The Coffee Bean _ Tea Leaf Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Coffee Bean _ Tea Leaf Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Ultimate Mocha – Ice Blended3109g8g
Hot Chocolate40022g5g
Hazelnut – Ice Blended69014g27g
Iced Vanilla Latte37017g7g
Iced Tea Lemonade280
Hot Vanilla29016g4.5g
Cafe Dark Chocolate2707g6g
Iced Mocha Latte1708g2.5g
Caramel – Ice Blended3709g8g
Hazelnut Latte45017g14g
Matcha – Ice Blended3106g7g
Single Cappuccino w/ Whole Milk1307g7g
Dark Chocolate – Ice Blended2707g6g
Chai – Ice Blended3106g7g
Extreme Mocha – Ice Blended48012g11g
Single Macchiato w/ Whole Milk101g0.5g
Tea Latte w/ Vanilla Powder2007g4.5g
Dark Chocolate Latte27014g4g
Iced Cappuccino1106g6g
White Chocolate Latte60018g18g
Iced Dark Chocolate Latte1707g3g
Double Cappuccino w/ Nonfat Milk707g
Single Caramel Cappuccino w/ Whole Milk2007g8g
White Chocolate – Ice Blended7108g27g
Double Cappuccino w/ Whole Milk1106g6g
Mocha Latte38020g5g
Iced Americano
Mucho Mango Fru Tea360
Iced Hazelnut Latte2107g7g
Malibu Dream – Ice Blended3307g7g
Iced Coffee
Double Caramel Cappuccino w/ Whole Milk2406g8g
Extreme Vanilla – Ice Blended51012g14g
Extreme Caramel – Ice Blended72013g16g
Cafe Latte w/ Nonfat Milk19019g
Matcha Latte29016g4.5g
Single Caramel Cappuccino w/ Nonfat Milk1508g1g
Espresso – Single Shot
Mocha – Ice Blended2709g5g
Single Cappuccino w/ Nonfat Milk808g
Iced Tea Latte w/ Vanilla Powder1704g4.5g
Double Macchiato w/ Nonfat Milk101g
Single Macchiato w/ Nonfat Milk51g
Ultimate Vanilla – Ice Blended63018g19g
Brewed Coffee51g
Hot Tea
Cafe Mocha34010g7g
Cafe Vanilla2007g4.5g
Double Caramel Cappuccino w/ Nonfat Milk2007g2g
Double Macchiato w/ Whole Milk201g1g
Frozen Lemonade Fru-Tea240
Cafe Au Lait w/ Nonfat Milk505g
Pure Chocolate – Ice Blended30012g5g
Pom-Blueberry – Ice Blended66013g14g
Caramel Latte26013g3g
Vanilla – Ice Blended56017g14g
Iced Latte21011g11g
Cafe Au Lait804g4g
Vanilla Latte28015g4.5g
Cafe Latte Whole Milk21011g11g
Black Forest – Ice Blended3709g8g
Tea Latte w/ Chocolate Powder3309g7g
Cafe Latte w/ Whole Milk26014g14g
Cafe Hazelnut2405g9g
Iced Tea
Espresso – Double Shot
Cafe Caramel3806g7g
Iced Tea Latte w/ Chocolate Powder2606g7g
Iced White Chocolate Latte43013g14g
Cafe White Chocolate3604g14g
Pure Vanilla – Ice Blended60021g14g

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