Uncle Maddio’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Uncle Maddio’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Blue Cheese Dressing3102g32g
9 inch Wheat Crust3709g3.5g
The Greek 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust74028g35g
Simple Veggie 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust58027g19g
Chipotle Ranch Dressing2001g20g
Caesar Dressing3102g32g
Raspberry Vinaigrette31031g
6 inch Traditional Crust2007g1.5g
Portabello Pesto 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust79033g36g
Portabello Pesto 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust66028g30g
Spicy Italian 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust80043g29g
Horseradish Ranch Dressing1901g19g
Jamaican Jerk 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust67033g22g
Back Home Minestrone Soup1207g5g
Buffalo Chicken 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust77035g36g
Southwest Baja 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust70035g29g
9 inch Traditional Crust39014g3.5g
Puree of Roasted Garden Veggie401g2.5g
Steak & Blue 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust82033g44g
Southwest Baja 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust90044g39g
16 inch Traditional Crust33012g3g
Caesar Side Salad (Includes Dressing)4206g37g
Simple Veggie 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust60027g21g
Cajun Chicken Corn Chowder1104g4.5g
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing2101g21g
Greek Side Salad (No Dressing Included)1605g7g
BBQ Chicken 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust102051g42g
BBQ Chicken 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust78039g30g
Buffalo Chicken 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust88041g40g
16 inch Wheat Crust3107g3g
Jamaican Jerk 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust79038g25g
Gluten-free Crust4905g17g
Buffalo Chicken 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust70032g31g
Chicken Club 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust92038g54g
Spicy Italian 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust67036g25g
Greek Salad (No Dressing Included)2508g10g
Steak & Blue 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust95037g55g
Big Max 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust81042g40g
12 inch Wheat Crust3107g3g
Chicken Club 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust103044g62g
6 inch Wheat Crust1904g2g
Garden Side Salad (No Dressing Included)1105g3g
Balsamic Vinaigrette36036g
Chopped Salad (No Dressing Included)51042g24g
Steak & Blue 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust107044g59g
The Greek 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust93033g44g
Greek Dressing36037g
Southwest Baja 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust77039g34g
Jamaican Jerk 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust62030g20g
Chicken Club 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust120051g73g
Chicken Caesar Salad (Includes Dressing)88026g74g
Scully's Chili25013g12g
French Onion Soup24013g10g
Santa Fe Salad (No Dressing Included)63038g38g
Spicy Italian 16 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust63033g22g
Portabello Pesto 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust71030g35g
Cheddar Broccoli Soup1003g6g
The Greek 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust82029g41g
Long Island Clam Chowder1103g3g
BBQ Chicken 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust89044g36g
12 inch Traditional Crust33012g3g
Big Max 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust114060g61g
Big Max 12 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust93050g49g
Zesty Italian Dressing35035g
Simple Veggie 9 inch Pizza, Traditional Crust70031g23g

Uncle Maddio’s Restaurant Is The Best Italian Food Chain In The World

Uncle Maddio is an international chain of restaurants. It was founded in 1978. There are more than 30 restaurants across the world. It is located in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Uncle Maddio’s Restaurant is the best Italian food chain in the world.

Maddio is an Italian word which means uncle and it is a nickname given by his family to him. Uncle Maddio’s restaurants offer a wide range of dishes. There are more than 80 items in its menu. The dishes are mostly Italian, but there are some American and Canadian dishes as well. It serves a wide variety of pasta dishes, pizzas, meat, salads, and desserts. It has two outlets in Toronto. One is in the West end and another is in the east.

Why is Uncle Maddio’s Restaurant the best Italian food chain in the world?

The most important reason for the popularity of Uncle Maddio’s restaurant is the quality of the food. The taste is great and the portion size is large. Its menu offers a variety of foods. From pasta to pizzas, desserts to deserts, Uncle Maddio’s offers something for everyone. Their food is made of fresh ingredients.

It has a great ambiance. The restaurant is decorated with Italian paintings and murals. The dining room has a classy atmosphere and the staff is very polite. Uncle Maddio’s offers a wide selection of food. It has the best dishes which are made from the freshest ingredients. The taste is awesome and it is definitely a must-try for every Italian food lover.

Where can you find Uncle Maddio’s Restaurant?

You can find Uncle Maddio’s Restaurant in Toronto. You can visit the restaurant at 1471 Queen Street West.


Uncle Maddio’s is a must try for every Italian food lover. It has a wide variety of delicious dishes. It offers a perfect ambiance and friendly service. If you are in Toronto, then don’t forget to visit this restaurant. It is a great experience.