The Jackfruit Company Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Jackfruit Company Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Jackfruit Meal – Chickpeas, Spinach & Garam Masala2509g9g
Jackfruit Meal – Red Kidney Beans, Tomato & Rustic Herbs2207g8g
BBQ Jackfruit1102g3.5g
Teriyaki Jackfruit Bowl3208g9g
Curry Jackfruit Bowl3009g13g
Lightly Seasoned Jackfruit602g3g
Jackfruit Meal – Coconut, Vegetables & Thai Green Chili2606g13g
Smoked Pulled Jackfruit903g6g
Pasta Jackfruit Bowl27015g11g
Tex-Mex Jackfruit702g2g
Jackfruit Meal – Black Beans, Corn & Tex-Mex Spice2308g7g
Teriyaki Jackfruit1403g5g
Enchilada Jackfruit Bowl35011g12g
Curry Jackfruit902g4g
Lemon Garlic Jackfruit1203g7g

Jackfruit is a delicious fruit that is available in tropical countries of Asia and Africa. It is also considered as a substitute for chicken. So, Jackfruit Company is a chain of restaurants serving delicious food with Jackfruit.

It was established by Prakash Kumar in the year 2017, and now it is present in four states of India. The main aim of the company is to serve the best food that contains the highest amount of nutrients. It is also providing the best service to its customers.

How to visit the restaurant

You can visit the company by booking online or offline. If you want to book the table for you then you need to make a reservation through their website. It is also offering delivery services to the customer.

You can easily order your favorite dishes and get served within the shortest time possible.

What to order at the restaurant?

If you want to enjoy the best of the cuisine then you should definitely try their best dishes. There are some delicious dishes that you will love to eat at Jackfruit Company.

Chicken Jackfruit – The chicken Jackfruit is a popular dish that is cooked in the best spices. This will make you taste the flavor of the jackfruit.

Paneer Jackfruit – This is a cheese like dish that has a smooth texture. It has a mild taste and it is made using the jackfruit.

Aloo Boti – This is a vegetarian dish that consists of potatoes. It is one of the most delicious dishes that you can order from Jackfruit Company.

Dal Makhani – This is a popular dal in the northern region of India. It is a rich dish that has the best aroma.

Lamb and Vegetable Curry – This is one of the most delicious dishes that you can enjoy at Jackfruit Company.

Vegetable Curry – This is one of the most popular and famous dishes that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Mutton Curry – This is a special and unique dish that is prepared in a delicious and spicy manner.


The Jackfruit Company is one of the best restaurants that are offering delicious and nutritious food. The best part is that you will get the best of the service in the shortest time possible. So, visit the company and enjoy your food.