Toufayan Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Toufayan Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Low Carb & Low Sodium Wrap1008g3.5g
Mini Croissants2004g11g
Multi-Grain w/ Chia Pita Chips1204g4g
Sesame Pitettes1204g1.5g
Classic White Pitettes803g
Whole Wheat Pita Bread1706g
Plain Breadsticks652g1g
Garden Vegetable Wrap1103g4g
Whole Wheat Mini Pitettes1305g1g
Classic White Pita Bread1506g0.5g
Wheat Breadsticks652g1.5g
Garlic Breadsticks653g1.5g
Cinnamon & Sugar Pita Chips1204g3.5g
Cheese Breadsticks652g1.5g
Organic Whole Wheat Wrap1604g3.5g
Original Wrap1103g4g
Cinnamon Raisin Mini Bagel1104g0.5g
Whole Wheat Bagel23011g1.5g
Multi-Grain Lavash2609g9g
Everything Smart Bagel1004g1.5g
Corn & Jalapeno Flatbread2408g7g
Everything Breadsticks653g1.5g
Everything Bagel2459g1.5g
Multi-Grain Wrap1605g3.5g
Sundried Tomato Wrap1505g3g
Za'atar Pita Chips1204g4g
Organic Whole Wheat Smart Pocket1005g1g
Savory Spinach Wrap1505g3g
Wholesome Wheat Wrap1505g3g
Classic Plain Smart Bagel1004g0.5g
Garlic Pesto Wrap1505g3g
Classic Plain Wrap1505g3g
Multi-Grain Pita Bread1556g1g
Everything Smart Pocket805g1.5g
White Tortilla1303g4g
Savory Garlic Pita Bread1506g0.5g
Lavash Plus806g3g
Whole Wheat Smart Bagel1005g0.5g
Classic White Pitettes w/o Salt803g
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel2408g1g
Plain Wrap1606g3g
Classic Plain Mini Bagel1104g0.5g
Smoked Chipotle Pita Chips1301g3g
Salted Caramel Pita Chips801g2g
Feta & Olive Pita Chips1204g3.5g
Low Carb Pita Bread1008g3.5g
Multi-Grain Pitettes803g0.5g
Sweet Onion Pita Bread1506g0.5g
Garlic Naan1605g2g
Onion Breadsticks653g1.5g
Chili Lime Pita Chips801g2g
Original Naan1605g2g
Classic White Mini Pitettes803g
Caramelized Onion Pita Chips1301g3g
Classic Plain Bagel2408g1g
Wholesome Wheat Flatbread2609g9g
100% Whole Wheat Smart Pocket805g1g
Whole Wheat Pitettes w/o Salt803g0.5g
Savory Tomato Wrap1103g4g
Blueberry Bagel2459g1g
Sea Salt Pita Chips801g2g
Whole Wheat Tortilla1303g4g
Cinnamon Raisin Smart Bagel1004g0.5g
Whole Wheat Pitettes803g0.5g
Onion Pitettes803g
Sesame Breadsticks653g1.5g
Oat Bran Pita Bread1506g1.5g
Sweet Onion Bagel2409g1g
Organic Whole Wheat Pita1307g1g
Hearty White Flatbread2608g8g
Original Smart Pocket1007g1g
Whole Wheat Mini Bagel1105g0.5g
Spinach Wrap1103g4g
Pita Bread1607g

5 Reasons Why Toufayan Restaurant is the Best in Dubai

Toufayan is a restaurant that offers different types of cuisines to its customers. It is famous for its authentic Arabic food and the specialty is the meat dishes. The menu is divided into two sections; first is the buffet and second is the set menu.

The best thing about Toufayan is that it is a Lebanese restaurant which has been serving authentic Lebanese food to the people of Dubai since 2010. You can have your choice of dining from the buffet and can choose any dishes from the menu.

1. Delicious and authentic food

This restaurant offers a wide variety of food, starting from the appetizers to the main course. It has a huge menu to offer and this makes it one of the best restaurants in Dubai. The chefs and owners of this restaurant have taken great care to prepare the food as per the taste of the people.

2. Fresh food

When you visit a restaurant, you expect to get fresh food and that is why you will never find any frozen or refrigerated food at this restaurant. They only serve fresh food and it is one of the reasons why this restaurant is so famous.

3. Authentic cuisine

The food served at this restaurant is authentic, meaning that they use only real ingredients to prepare the dishes. It is one of the reasons why the people of Dubai visit this restaurant so often. You can have your choice of food and order as per your budget.

4. Set menu

You can have a set menu at this restaurant and you can choose any dish from the menu. They offer different set menus, starting from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They even offer the set menu for kids and adults.

5. Speciality

This restaurant serves only the specialities of Lebanon. They offer different types of Lebanese food including kebabs, soups, salads and rice. They also offer falafel, shawarma, and kibbeh. They even have a separate section for the vegetarian people.


Toufayan is one of the best restaurants in Dubai. The dishes that they serve are delicious and they are authentic. If you are looking for a place to have a delicious meal, then you can go to this restaurant and enjoy your meal.