Terrapin Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Terrapin Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Dill Pickle Mustard151g
Cinnamon Graham Pretzels1202g2g
Key Lime Jelly35
Hot Wasabi Garnishing Squeeze707g
Roasted Garlic Horseradish Dip16017g
Pecan Honey Mustard150.5g
Sound Czech Pilsner1511.5g
Raspberry Amaretto Jam30
Hatch Chile Ranch Dressing1401g15g
Creamy Italian White Balsamic Dressing901g9g
Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip801g1g
All Natural Sea Salt Pita Chips1403g7g
Hot Pepper Bacon Jam40
Sriracha Horseradish Sauce403.5g
Parmesan Peppercorn Dip Mix1g
Cherry Ancho Chile Sauce50
Sriracha Aioli Garnishing Squeeze708g
Bacon Pepper Dip30
Champagne Garlic Honey Mustard5
Everything Aioli Squeeze Garnishing Sauce601g6g
Stoneground Mustard w/ Indian Spice
Pesto Aioli Squeeze708g
Hoppin' Jalapeno Dip1401g15g
Mosaic Red Rye IPA2252.4g
Mango Habanero Gourmet Jam45
Bacon Tomato Ranch Dressing1301g14g
Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam35
Cilantro Lime Ranch Salad Dressing1101g11g
Spicy Chipotle Garnishing Squeeze606g
Recreation IPA1481.5g
Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout2252.1g
Lemon Honey Vinaigrette1009g
Ginger Wasabi Sauce151g
Golden Ale1521.7g
Roasted Pineapple Habanero Dip60
Triple Cheese Vinaigrette1401g15g
Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce60
Hot Pepper Peach Bourbon Sauce35
Raspberry Wasabi Mustard201g
Sweet Beet & Horseradish Mustard10
Bacon Aioli Squeeze809g
Chocolate Graham Pretzels1202g2g
Margarita Jelly35
Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam45
Creamy Horseradish Dip909g
Horseradish Sauce201.5g
Pumpkin Honey Mustard10
HI-5 IPA1881.8g
Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Glaze40
Creamy Chipotle Pepper Dip15015g
Sriracha Horseradish Garnishing Squeeze403.5g
Braided Butter Pretzels1103g2g
Peach Honey Mustard701g1g
Rye Pale Ale1762.1g
Apple Maple Bacon Jam40
Strawberry & Fig Gourmet Jam35
Smoke on the Porter2782.7g
Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette201g0.5g
Raspberry Peach Chipotle Sauce
Tropical Tequila Sauce50
Sweet Red Onion White Balsamic Dressing901g9g
So Fresh So Green IPA2052.3g
Hatch Chile Bacon Ranch Dip606g
Tart Cherry, Apple & Rosemary Glaze601.5g
Smokey Onion Mustard5
Apple & Horseradish Jam40
Honey Chipotle Glaze450.5g
Jalapeno Aioli Squeeze Garnishing Sauce708g
Garlic Kraut Mustard
Wake-N-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout3022.6g
Jalapeno Hatch Chile Jam30
Creamy Bacon Tomato Sauce Dip252g
Cranberry Relish w/ Grand Marnier40
Onion Blossom Horseradish Dip14015g
Hopsecutioner IPA2142.3g
Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves30
Apple Cider Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette1007g
Liquid Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter2142.3g
Passion Fruit Jalapeno Gourmet Jelly35
Garlic, Balsamic & Herb Gourmet Jam35
Ginger, Miso & Honey Salad Dressing25

The Reasons Behind Why The Terrapin Restaurant Is One Of The Best Restaurants In North Carolina

Terrapin restaurant has been serving the customers with their mouth-watering dishes since 1982. There are a lot of restaurants in the area but why is this restaurant considered one of the best restaurants in North Carolina?

Here are some reasons behind the popularity of the Terrapin restaurant:

High-quality ingredients

The food at the Terrapin restaurant is prepared from high-quality ingredients. They use only the finest and fresh ingredients to prepare the dishes.

Freshness of the ingredients

The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes. Each dish is prepared using fresh and delicious ingredients.

Quality of the food

All the dishes are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients and the most unique and delicious flavors.

Attentive service

The service at the Terrapin restaurant is very attentive and helpful. The staff members make sure that you enjoy your meals and also provide you with the information about the dishes.

Good value for money

The food is served at a reasonable price. The portions of the dishes are big and the quality of the food is good.


The Terrapin restaurant is famous for its non-chemical and MSG free food. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in North Carolina.


If you are looking for a place where you can get a delicious and unique meal then you should visit the Terrapin restaurant. The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in North Carolina and you will get a great experience.