The Little Beet Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Little Beet Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Brussel Hustle Bowl97045g67g
Quinoa Oatmeal & Yogurt31011g6g
Beets and Raddichio1404g11g
Lemon Dressing2201g24g
Ginger Miso Dressing1001g9g
MangoBerry Parfait27015g17g
Charred Broccoli1304g9g
Roasted Chicken22026g12g
Multigrain Bread1804g6g
Creamy Lemon Dressing1901g20g
DragonBerry Parfait26012g12g
Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce453g
Broccoli Rabe1506g9g
Add Sauteed Greens1104g5g
Whole Eggs17011g13g
Turkey Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich45023g22g
Turmeric Almonds602g5g
Cauliflower Leek Soup1201g11g
Chinese Cabbage Salad1505g6g
Soy Lime Dressing1601g15g
Chai Spiced Quinoa Oatmeal1403g2.5g
Quinoa Oatmeal without Toppings3209g3.5g
Sweet Potatoes2806g16g
Sauteed Greens1807g8g
Junior Bowl32020g16g
Egg Salad Sandwich31018g26g
Egg Whites9010g5g
Seasonal Bowl67039g29g
Raw Oatmeal & Jam42011g8g
Carrot Ginger Soup1201g7g
Add Egg White407g0.5g
Kale Salad1409g7g
Farmers Salad25012g16g
Braised Pork20027g9g
Raw Oatmeal35011g8g
Egg Whites & Peppers Wrap25010g11g
Turmeric Tahini Sauce803g7g
Tomato White Bean Soup1406g4.5g
Beet Hummus Dip502g3.5g
Chimichurri Sauce13013g
Chipotle Aioli Sauce13013g
Sherry Shallot Dressing1701g17g
Delicata Squash1004g4g
Salmon Poke20018g13g
Field Greens151g
Avocado Bean Dip201g
Seared Salmon19018g12g
Shaved Brussels Sprouts2107g12g
Yuzu Poke Bowl95030g70g
Cup of Butternut Squash Soup3003g24g
Roasted Rainbow Carrots902g3g
Farmer Bowl57023g39g
Eggs Benny Bowl53024g25g
Organic Quinoa2708g9g
Vegan Ranch Slaw1501g14g
Quinoa Oatmeal & Granola57014g12g
Sesame Avocado2905g29g
Add Turkey Bacon14012g10g
Salmon Tartare43024g16g
Portobello Tofu26010g9g
Egg Whites & Kale Wrap2208g9g
Rise Bowl34012g18g
Pickled Ginger
Chef's Soup Bowl100042g67g
Sushi Salad1003g3.5g
Apple Leek Vinaigrette1101g10g
Sweet N Spicy Tofu13011g7g
Little Beet Salad805g6g
Pickled Onions602g
SunBerry Parfait47017g24g
Shine Bowl43018g26g
Super Seeds602g5g
Add Avocado601g5g
String Beans1202g10g
Egg, Cheese & Avocado Sandwich51017g30g
Beet Falafel2309g6g
Avocado Toast43010g30g
Market Salad807g3.5g
Soba Noodles803g4.5g
Brussels Sprouts1303g10g
BBQ Jackfruit1204g2.5g
Quinoa Oatmeal & Butter4409g15g
Basmati Rice1904g4.5g
Chicken Bahn Mi45022g17g

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