The Good Bean Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Good Bean Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Roasted Chickpeas – Sweet Cinnamon1205g3g
Roasted Chickpeas – Chocolate1205g3g
Crispy Favas & Peas – Balsamic Herb1207g5g
Roasted Chickpeas – Sea Salt1205g3g
Crunchy Chickpeas – Sweet Chili1206g3g
Roasted Chickpeas – Mesquite BBQ1205g3g
Sweet Chili Bean Chips1304g8g
Sea Salt Bean Chips1304g6g
Jalapeno Cheddar Bean Chips1304g8g
Cheesy Nacho Bean Chips1304g6g
Crispy Favas & Peas – Habanero Citrus1207g5g
Roasted Chickpeas – Classic Hummus1206g3g
Roasted Chickpeas – Smoky Chili & Lime1205g3g
Roasted Chickpeas – Cracked Pepper1407g2g
Roasted Chickpeas – Thai Coconut Lemongrass1205g4g
Crispy Favas & Peas – Sea Salt1207g5g

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