Thundercloud Subs Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Thundercloud Subs Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Genoa Salami Low-Fat Sub, Small26011g6g
Genoa Salami Sub, Large40018g11g
BLT Sub, Large59024g28g
Smoked Chicken Low-Fat Sub, Large35025g6g
Low-Fat Hot Pastrami Sub, Small43023g13g
Veggie Delight with Cream Cheese Sub, Small47010g23g
Low-Fat Smoked Chicken Sub, Small29017g4g
Chicken Salad Sub, Small53031g24g
Low-Fat Smoked Chicken Sub, Large38025g6g
Bologna Sub, Large54015g27g
American Classic Sub, Large70032g35g
American Classic Sub44420g21g
Low-Fat Genoa Salami Sub, Small29011g6g
Ham Sub, Small38016g12g
Turkey Sub, Small26015g4g
Roast Beef Sub, Small32011g4g
Low-Fat Turkey Sub, Large36022g5g
Low-Fat Ham Sub, Small38016g12g
Capicola Sub, Large67025g38g
Smoked Chicken Sub, Large35025g6g
Genoa Salami Low-Fat Sub, Large37018g11g
California Club Sub, Large69030g35g
Veggie Delight with Cream Cheese Sub, Large67014g33g
Smoked Chicken Sub, Small27017g4g
Avocado Sub, Small3306g12g
Veggie Delite Sub w/ Cream Cheese46810g23g
Low-Fat Veggie Delite Sub, Large47016g14g
Low-Fat Nada Chicken Sub, Small44020g11g
Roast Beef Sub29022g4g
Low-Fat Roast Beef Sub, Large41032g6g
Office Favorite Sub, Large100032g46g
Low-Fat Nada Chicken Sub, Large59029g15g
Chicken Salad Sub50531g24g
Veggie Delite Low-Fat Sub, Large54018g28g
American Classic Sub, Small47020g21g
Hummus Sub, Small45015g15g
Avocado Sub3016g12g
Ham Low-Fat Sub, Small35018g12g
Bologna Sub, Small39010g17g
Egg Salad Sub51017g30g
Smoked Chicken Sub26817g4g
Ham Sub35018g12g
Texas Tuna Sub67625g44g
Low-Fat Turkey Sub, Small28015g4g
Turkey Sub25615g4g
Veggie Delite Low-Fat Sub, Small39013g19g
Hot Pastrami Low-Fat Sub, Small40025g13g
Low-Fat Hot Pastrami Sub, Large51030g15g
Low-Fat Genoa Salami Sub, Large40018g11g
Roast Beef Low-Fat Sub, Large38032g6g
Roast Beef Sub, Large38032g6g
The Club, Small45027g19g
California Club Sub, Small51024g23g
Genoa Salami Sub26411g6g
Tuna Sub, Small58023g34g
Tuna Sub57523g34g
Cheese Sub37412g17g
Low-Fat Veggie Delite Sub, Small36012g10g
Veggie Delite with Hummus Sub, Small39013g19g
Texas Tuna Sub, Large82027g52g
Turkey Low-Fat Sub, Large33022g5g
Roast Beef & Avocado Sub, Large64036g26g
N.Y. Italian Sub, Small57023g30g
Roast Beef & Avocado Sub42726g16g
Office Favorite Sub79228g39g
Roast Beef Low-Fat Sub, Small29022g4g
Nada Chicken Low-Fat Sub, Small41020g11g
Cheese Sub, Small40012g17g
The Club Sub44627g19g
Chicken Salad Sub, Large59033g26g
Capicola Sub, Small43032g20g
Turkey Low-Fat Sub, Small26015g4g
California Club Sub47625g23g
Low-Fat Ham Sub, Large51024g17g
Veggie Delite Sub w/ Hummus38513g19g
The Club, Large55033g23g
Hummus Sub, Large50017g17g
Egg Salad Sub, Small54017g30g
Nada Chicken Low-Fat Sub, Large56029g15g
Veggie Delite with Hummus Sub, Large54018g28g
Roast Beef & Avocado Sub, Small45024g16g
Genoa Salami Sub, Small29011g6g
Low-Fat Roast Beef Sub, Small32022g4g
BLT Sub36416g17g
Cheese Sub, Large58019g29g
Bologna Sub36210g17g
Texas Tuna Sub, Small68025g44g
Avocado Sub, Large4208g18g
Ham Sub, Large51024g17g
Austin Club Sub48727g23g
Smoked Chicken Low-Fat Sub, Small27017g4g
Hot Pastrami Low-Fat Sub, Large48031g15g
Austin Club Sub, Large70032g36g
Office Favorite Sub, Small85027g40g
Turkey Sub, Large33022g5g
N.Y. Italian Sub, Large69031g36g
Tuna Sub, Large64026g37g
Capicola Sub40115g20g
N.Y. Italian Sub66231g36g
Hummus Sub42015g15g
BLT Sub, Small41015g17g
Egg Salad Sub, Large60019g32g
Ham Low-Fat Sub, Large48026g17g
Austin Club Sub, Small52026g23g

5 Reasons Why Thundercloud is a perfect place for lunch

Thundercloud Subs is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in New Zealand. They serve delicious food in an excellent ambience with an amazing view. The restaurant is a great place for lunch and dinner. Thundercloud is famous for its sub sandwich, fish and chips and chicken tikka masala.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit Thundercloud:

1. Decent Service

The restaurant has the perfect service which will keep you satisfied throughout your meal. All the waiters are well-mannered and friendly. The staff is always ready to guide you and answer your queries.

2. Delicious Food

If you are looking for a perfect lunch, then don’t forget to try the sub sandwich at Thundercloud. It is one of the best sandwiches in New Zealand. Their chicken tikka masala is also a must try.


Thundercloud has one of the best views in Auckland. The restaurant is surrounded by lush green trees and the sky is a perfect blue.

4. Nice ambiance

If you want to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere then you should visit this place. The restaurant has a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable.

5. Special offers

You will get special offers on their website, you can save up to 50 percent on your bill.


So, if you want to try a delicious and satisfying meal, then you should visit Thundercloud.