The Daily Crave Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Daily Crave Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Veggie Straws – Salt & Vinegar1401g7g
Lentil Chips – Tomato Basil1303g6g
Lentil Chips – Spicy Sriracha1403g6g
Veggie Sticks – Original1301g5g
Veggie Straws – Himalayan Pink Salt1501g7g
Lentil Chips – Himalayan Pink Salt1404g6g
Lentil Chips – Aged White Cheddar1304g6g
Lentil Chips – Smoked Gouda1303g7g
Quinoa Chips – Himalayan Pink Salt1404g7g
Quinoa Chips – Gouda & Romano Cheese1403g7g
Veggie Straws – Spicy Sriracha1401g7g
Veggie Chips – Barbecue1301g5g
Quinoa Chips – Spicy Thai Chili1404g7g
Quinoa Chips – Bourbon BBQ1403g7g
Veggie Chips – Original1301g6g

The Daily Crave is a healthy restaurant where you can enjoy delicious and healthy food. There are so many people who love to eat at restaurants but they don’t know about the food quality, but The Daily Crave is different.

It is one of the oldest restaurants in the city and they serve some amazing food. Let’s have a look at the restaurant that serves delicious food.

What is The Daily Crave?

The Daily Crave is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, they serve delicious food and people love to eat their dishes. They serve many different kinds of food like pizza, pasta, sushi, sandwiches and burgers. They are also famous for their ice cream.

They have many branches in the city and you can easily reach their branch near you. Their branches are in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and Houston.

They have a huge menu and you can easily search for your favorite dish from their menu.

What makes them special?

When you visit any restaurant you will have a feeling of satisfaction, but when you visit The Daily Crave, you will get to experience the satisfaction in a different way. There are many people who visit their restaurant because of the tasty and delicious dishes.

They serve the best food and offer different types of dishes. Their food is made with the best ingredients and is cooked in the best way.

Here are some of the benefits of visiting their restaurant:

There are many people who love their dishes, they offer different kinds of dishes and the taste is amazing.

You will find many celebrities in their restaurant, as they are famous for their food and their recipes.

They are very good in their services, they are professional in their work and offer the best services to their customers.


If you are a person who loves to eat, then visit their restaurant and experience the best in your life. They serve delicious and yummy food, so you won’t get disappointed. You will have a different kind of experience and you will feel like a celebrity.