Three Farmers Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Three Farmers Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Maple Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas1105g2.5g
Sriracha Slap Pea Pods1006g1.5g
Dill Pickle Pow Pea Pods1006g1.5g
Barbecue Lentils1007g1g
Wild Ranch Pea Pods1006g1.5g
Original Camelina Oil13014g
Roasted Garlic & Chili Camelina Oil13014g
Balsamic & Cracked Pepper Roasted Chickpeas1105g2.5g
Lightly Salted Lentils1007g1g
Roasted Onion & Basil Camelina Oil13014g
Lightly Salted Pea Pods1007g1g
Sea Salt & Vinegar Lentils1007g1g
Barbecue Roasted Chickpeas1105g2.5g
Lightly Salted Chickpeas1006g2g
Sea Salt & Lime Roasted Chickpeas1105g2.5g
Garlic & Herb Lentils1007g1g

If you have visited a city, then you will find a good number of restaurants. However, when you are in a new place, then you may find it difficult to find the perfect place to eat. In this article, I will tell you the reason behind this establishment. So, read on and know the reason behind this restaurant.

The history of the Three Farmers Restaurant

The restaurant is named after three farmers who came to this area in early 1950s. They were working as farmers and their families lived in different places around the area. One day they met and decided to open a restaurant.

They called this restaurant Three Farmers Restaurant because they wanted to serve food of this region. They wanted to serve the food in an authentic way, so they opened this restaurant in 1963.

Why is Three Farmers Restaurant special?

There are many reasons behind this restaurant being special. Firstly, the chef of this restaurant is trained at five-star restaurants, so he has learnt a lot from those restaurants. He learnt how to cook food in an authentic way. He has also mastered the art of cooking with herbs and spices.

Secondly, the chefs of this restaurant have worked in the best hotels, so they have learnt the best ways of serving food. The chefs work according to the taste of the customers. They use only the best quality ingredients and do not compromise with the taste of the customers.

Thirdly, this restaurant is situated in the city of Srinagar, so the dishes are served in a very authentic way. The ambiance of the restaurant is also very attractive and people enjoy their food.

Finally, this restaurant serves the best traditional Kashmiri dishes. The chefs work hard to learn the recipes of their ancestors and cook them in a very authentic way. The chefs also try to serve the dishes in a very innovative way. So, these are the four reasons that make this restaurant special.

So, if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy delicious food and have a beautiful ambience, then this is the right place to visit.


So, this is all about the reason behind the Three Farmers Restaurant being special. I am sure this will help you to choose the right place to eat. I am sure you will love the dishes of this restaurant.