Tubby’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tubby’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Reduced Calorie Mayonnaise707g
Chicken Nuggets25013g17g
8 in. Wheat Bun34013g3.5g
Vegetable Soup1505g1g
Seasoned Fries3703g28g
Loaded Steak (Regular)65042g18g
Yellow Onions10
Pink Lemonade Large Drink410
Tortilla Chips1602g11g
Classic Dressing12011g
Chef Salad - Party Size76063g28g
Black Olives504.5g
Boneless Wings14014g4g
Chicken & Broccoli (Small)36026g8g
Fudge Walnut Brownie6206g25g
Classic Italian (Regular)64030g23g
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Watermelon60
Greek Dressing17017g
Plain Potato Chips2303g13g
BLT (Small)43017g21g
Peanut Butter Cookie2906g17g
BBQ Sauce80
6 in. Tubby's Sub Bun2309g2.5g
Taco Seasoning20
Garden Salad602g
Antipasto Salad - Party Size108044g65g
Tubby's Party Platter - Variety3960211g119g
Loaded Steak (Small)42028g12g
Diet Pepsi Small Drink
Honey Mustard14011g
Ham & Cheese (Large)71038g15g
Sliced Chicken6013g0.5g
Sobe Tsunami Strawberry Daiquiri2501g
Carrot Cake Cupcake5208g26g
Burger Special (Regular)76042g33g
Grilled Chicken Salad20020g8g
Pure Leaf Iced Tea-Lemon160
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie2704g12g
Crispy Chicken (Regular)86035g37g
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Black Cherry80
Cotta Salami704g5g
Wild Cherry Pepsi Medium Drink290
Taco Sub (Regular)96043g44g
Tuna (Large)77061g14g
Chicken Caesar (Large)59044g6g
Turkey Breast & Cheese (Small)37026g7g
Cold Veggie (Large)64028g13g
Chicken Nuggets - Side38020g26g
Lemon Cupcake4707g19g
Pizza Steak & Cheese (Regular)64042g18g
Green Peppers5
Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea Small Drink
Diet Pepsi 2-liter
Shredded Lettuce
Mountain Dew Large Drink430
8 in. Tubby's Sub Bun36013g3.5g
Burger Special (Small)55031g26g
Chicken Fajita (Small)35026g8g
Diet Mountain Dew Medium Drink10
6 Inch Tubby's Sub Bun2308g2.5g
Big Tub (Small)45023g19g
Chicken & Broccoli (Regular)52036g10g
Turkey & Cheese Per Foot2140166g45g
Gatorade Cool Blue140
8 in. Multi-Grain2409g2g
Lemonade Small Drink210
Pizza Steak & Cheese (Small)42027g12g
All American Cheeseburger (Regular)75039g33g
Steak & Cheese XXXL Sub1810127g96g
8 Inch Wheat Bun35013g4g
Cheeseburger Italiano (Regular)79040g35g
Turkey & Cheese23013g4g
Schweppes Ginger Ale Medium Drink230
Tubby's Famous (Regular)66033g23g
Chicken Parmesan (Regular)97040g45g
Pizza Sauce10
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Blueberry Pomegranate60
Funfetti Cupcake4506g31g
Chicken Fajita (Regular)55034g11g
BLT (Large)89033g45g
Black Pepper
Gluten Free Bun47012g14g
Classic Italian (Small)42020g15g
Turkey Breast & Cheese (Large)71047g14g
Chicken Club (Regular)61036g17g
Fire Roasted Salsa10
6 Inch Wheat Bun2209g2.5g
Turkey Breast5010g0.5g
Loaded Steak (Large)84054g23g
All American Cheeseburger (Small)54029g26g
Turkey Breast & Cheese (Regular)55038g11g
Hot Veggie Stir Fry (Regular)51022g10g
Caesar Dressing13014g
Tuna (Regular)57044g11g
Tubby's World Famous Dressing Bottle2040216g
Steak & Cheese (Small)41027g11g
Taco Sub (Small)66030g32g
Turkey Club (Small)42029g11g
Ham & Cheese24012g4.5g
Mushroom, Steak & Cheese (Regular)62042g17g
Cold Veggie (Regular)49022g10g
Fruit Punch Small Drink230
Sobe Citrus Energy250
Philly Cheesesteak (Small)43028g13g
Pizza Burger (Large)104051g45g
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Pineapple Orange Mango60
Chocolate Chunk Cookie2903g13g
Pizza Burger (Small)56028g26g
12 Inch Wheat Bun44017g5g
Turkey & Cheese Per Foot - Jumbo2640229g66g
Mac & Cheese Bites2906g21g
Taco Salad65025g39g
Mountain Dew Medium Drink300
Mild Pepper Cup10
12 in. Tubby's Sub Bun45017g4.5g
Mozzarella Sticks49021g26g
Pink Lemonade Small Drink210
Ocean Spray Apple Juice2101g
Italian Wedding & Meatball Soup1908g6g
Diet Pepsi Large Drink
Steak & Cheese XXL Sub1650109g87g
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Fruit Punch80
Tuna (Small)38031g7g
Chicken Caesar (Regular)44030g4.5g
Chef Salad29030g13g
Chicken Tenders30013g21g
Diet Mountain Dew Large Drink15
Fruit Punch Large Drink450
Turkey Club (Regular)63041g17g
Philly Cheesesteak (Large)85054g26g
Chicken Club (Small)45028g17g
Pure Leaf Iced Tea-Raspberry180
Grated Parmesan Cheese201g1g
Party Sub Bun112040g4g
Chicken Wings125088g95g
Timberline Chili with beans38023g16g
Cocktail Sauce20
Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers3609g21g
Strawberry Cupcake5408g27g
Dr Pepper Large Drink380
Classic Italian (Large)84039g30g
Big Tub (Regular)63032g25g
Stuffed Pepper Soup with Beef20010g8g
Cheeseburger Italiano (Large)106058g51g
Wild Cherry Pepsi Larg Drink410
Mushroom, Steak & Cheese (Small)41027g11g
Red Velvet Cupcake4007g25g
Shredded Cheddar Cheese604g4.5g
Schweppes Ginger Ale Small Drink170
French Fries3906g24g
White American Cheese503g4g
Onion Chips5207g34g
Gatorade Fruit Punch140
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Midnight Grape80
Chicken & Cheddar (Small)35022g7g
Orange Crush Large Drink440
Burrito Bites40015g14g
Chicken & Broccoli (Large)72053g15g
Potato Chips, Barbeque1602g10g
Pure Leaf Iced Tea-Sweet Tea160
Crispy Chicken Dijon (Regular)86035g37g
Cold Veggie (Small)32014g6g
12 Inch Tubby's Sub Bun46016g4.5g
Chicken Fajita (Large)73045g15g
Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie2503g12g
Broccoli & Cheese Soup2109g14g
German Chocolate Cupcake5708g32g
Wild Cherry Pepsi Small Drink210
Ocean Spray Ruby Red210
Pepper Steak & Cheese (Large)81052g22g
Mac and Cheese Bites51010g37g
Pepsi 2-liter840
Cottage Fries3405g20g
Pepsi Small Drink200
Corned Beef with Sauerkraut (Small)41024g13g
Rt. Beer Small Drink190
Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea Medium Drink
Chicken & Cheddar (Regular)54034g11g
Grilled Chicken (Regular)45029g4.5g
Big Tub (Large)89047g38g
Tubby's Party Platter Roll Up3000180g121g
Steak & Cheese (Large)80052g22g
Cookie Platter - 1 Dozen300042g144g
Side Salad20
Steak & Cheese XL Sub149090g77g
Peanut Butter Brownie6506g30g
Garden Salad - Party Size2403g
Ham & Cheese (Regular)54030g11g
Breaded Mushrooms2007g1.5g
Pepsi Large Drink410
Rt. Beer Medium Drink260
Corned Beef with Sauerkraut (Regular)63037g20g
Grumpy Cupcake5306g39g
Thousand Island Dressing12012g
Chicken Noodle Soup1505g5g
BLT (Regular)61023g27g
Taco Sub (Large)126055g57g
Chicken Club (Large)79047g22g
Chicken Caesar (Small)29022g3g
Pink Lemonade Medium Drink280
Crispy Chicken Dijon (Large)113045g49g
Mild Pepper Rings10
Pepper Steak & Cheese (Regular)63041g17g
Orange Crush Medium Drink300
8 Inch Tubby's Sub Bun36013g3.5g
Famous Per Foot2080104g66g
Rt. Beer Large Drink380
Turkey Club (Large)81052g23g
Pizza Steak & Cheese (Large)83053g23g
Grilled Chicken (Large)59037g6g
Hard Salami1105g9g
Romaine Lettuce
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Orange Citrus80
Chicken Parmesan (Large)128053g60g
Crispy Chicken (Small)56022g25g
Ocean Spray Orange Juice2104g
Ham & Cheese (Small)35019g7g
Fajita Sauce10
12 in. Multi-Grain2409g2g
Corned Beef24025g14g
Steak & Cheese (Regular)62041g17g
Tubby's Famous Dressing17018g
Crispy Chicken Dijon (Small)56022g25g
Grilled Chicken (Small)29019g3g
Mist Twist Small Drink200
Chocolate Stuffed Cupcake5507g40g
Cherry Chip Cupcake4406g30g
Corned Beef with Sauerkraut (Large)81048g26g
Dressing, Famous17018g
Fruit Punch Medium Drink310
Pizza Burger (Regular)81041g36g
6 in. Wheat Bun2209g2.5g
All American Cheeseburger (Large)109058g51g
Schweppes Ginger Ale Large Drink340
Lemonade Large Drink410
Crispy Chicken (Large)113045g49g
Mountain Dew 2-liter950
Lemonade Medium Drink280
Mist Twist Large Drink410
6 in. Multi-Grain1205g1g
Tubby's Famous (Small)43021g15g
Mist Twist Medium Drink280
Baja Chipotle Sauce5050g1g
Balsamic Vinaigrette30
White Wrap2509g3.5g
Regular Mayonnaise10011g
Cookies & Cream Cupcake4706g32g
Antipasto Salad33082g21g
Chicken & Cheddar (Large)70044g15g
12 in. Wheat Bun43017g4.5g
Famous Per Foot - Jumbo2560135g96g
Ham & Cheese Per Foot - Jumbo2340139g66g
Dr Pepper Small Drink190
Pepper Steak & Cheese (Small)41027g11g
Hot Veggie Stir Fry (Small)33014g6g
Mtn. Dew Kickstart-Blood Orange60
Hot Veggie Stir Fry (Large)67029g13g
Mountain Dew Small Drink220
Barbecue Potato Chips2203g12g
Burger Special (Large)110062g52g
Diet Pepsi Medium Drink
Chicken Parmesan (Small)64026g30g
Pepsi Medium Drink280
Lipton Brisk Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea Large Drink
Dr Pepper Medium Drink260
Mushroom, Steak & Cheese (Large)80053g22g
Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing30
Cheeseburger Italiano (Small)53029g26g
Crowd Pleaser Variety Platter7650421g207g
American Cheese503g4g
Ham & Cheese Per Foot1940106g45g
Chicken Fajita Strips12022g2.5g
Orange Crush Small Drink220
Philly Cheesesteak (Regular)65042g19g
Fat-free Italian Dressing15
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Brownie4405g13g
Diet Mountain Dew Small Drink5
1 Foot Party Sub2309g1g
Crowd Pleaser Roll-Up Platter5530341g197g
Crispy Chicken Salad36014g22g
Tubby's Famous (Large)86042g31g

What Is Tubby’s Restaurant?

Tubby’s is a popular Indian restaurant chain restaurant which is famous for its Indian cuisine. It is located in the city of Bangalore and is a perfect place for a romantic dinner.

Offers different dishes at very affordable prices. It is a complete dining experience. You will be served with some amazing dishes which are made with the fresh ingredients.

You will be treated with speciality dishes which you will never forget. They offer unlimited tea and coffee which will make you feel relaxed and happy. It will also refresh your taste buds with the different flavors and aromas.

The ambience of the restaurant is cozy and the service is professional. There are also comfortable chairs and tables where you can relax while enjoying your meal. The restaurant offers you the best food and services at the best price.

Tubby’s restaurant is famous for its authentic Indian cuisine. You will be served with a variety of cuisines, starting from the north Indian to the south Indian, to the east Indian and to the west Indian.

Has a huge menu, so you can choose from the wide range of dishes. You will be served with the best of the dishes from each category.

The menu is designed in a way that you can enjoy the dishes and taste the flavours without wasting your money. Tubby’s is a complete experience which will be enjoyable for you.

The prices are very affordable and you will not have to spend a fortune to enjoy your meal.


This is the best Indian restaurant in Bangalore. You will not have any complaints with the food and the service. Tubby’s restaurant offers you the best of the Indian cuisine.