The Melt Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Melt Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Kids Grilled Cheese40014g13g
Well Dressed Fries54014g34g
Aged Sharp & Mild Cheddar Cheese Blend1007g8g
The Mac Daddy74023g36g
Organic Romaine
Vanilla Bean Milkshake37013g8g
Fresh Tomato5
Kids Chicken Caesar Salad29024g16g
Swiss Cheese806g6g
Chocolate Crunch351g1g
Cappuccino Milkshake36011g8g
Spicy Mission Burger59031g36g
Chopped Cobb Salad40022g30g
Baby Spinach1g
Zevia Zero Calorie Cola
Side Caesar Salad1605g11g
Izze Sparkling Apple90
Mac Daddy Grilled Cheese67031g32g
Trio Mac 'N' Cheese22011g13g
Housemade Aioli354g
BBQ Sauce10
Bacon BBQ Chicken59036g32g
Spicy Black Bean Soup1105g4g
Grilled Onions201g
Chocolate Marshmallow S'more Melt53011g18g
Housemade Spicy Ketchup5
Rocky Mountain Lemon Lime170
'Shroom & Swiss Burger62032g39g
Spicy Mission Chicken55031g29g
Original Cheddar Burger54030g33g
Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake61011g12g
Grilled Onion10
Bacon Florentine Mac 'N' Cheese27015g16g
Cookies & Cream Milkshake40013g9g
Sweet Potato Fries2202g10g
All Natural Grilled Chicken16019g8g
Fontina Cheese805g7g
Steak Lover Grilled Cheese55026g24g
Snickerdoodle Milkshake53015g20g
Add a' la Mode1304g3g
Tomato Basil Soup1005g
Bacon BBQ Burger64036g38g
Melt Sauce10
Make It A Float1304g3g
Kids Mac 'N' Cheese25011g12g
Double Chocolate Milkshake46016g16g
Aged Cheddar Cheese1107g9g
Izze Sparkling Pomegranate90
The Soft Serve Vanilla Bean Ice Cream1504g3g
Izze Sparkling Clementine90
Rocky Mountain Root Beer170
Charred Jalapeno
Classic Grilled Cheese58026g29g
100% Angus & Wagyu Beef22019g16g
Pickled Onions15
Fresh Apple70
Smoked Bacon605g4g
Sausage & Pepper Soup1305g7g
Chocolate Chip Cookie3504g17g
Italian Job Grilled Cheese52021g24g
'Shroom & Swiss Chicken58032g33g
Rocky Mountain Black Cherry170
Rocky Mountain Cola170
Fresh Lemonade1402g
Chicken Caesar Salad39019g28g
Grilled Mushrooms351g3g
Provolone Cheese1007g8g
Original Cheddar Chicken50030g26g
Naked Fries3704g21g
Side Mixed Greens Salad1203g6g
Market Salad3309g24g
Kids Cheeseburger55030g31g
Monterey Jack Cheese1107g9g

Why is The Melt Restaurant the Best?

We all know that food is not only the source of nutrition but also it is the main reason of happiness. If you are a person who loves food then you might have heard of The Melt restaurant.

The Melt is one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy the best food. It was started in New York, and now it has opened its first outlet in India.

The Melt was founded by two Americans, and the founder is also a chef. He used to cook at restaurants and loved to eat delicious food. That’s why he started his own restaurant in New York.

He was inspired by the food and the atmosphere of the French restaurant. He named his restaurant as The Melt because the restaurant is inspired by the melting of ice cream.

It is one of the most delicious restaurants that you can ever think of. You will not believe that this restaurant has its own ice cream, but it does.

The Melt is the best because:

It offers the best food

There are various types of dishes that you can try. You will not get disappointed when you visit The Melt restaurant.

They have the best and amazing service

If you have ever visited any restaurant, then you will understand how important it is to have a good service. If you visit The Melt restaurant you will get the best and amazing service.

Their menu is varied

The Melt restaurant offers different types of cuisines. You will never get bored with the variety of dishes.

It has a great ambiance

The Melt restaurant is a perfect place to spend your time with your family or friends. You will get to enjoy the great ambiance of the restaurant.


So, this is why The Melt is one of the best restaurants. So, don’t wait and book your table as soon as possible.