Trident Seafoods Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Trident Seafoods Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Mahi-Mahi Burger10013g5g
Alaskan Fish & Chips21013g10g
Smoky Dill Smoked Sockeye Salmon706g1g
Salmon Bites18016g12g
Pacific Flounder Fillets13024g2g
Ultimate Fish Stick16011g7g
Traditional Smoked Sockeye Salmon8014g3g
The Alaskan Fish Sandwich34015g10g
Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon Jerky7010g2g
Beer Battered Alaskan Pollock21012g9g
Panko Breaded Tilapia18012g8g
Stuffed Alaskan Salmon Fillets28023g16g
Smoked Sockeye Salmon – Sweet & Savory9013g3g
PubHouse Battered Halibut23017g9g
Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock Fish Fillets8019g
Panko Breaded Cod18011g8g
Peppered Smoked Sockeye Salmon8014g3g
Wild Alaska Pink Salmon – Skinless & Boneless6013g1g
The Bigger, Better Alaskan Fish Stick17012g7g
Smoked Sockeye Salmon7012g2g
Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock Skillet Cuts8019g
Alaskan Pollock Burger8012g2g
Prelate Wild Alaska Pink Salmon9012g5g
Smoked Sockeye Salmon – Nova Style7013g2g
Alaskan Salmon Bites18016g12g
Breaded Pacific Flounder26014g11g
Beer Battered Cod1609g7g
Smoked Sockeye Salmon – Nova Style w/ Sea Salt7013g2g
Multigrain Alaskan Cod23014g11g
Alaskan Pollock Fish Sandwich Fillets25015g11g
Smoked Sockeye Salmon – Boneless w/ Skin-On9014g4g
Alaskan Salmon Burger13014g7g
10 Grain Breaded Cod17011g8g
PubHouse Battered Cod18012g7g

Reasons to visit Trident Seafoods restaurant

Are you looking for some good seafood restaurant? Well, if yes then you have come to the right place because here you will find the list of top seafood restaurants in Singapore.

Trident Seafoods is one of the best seafood restaurants in Singapore, so let’s see the reasons why you should visit this restaurant.

Wide variety of seafood dishes

It is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Singapore. Not only seafood but this restaurant has various cuisines like Japanese, Thai, Italian, Chinese, and so on. So, you will get the food that you are looking for.

Has a variety of seafood options

They have all types of seafood dishes and you can find almost everything here. If you want to taste the best sushi or the best scallops, then you can try the sushi rolls and scallop rolls.

Great selection of drinks

It has a wide variety of drinks that you will surely love. The drinks are a combination of different ingredients that will refresh your body and mind. So, you will feel relaxed when you visit this restaurant.


So, if you want to have the best seafood in Singapore then you must visit this restaurant. You will not regret visiting this restaurant. It will leave a positive impact on you and your family members as well. So, if you have been waiting for some seafood restaurant, then this is the perfect place. So, book your tickets now and enjoy your meal.