Top Pot Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Top Pot Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Cake Doughnut – Glazed3905g20g
Cake Doughnut – Cherry Blossom3905g19g
Old Fashioned Doughnut – Raspberry Glazed4704g24g
Cake Doughnut – Glazed Applesauce3905g20g
Cake Doughnut – Maple Frosted4305g20g
Cake Doughnut – Chocolate Frosted4505g23g
Cake Doughnut – Plain Chocolate3405g19g
Old Fashioned Doughnut – Glazed Chocolate4805g25g
Cake Doughnut – Glazed Chocolate3905g19g
Cake Doughnut – Plain Applesauce3505g20g
Old Fashioned Doughnut – Cinnamon Sugar4204g24g
Glad Cruller3905g20g
Yeast Raised Doughnut – Pershing4505g21g
Cake Doughnut – Pink Feather Boa5605g29g
Cake Doughnut – Cinnamon Sugar3805g20g
Yeast Raised Ring – Raspberry Glazed3906g20g
Cake Doughnut – Raspberry Glazed3905g20g
Raspberry Glazed Cruller3905g20g
Cake Doughnut – Plain3505g20g
Yeast Raised Doughnut – Bavarian Creme6007g27g
Cake Doughnut – Chocolate Rainbow5105g24g
Old Fashioned Doughnut – Glazed4804g24g
Cake Doughnut – Double Trouble4505g23g
Yeast Raised Doughnut – Raspberry Bismark5706g22g
Cake Doughnut – Glazed Blueberry3905g20g
Old Fashioned Doughnut – Plain3904g24g
Cake Doughnut – Plain Blueberry3505g20g
Cake Doughnut – Powdered4205g21g
Cinnamon Sugar Cruller3805g20g
Cake Doughnut – Chocolate Sandcastle3805g19g
Cake Doughnut – Chocolate Feather Boa5506g29g
Old Fashioned Doughnut – Maple Frosted4704g24g
Yeast Raised Doughnut Doughnut – Apple Fritter5606g27g
Yeast Raised Doughnut – Maple Bar5807g24g
Old Fashioned Doughnut – Chocolate Frosted4904g27g
Plain Cruller3505g20g
Cake Doughnut – Pink Vanilla4605g23g
Cake Doughnut – Chocolate Frosted Peanut56010g32g
Maple Frosted Cruller4305g20g
Yeast Raised Ring – Glazed3906g20g
Cake Doughnut – Raspberry Chocolate3805g19g
Yeast Raised Ring – Chocolate Frosted4806g24g
Chocolate Frosted Cruller4505g23g
Yeast Raised Doughnut – Chocolate Bar6207g30g
Yeast Raised Doughnut – Raspberry Bullseye5605g22g
Cake Doughnut – Cinnamon Sugar Blueberry3805g20g
Yeast Raised Ring – Cinnamon Sugar4006g20g
Cake Doughnut – Pink Rainbow5205g24g

The best food joint in America is definitely Top Pot. People from all over the world come to eat here because it serves the best food. I know you may be wondering why is Top Pot restaurant the best. Here are the reasons that will help you to understand the concept better.

Top Pot is the best American restaurant

Top Pot is the only restaurant that has been included in the list of the top 50 best restaurants in the USA. So, it is one of the best American restaurants.

Great food

The food is delicious and mouthwatering. The variety of the dishes will blow your mind. They serve different kinds of cuisine like Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican. You can try any dish here, as it is a great place for a family outing.

Perfect ambiance

The ambiance is perfect and you will get a complete experience. They have an extensive menu that includes pizzas, pastas, steaks, seafood, salads, and desserts. You will find a variety of dishes here.

You can’t miss the music

Top Pot has a great sound system that will mesmerize you. The songs will be played at the restaurant which will make you feel like you are listening to live music. So, if you want to enjoy the live music then this is the place you should visit.

Best service

The service is excellent. The waiters are well trained and friendly. They are trained to make you feel comfortable and take care of you.

Tasty food

If you are thinking that Top Pot restaurant serves low quality food, then I would say you are wrong. The food is really tasty and it will taste amazing when you bite into it.

The best place for family outings

If you are looking for a place to have a great time with your family then you should visit Top Pot. You will have a complete experience and you will surely fall in love with the food. So, don’t forget to visit this place if you are in the area.


You will surely get to know why is Top Pot the best by visiting this restaurant. I have shared some of the reasons that will help you to know about the restaurant better. So, don’t forget to visit this place and enjoy the food.