Turkey Hill Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Turkey Hill Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Orange Tea100
Light Ice Cream – Vanilla Bean1002g2g
Ice Cream – Butter Pecan1502g10g
Ice Cream – Party Cake1602g8g
Frozen Yogurt – Chocolate Marshmallow1103g
Ice Cream – French Vanilla1402g7g
Ice Cream – Rum Raisin1402g6g
Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade120
Haymakers Lemon Punch110
Ice Cream – Deep Dark Chocolate1803g10g
2% Reduced Fat Milk1208g5g
Decaf Tea – Lemon90
Light Ice Cream – Moose Tracks1403g6g
All Natural Ice Cream – Chocolate Peanut Butter1905g12g
Ice Cream – Colombian Coffee1402g7g
Mocha Iced Coffee1302.5g
Green Tea w/ Ginseng & Honey70
Diet Decaf Tea – Lemon
Unsweetened Iced Tea
Ice Cream – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough1602g8g
Pomegranate Lemonade120
All Natural Ice Cream – Mocha Swirl1903g11g
Haymakers Strawberry Cider110
All Natural Ice Cream – Raspberry Chocolate Chip1603g9g
Ice Cream Cake – Peanut Butter Crunch3204g17g
Haymakers Tea – Lightly Sweet40
Diet Blackberry Sweet Tea
All Natural Ice Cream – Chocolate Chip1703g10g
Frozen Yogurt – Mint Cookies & Cream1103g1.5g
All Natural Lemonade100
Ice Cream – Touchdown Sundae1703g10g
Haymakers Summer Peach Cider110
Ice Cream – Gertrude Hawk Box of Chocolates1602g8g
Ice Cream – Raspberry Cream Swirl1301g4.5g
Ice Cream – Peanut Butter Ripple1604g10g
All Natural Ice Cream – Blackberry Swirl1503g8g
Ice Cream – Tin Roof Sundae1502g8g
Pure Chilled Tea – Classic Half & Half90
Sundae Cone – Vanilla Fudge3206g18g
Ice Cream – Fudge Ripple1402g6g
All Natural Ice Cream – Vanilla Peanut Butter1905g12g
Purified Drinking Water
Ice Cream Sandwich – Strawberry Cheesecake1903g7g
Ice Cream Cake – Moose Tracks3104g19g
Ice Cream – Black Cherry1302g6g
Ice Cream – Neapolitan1302g7g
Ice Cream – Pistachio Almond1503g9g
Ice Cream – Red Velvet Cake1702g9g
Haymakers Sweet Tea80
Ice Cream – Black Raspberry1402g7g
Ice Cream – Vanilla Chocolate Crunch1702g10g
Ice Cream – Homemade Vanilla1302g7g
Ice Cream – Pumpkin Pie1702g9g
Stuff'd Ice Cream – Double Cookie & Cream1502g6g
Ice Cream – Chocolate Salted Caramel1502g6g
No Sugar Added Ice Cream – Vanilla Bean703g
Ice Cream Cake – Double Cookies & Cream3103g17g
Ice Cream – Chocolate Marshmallow1502g6g
Unsweetened Green Tea
All Natural Ice Cream – Black Cherry Fudge1503g7g
Ice Cream – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup1803g11g
Light Ice Cream – Extreme Cookies & Cream1403g5g
Ice Cream – Vanilla & Chocolate1402g7g
Frozen Yogurt – Vanilla Bean903g
All Natural Ice Cream – Vanilla Fudge1603g8g
All Natural Ice Cream – Belgian Style Chocolate1503g8g
Ice Cream – Egg Nog1402g7g
Frozen Yogurt – Neapolitan903g
Haymakers Tropical Punch – Lightly Sweet45
Ice Cream – Coconut Cream Pie1702g9g
Diet Mango Green Tea w/ Ginseng & Honey
Ice Cream – Butter Brickle1502g8g
All Natural Ice Cream – Butter Pecan1803g12g
All Natural Ice Cream – Blueberry1503g8g
All Natural Ice Cream – Butter Almond & Chocolate1704g10g
1% Lowfat Chocolate Milk1808g2.5g
Fat Free Milk908g
All Natural Ice Cream – Mint Chocolate Chip1803g10g
Ice Cream Sandwich – Vanilla Bean1903g7g
All Natural Ice Cream – Homemade Vanilla1503g9g
Ice Cream – Cookies 'N Cream1502g8g
Whole Milk1508g8g
Ice Cream – Dutch Chocolate1502g7g
Ice Cream – Strawberries & Cream1202g6g
Ice Cream – Double Dunker1802g10g
All Natural Ice Cream – Salted Caramel1603g8g
Ice Cream Cake – Key Lime3103g15g
Haymakers Berry Punch100
Ice Cream Cake – Strawberry Shortcake3003g14g
All Natural Ice Cream – Vanilla Almond Fudge1603g9g
Ice Cream – Banana Split1402g7g
All Natural Ice Cream – Vanilla & Chocolate1603g10g
All Natural Ice Cream – Mango1503g9g
Ice Cream – Chocolate1502g7g
Sherbet – Fruit Rainbow1201g1g
Vanilla Ice Cream Bar3203g23g
Diet Decaf Orange Tea10
1% Lowfat Milk1008g2.5g
Unsweetened Lemon Iced Tea
Sweet Tea – Southern Brewed90
Round Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich2403g11g
Ice Cream – Original Vanilla1302g7g
Egg Nog1905g9g
Ice Cream – Rocky Road1703g8g
Ice Cream – Dark Chocolate Caramel Espresso1502g7g
No Sugar Added Ice Cream – Dutch Chocolate703g
Lightly Sweet Lemonade Tea70
Peach Tea100
Ice Cream – Orange Cream Swirl1301g4.5g
Stuff'd Ice Cream – Moose Tracks1402g6g
Ice Cream Cake – Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl2703g16g
Fruit Punch100
All Natural Ice Cream – Chocolate Chocolate Chip1803g10g
Vanilla Iced Coffee1504g2.5g
Haymakers Raspberry Tea – Lightly Sweet45
Lemon Iced Tea90
All Natural Ice Cream – Vanilla Bean1603g9g
Lemonade Tea100
Lightly Sweet Raspberry Tea70
Mango Green Tea w/ Ginseng & Honey90
Ice Cream – Campfire S'mores1502g7g
Ice Cream Sandwich – Double Decker1903g7g
Raspberry Tea110
Haymakers Cider110
Ice Cream – Choco Mint Chip1602g9g
Ice Cream – Vanilla Bean1302g7g
Pink Lemonade120
Whole Chocolate Milk2208g8g

Why Is Turkey Hill Restaurant?

Turkey Hill restaurant is one of the top-most restaurants in the United States. The concept of the restaurant is unique and it offers its guests the best quality food. It is considered as one of the best American restaurants because of its delicious food, well-maintained ambience and excellent service. It is located in the city of Chicago and serves its customers from all over the United States.

If you are planning to visit this restaurant, then you must know why is Turkey Hill restaurant? Let’s have a look at the reasons.

1. Great Food

The concept of the restaurant is quite similar to McDonald’s. It has a wide variety of fast food items. The food quality is exceptional and the taste is unmatched by any other restaurant. It is one of the best American restaurants in the United States.

2. Excellent Service

The service of the restaurant is very good and the staff is polite and helpful. They will serve you the best quality food and will make you feel comfortable. You will surely like their hospitality and their service will definitely impress you.

3. A Unique Concept

Turkey Hill is a new concept of the restaurant which is not seen in any other restaurant in the world. The menu of the restaurant is different and it has unique food items which are not available in any other restaurant. You will find different types of cuisine in the restaurant.

4. Great Ambiance

The ambience of the restaurant is unique and the interiors are decorated with a modern touch. The decoration and the ambiance of the restaurant will definitely make you feel relaxed. You will enjoy your stay here and will come back to this restaurant again and again.


This is why Turkey Hill restaurant is one of the best American restaurants. It has a unique concept and is different from the other restaurants. If you are in the city of Chicago, then I highly recommend you to visit this restaurant. It will surely make your stay memorable.