The Republic of Tea Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Republic of Tea Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Orange Spice Green Tea
Organic Mango Coconut Water Iced Tea
British Breakfast Black Tea
Republic Darjeeling Black Iced Tea
Organic Baobab SuperHerb Tea
Passionfruit Mango Red Tea
Gingerbread Cuppa Cake Tea
Downton Abbey English Rose Tea
HiCAF Caramel Black Tea
Get Passionate – No.17 Herb Tea for the Libido
Organic Moringa SuperHerb Tea
Orange Ginger Mint Herbal Tea
Enjoy a Cup of Cheer Gift Tea
Organic Strawberry Basil Green Tea Large Iced Tea
Wuyi Oolong Tea
Ginger Peach Red Tea
Decaf Mango Ceylon Black Tea
U•Matcha Chai
Pineapple Guava 100% White Tea
Hibiscus Watermelon Tea
Organic Acai Green Superfruit Tea
Downton Abbey Organic Grantham Breakfast Blend Tea
Pumpkin Spice Black Tea
Hibiscus Vanilla Apple Tea
Hibiscus Coconut Tea
Blackberry Sage Black Tea
Lemon Chiffon Cuppa Cake Tea
Organic Pomegranate Green Superfruit Tea
Organic Green Tea w/ Lemon & Honey Tea
Caramel Apple Red Tea
Almond Coconut Macaroon Red Tea
Holiday Spice Blend Tea
Sonoma Rose Iced Tea
Golden Yunnan Black Tea
Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea4
Pomegranate Vanilla Red Tea
Republic Chai Tea
Ti Kuan Yin Full-Leaf
Decaf Earl Greyer Black Tea
Organic Reishi Cocoa SuperHerb Tea
Mango Ceylon Black Tea
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Get Young – No. 19 Herb Tea for Longevity
Orange Blossom 100% White Tea
Get Relaxed – No.14 Tea for Relieving Stress
Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Black Tea
Get Restored - Herb Tea for Recovery
Organic Goji Berry Green Superfruit Tea
Sonoma Cabernet Iced Tea
Organic Double Dark Chocolate Mate Super Tea Booster
Blueberry Bundt Cuppa Cake Tea
Get Hydrated - Herb Tea for Refreshment
Biodynamic Turmeric Cinnamon Tea
Organic Lean Green SuperGreen Tea
Organic Chia Chai
Dragon Oolong Tea
U•Matcha Charcoal
Organic Turmeric Single Sip
Thanks You're A Peach Gift Tea
Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea
Decaf Wild Berry Plum Green Tea
Natural Hibiscus Tea
Get Some Zzz' – No. 5 Herb Tea for Rest
Organic U•Matcha Single Sip
Tea of Inquiry Tea
Organic U•Matcha Chia Seeds
Raspberry Quince Black Iced Tea
Get Active - Herb Tea for Endurance
The People's Green Tea
Organic Immunity SuperGreen Tea
Get Smart – No.16 Herb Tea for Memory/Focus
Downton Abbey Crawley Sisters Tea
Honey Ginseng Green Tea
Get Relief – No. 9 Herb Tea for Digestion
Organic Double Red Rooibos Tea
Sonoma Chardonnay Iced Tea
Get Lean Tea
Republic Chai Black Tea
Republic Chai Red Tea
Get Charged – No. 3 Herb Tea for Energy
Downton Abbey Estate Blend Tea
Cardamom Cinnamon Herbal Tea
100% Organic Natural Green Rooibos Tea
Downton Abbey Lady Cora's Evening Tea
Wild Berry Plum Green Tea
Emperor's 100% White Tea
Earl Greyer Black Tea
Get Soothed – No. 8 Herb Tea for Scratchy Throats
Hibiscus Pineapple Lychee Tea
Get Wellness – No.11 Herb Tea for Immunity
HiCAF Gingermint Green Tea
Hibiscus Sangria Large Iced Tea
Downton Abbey Holiday Cheer Tea
Organic Elderberry Red Tea
Tea of Good Tidings Tea
PassionFruit Green Iced Tea
Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Tea
Get Lost – No. 6 Herb Tea for Weight Control
Organic Raspberry Leaf SuperHerb Tea For Women's Health
Get Limber - Herb Tea for Flexibility
Biodynamic Breakfast Green Tea
Get Burning - Herb Tea for Metabolism
Ginger Peach Black Large Iced Tea
Republic Chai Green Tea
Black Raspberry Green Tea
Cranberry Spice Hibiscus Tea
Mom You're the Berry Best Gift Tea (Strawberry Vanilla Red Tea)
Organic Serenity SuperGreen Tea
Cardamom Creme Brulee Black Tea
Banana Cuppa Chocolate Tea
Biodynamic Ginger Tea
Organic Dancing Leaves Green Tea
Decaf Coconut Cocoa Concentrate Tea
Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea
Decaf Blackberry Sage Black Tea
Cedarberg Organic Red Tea
Get it Going – No. 2 Herb Tea for Constipation
Comfort & Joy Sampler Pillow Tea
Vanilla Almond Black Tea
Downton Abbey Christmas Tea
Ginger Peach Black Tea
Decaf British Breakfast Black Tea
Kiwi Pear Green Tea
Pineapple Ginger Green Tea
Honey Mango 100% White Tea
Dream by the Fire Red Tea
Ginger Peach Decaf Black Iced Tea
Organic Blueberry Green Superfruit Tea
Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate Tea
Hot Apple Cider Tea
Downton Abbey Afternoon Garden Tea
Hibiscus Blueberry Tea
Organic Milk Thistle SuperHerb Tea
Organic Thai Ginger SuperHerb Tea
Organic Pitaya Green SuperFruit Tea
Get Clean AM Tea
Pineapple Orange Guava Large Iced Tea
Organic Black Currant Rosemary Large Iced Tea
Organic Matcha Coconut Water Iced Tea
Downton Abbey Tea Sampler Pillow Tea
Cinnamon Plum Black Tea
Downton Abbey Legacy Tea
Get Clean PM Tea
Organic Sage SuperHerb Tea For Hot Flashes
Republic Chai Concentrate40
Rose Petal Black Tea
Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea
Organic 100% Double Green Matcha Tea
Organic Peppermint Bark Herb Tea
Sip and Be Merry Holiday Gift Tea
Coconut Pu-erh Tea
Organic Elderflower SuperHerb Tea
Biodynamic Darjeeling Black Tea
Ginseng Peppermint Herbal Tea
Ginger Peach 100% White Tea
Organic Nettle SuperHerb Tea
Peach Blossom Oolong Tea
Lucky Irish Breakfast Black Tea
Sonoma Mulled Zin Hot Tea
Get Happy – No. 13 Tea for Lifting Your Spirit
Ginger Peach Green Tea
Organic Double Dark Chocolate Mate
Organic Dandelion SuperHerb Tea
Cucumber Mint 100% White Tea
Milk Oolong Tea
Sweet Tea Tropical Green Tea
Matcha Powder
Get Heart – No.12 Herb Tea for Cardio Health
Daily Green Tea Sampler Pillow Tea
Celebrate With A Cuppa Cake Gift Tea
Asian Jasmine 100% White Tea
Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea
Spring Cherry Green Tea
White Hibiscus Passionfruit Large Iced Tea
Pomegranate Green Iced Tea
Blackberry Sage Black Iced Tea
Mate Latte Tea
Hibiscus Strawberry Tea
Get Gorgeous – No. 1 Herb Tea for Clear Skin
Get Clean – No. 7 Herb Tea for Detoxing
Cranberry Blood Orange Tea
Decaf Apricot Black Tea
Decaf Ginger Peach Black Tea
Hibiscus Key Lime Tea
Organic Mint Fields Tea
Get Maternal – No.10 Herb Tea for Pregnancy
Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea
Get Probiotic – No. 18 Herb Tea for Digestive Health
Organic Pineapple Coconut Water Iced Tea
Biodynamic Heirloom Chamomile Tea
Decaf Vanilla Almond Black Tea
Cinnamon Orange Red Tea
Biodynamic Hibiscus Tea

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