Tom & Chee Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tom _ Chee Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Kettle Chips – Rachel's Parmesan Garlic801g5g
Grilled Cheese – Pep+Chee68027g33g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Classic49015g29g
Chicken Salad – Small17023g6g
Grilled Cheese – Pesto & Turkey75032g39g
Kettle Chips – Rachel's Mesquite BBQ801g4g
Grilled Cheese – BBQ & Bacon82031g49g
Grilled Cheese – Ham+Chee64031g32g
Grilled Cheese – Crunchy Garlic Chicken72034g40g
Grilled Cheese – BLT & Chee72029g41g
Caprese Salad – Large26018g17g
Chunky Tomato Soup – Cup1003g1.5g
Grilled Cheese – Tom+Chee56021g25g
Salad – Green Goat – Small2209g14g
Grilled Cheese – Bacon & Blue89040g55g
White Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing26023g
Grilled Cheese – Hot+Spicy65025g43g
Grilled Cheese Salad – Small33011g17g
Grilled Cheese – Flying Pig75038g41g
Caprese Salad – Small1309g8g
Sweet Hot Mustard25
Peanut Butter Mascarpone1504g12g
Chicken Salad – Large34045g12g
Grilled Cheese – Swiss+Shroom65035g35g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Bananarama55012g31g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Barbara Blue61022g32g
Yogurt Dressing404g2g
BBQ Sauce70
Chocolate Mascarpone1001g6g
Grilled Cheese – Mac & Cheese96030g44g
Fried Onions403g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Blueberry Blue56013g30g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Smore5106g27g
Honey Mustard Dressing28025g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Mint Summer's Night5308g28g
Grilled Cheese – Pork Roll & Chee95028g67g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Peanut Butter Cup54010g32g
Blue Cheese Dressing2303g23g
Grilled Cheese Donut – The King52010g29g
Grilled Cheese – BBQ & Beef80042g40g
Ranch Dressing2101g22g
Grilled Cheese – West Of Philly82042g41g
Grilled Cheese – Beef & Cheddar96040g62g
Blueberry Compote701g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Cinnamon Toast4906g23g
Kettle Chips – Rachel's Salt & Vinegar801g5g
Grilled Cheese – Longhorn81041g44g
Creamy Horseradish Sauce13013g
Classic Tomato Soup – Cup702g1.5g
Kettle Chips – Rachel's Original801g5g
Marshmallow Mascarpone1001g6g
Lemon Mascarpone901g5g
Tomato Gazpacho Soup – Cup1202g5g
Pesto Sauce1502g17g
Grilled Cheese Salad – Large66022g35g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Strawberry Lemonade5408g23g
Blue Cheese Chili – Cup35027g20g
Grilled Cheese Donut – Choco Bacon Bliss57012g33g
Grilled Cheese – Armagoetta86029g47g
Grilled Cheese – Italian83040g41g
Green Goat Salad – Large43017g29g
Grilled Cheese – Hippy+Chee54021g30g

Tom & Chee is the most famous restaurant in Singapore, which has been serving delicious food to the customers since a long time. It is famous for its Asian fusion cuisine. The dishes are well cooked and the taste is amazing.

Tom & Chee is famous for their signature dish called ‘Tom & Chee’. The curry is prepared by mixing chicken, duck, and prawns with the special spices. After a while, it gets cooked in a mixture of coconut milk, herbs, and spices. The chicken curry is served with steamed rice and the price is moderate.

There are many other dishes like the Prawn Pad Kee Mao, the Crispy Duck, the Tom & Chee Curry, and the Roast Pork with Rice.

It has been opened for a very long time and has served a lot of dishes to the customers. If you are a food lover, then you should definitely try it.

Tom & Chee is located at 313B, Thomson Road, Singapore 048851. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 2 PM and from 6 PM to 10 PM.