Twizzlers Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Twizzlers Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Black Licorice Twists1201g0.5g
Fruit Punch Pull & Peel Candy1000.5g0.5g
Black Licorice Candy Nibs1301g1g
Cherry Twists1201g0.5g
Twizted Strawberry Blast Pull & Peel Candy900.5g0.5g
Orange & Black Cherry Pull & Peel Candy900.5g0.5g
Sweet & Sour Filled Bites1400.5g1.5g
Watermelon Soft Bites1501g1.5g
Cherry Candy Nibs1100.5g1g
Sweet & Sour Filled Twists1400.5g1.5g
Strawberry Twists1201g0.5g
Cherry Candy Bites1100.5g0.5g
Strawberry Smoothie Twists1400.5g1.5g
Watermelon Pull & Peel Candy1101g0.5g
Cherry Pull & Peel Candy1101g0.5g
Strawberry Filled Bites1400.5g1g
Rainbow Twists1201g0.5g
Chocolate Twists1201g1g

Why Is Twizzlers Restaurant The Best Thing To Happen To Pizza?

It is not a secret that Twizzlers is the favorite treat of most kids. They have a distinctive flavor and texture. They are delicious and kids love them. Why is it so?

Let’s find out why.

Is it the taste?

Yes, it is the taste that attracts the kids. Kids love Twizzlers because of their distinctive flavor. They have a unique taste, but it is so delicious that kids love to eat them. Their sweet and tasty taste is the reason behind their popularity.

Does it have the health benefits?

The second reason why kids love Twizzlers is because of their health benefits. They provide nutrients that help your kid to stay healthy. They contain calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, iron, protein, and fiber. They are good for your health and make you fit.

Is it the texture?

Most of the kids love the soft texture of Twizzlers. It has a smooth, chewy, and crunchy texture that makes it more appealing to the kids.


Kids love Twizzlers because of their unique taste and texture. It is the best snack for kids.