one of the largest salad bars in the United States. They sell organic food and beverages and their restaurants are serving healthy and delicious dishes.

The menu is made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. They are famous for their salads and sandwiches.

In 2016, they opened their restaurant in the White House and in 2017, they opened their first restaurant in Canada.

They have their own label which is “Upton’s Naturals” and they are famous for their products like:

In 2016, they launched their own range of body care products called “Upton’s Naturals”. They are famous for their line of natural body care products and their body scrubs and lotions.

Why is Upton’s Naturals restaurant?

The restaurant serves the most delicious dishes like salads, sandwiches, burgers and wraps. The restaurant is famous for its large salad bar where you can get fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Their burgers are not only tasty but also healthy as they are made from 100% grass fed beef. They use only the highest quality of meats and they don’t add any preservatives or chemicals.

In addition to that, you will find the best range of salads and desserts. Upton’s Naturals restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and they serve breakfast as well.


Upton’s Naturals is a company which is focused on creating natural and healthy products. It is not only the brand of beauty products but also the brand of healthy food and beverages.

If you are looking for a healthy place to have lunch or dinner then Upton’s Naturals is the perfect place for you. The best thing about this restaurant is that it has a wide range of dishes and it serves food from all over the world.