Uncle Sam Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Uncle Sam Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Original Wheat Berry Flakes2109g6g
Raisin Bran2007g1g

There are a lot of restaurants in USA, but only few of them are good to eat. Among the restaurants in USA, there is one called Uncle Sam Restaurant that will make you crave for more. Let’s find out more about this restaurant.

It is the restaurant that serves the best food for the people who are visiting USA. The food is served in the authentic style and you will get to taste the amazing flavors of America.

The place is located at a place called Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are planning to visit this place then I will suggest you to book your seat in advance. There is a reason why it is named Uncle Sam Restaurant because it is one of the restaurants where you will get to feel like a real American.

The ambience is so lively that you will never get bored. You will get to enjoy the best dishes like BBQ ribs, pork chop, burger and many more. If you want to enjoy the meal in the company of your friends then you can ask for a private room.

If you are a food lover then you can try the best dishes of America. The prices are not high, but the quality is good. If you are hungry then you can get to eat the best food of the country.


So, if you are planning to visit the US, then make sure that you don’t miss this restaurant. It is one of the best restaurants that will make you feel like a true American. If you want to eat the best food then you can visit the Uncle Sam Restaurant.