That Burger Joint Calories and Nutrition Facts

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That Burger Joint Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Them Sandwiches – That Crispy Chicken61049g17g
Them Tenders – 5 Piece43050g9g
Them Sandwiches – That Grilled Chicken w/ Cheese52048g16g
Them Sandwiches – That Crispy Chicken w/ Cheese61049g17g
Them Toppings – Jalapenos5
Them Fries – Small4005g20g
Them Toppings – Ketchup15
Them Toppings – Grilled Onions201.5g
Them Sandwiches – That Junior Burger44027g18g
Them Sandwiches – That Dog w/ Cheese44016g29g
Them Sandwiches – That Junior Burger w/ Cheese49030g24g
Them Sandwiches – That Grilled Chicken43044g10g
Them Sandwiches – That Dog37016g23g
Them Toppings – BBQ Sauce30
Them Fries – Large5407g27g
Them Dipping Sauces – Ranch1601g2g
Them Dipping Sauces – Honey Mustard801g0.5g
Them Toppings – Onions5
Them Toppings – Mustard
Them Toppings – Mayo353g
Them Toppings – Petal Sauce303g
Them Toppings – Tomatoes5
Them Sandwiches – That Patty Melt88056g51g
Them Tenders – 3 Piece26030g5g
Them Sandwiches – That Burger w/ Cheese77054g43g
Them Dipping Sauces – BBQ Sauce100
Them Toppings – Lettuce5
Them Toppings – Relish50
Them Toppings – Bacon806g6g
Them Dipping Sauces – Petal Sauce1301g11g
Them Sandwiches – That Burger65048g31g
Them Toppings – Grilled Mushrooms251g2.5g
Them Toppings – Pickles5
Them Toppings – Ranch Dressing403g
Them Toppings – Honey Mustard20

People all over the world love to eat burgers, so why is that burger joint famous. Let’s discuss some interesting facts about that burger joint.

Best Burger Joint

The owner of this restaurant was a regular worker in McDonald’s for many years, and he came to know that his customers love burgers, so he thought that this restaurant will be a hit. So, the next day he opened this burger joint and now it is one of the famous places in the USA.

Burger and Fries

Most of the burger joints offer fries with their burgers, but this place is unique. They offer an unlimited amount of fries for free. This is because the people want to fill their stomach with unlimited amounts of fries.


The most important part of any burger is the meat, and the burgers offered by the burger joint are not only made with the beef but also with chicken and turkey.

Lunch Special

You can order a meal with two burgers for only $1.

It is an American chain and has more than 1000 branches all over the USA.


If you are a burger lover, then you can visit this burger joint and you will love the taste. The best thing about this burger joint is that you can get unlimited fries with your burger. So, I am sure you will be addicted to this place and will come here again and again.