Uncle Ben’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Uncle Ben’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Teriyaki Style Ready Rice2206g3g
Rice Pilaf Ready Rice2105g2.5g
Instant Brown Rice w/ Natural Whole Grain1704g1.5g
Brown Basmati Ready Rice2305g3.5g
Whole Grain Brown Rice (Boil-In-Bag)1704g1.5g
Original Converted White Rice1704g
Basmati Ready Rice2206g3g
Sweet & Smoky Beans1408g1.5g
Fried Ready Rice2205g4g
Chicken & Herb Flavor Infusions1504g0.5g
Jasmine Ready Rice2505g2.5g
Quinoa & Brown Rice Ready Whole Grain Medley2005g3g
Fast Cook Long Grain & Wild Rice2006g0.5g
Brown Jasmine & Edamame Ready Rice2506g5g
Cheddar Broccoli Ready Rice2304g5g
Butter & Garlic Ready Rice2204g4g
White Rice (Boil-In-Bag)1704g0.5g
Southwest Chicken Skillet Meal1504g1.5g
Long Grain & Wild Ready Rice1905g2g
Creamy Four Cheese Ready Rice2205g5g
Roasted Chicken Flavor Infusions1504g0.5g
Zesty Mexican Style Beans1007g1g
Garden Vegetable Ready Rice2104g2.5g
Parmesan & Butter Flavor Infusions1504g0.5g
Garlic & Butter Flavor Infusions1603g0.5g
Spanish Style Ready Rice2004g2.5g
Natural Whole Grain Brown Rice1804g1.5g
Southern Chili Beans906g1g
Garlic & Herb Chicken Skillet Meal1504g0.5g
Beef & Brocolli Skillet Meal1604g1.5g
Roasted Chicken Ready Rice2104g3g
Coconut Jasmine Ready Rice3006g7g
Original Ready Rice2004g2.5g
Lemon Shrimp Skillet Meal1504g0.5g
Jambalaya Ready Rice2004g2g
Original Recipe Long Grain & Wild Rice2006g0.5g
New Orleans Style Beans1006g1g
Cilantro Lime Ready Rice2304g6g
Whole Grain Brown Ready Rice1905g3g
Spanish-Style Flavor Infusions1604g1g

Top 10 Facts About Uncle Ben’s

Everybody knows about Uncle Ben’s but no one really knows how the name of the restaurant came into existence. There are many theories which say that Uncle Ben’s was named after Benjamin Franklin, but what is the real story behind the restaurant? Let’s find out in this article.

1. In 1935, a company called Coney Island Ice Company was established in Coney Island, New York. The company had its own factory where they made ice cream. The factory was well known for the quality of its ice cream.

2. Ben’s, as we know it today, was started by Coney Island Ice Company. It opened its first restaurant in 1935. Since then, it has been serving delicious ice cream and cakes all over the country.

3. In 1937, the first Uncle Ben’s restaurant opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

4. The restaurant has been famous for their ice cream and cakes since 1935. They offer a variety of ice cream flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, butter pecan, etc.

5. Ben’s is famous for its ice cream and cakes, but they also offer a wide range of foods like chicken fingers, pizza, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, and so on.

6. Ben’s has also won the National Pie Championship.

7. Ben’s has a special way of serving their ice cream. When you place your order, you will be asked how much ice cream you want. You then pick the ice cream and put it in a big bowl. You can add toppings like fruits, nuts, and sprinkles.

8. In 1942, Ben’s was sold to Cavanaugh family and they opened the first Uncle Ben’s Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio.

9. In 1945, the Cavanaugh family sold Uncle Ben’s to a group of investors led by Harry Crane. Crane is a real-estate tycoon.

10. The company is now owned by a private equity firm called TPG Capital.


So, these are some interesting facts about Uncle Ben’s. I hope you liked the post and you will surely try the restaurant. If you are visiting any of their branches, then be sure to ask for their famous ice cream.