Teriyaki Madness Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Teriyaki Madness Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Orange Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice And Veggies60028g23g
Katsu Plate with White Rice81040g32g
Chicken Bowl with White Rice54031g10g
Small Mac Salad with Plates3604g25g
Stir Fry Veggie with Tofu33035g26g
Pork Plate with White Rice80033g29g
Large Salad with Chicken25040g8g
Orange Chicken Plate with Brown Rice85042g34g
Kids Beef with Brown Rice23011g4g
Side Of Beef No Sauce41070g11g
Breast Yakisoba88052g13g
Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice50031g11g
Low Carb Breast Plate with Sauce On Side50072g23g
Stir Fry Veggie with Breast45064g31g
Orange Chicken Bowl with White Rice66029g23g
Stir Fry Veggie Plate27014g
Katsu Bowl with White Rice56029g22g
Pork Bowl with Brown Rice58023g22g
Half Order Of Breast No Sauce18036g8g
Stir Fry Veggie with Shrimp37020g15g
Pork Bowl with White Rice57023g22g
Side Of Chicken No Sauce42064g16g
Pork Eggroll 1 Piece Precooked1807g9g
Large Salad404g
Half Order Of Tofu607g3g
Kids Chicken with White Rice26015g5g
Spicy Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice And Veggies67030g27g
Kids Katsu with White Rice27022g11g
Chicken Yakisoba91048g13g
Chicken Eggroll 1 Piece Precooked1607g8g
Kids Chicken with Brown Rice2405g2g
Add Veggie To A Bowl704g
Side Tofu12014g6g
Small Salad101g
Crab Rangoon 4 Piece Precooked2109g11g
Orange Chicken Plate with White Rice91040g34g
Beef Bowl with White Rice53023g8g
Side Of Veggies1307g
Beef Yakisoba91051g11g
Pork Bowl with Brown Rice And Veggies69023g24g
Spicy Chicken Bowl with White Rice68030g23g
Beef Bowl with Brown Rice Only Add Veggies56023g13g
Teriyaki Sauce (Thick)453g
Kids Orange with Brown Rice26013g4g
Veggie Eggroll 1 Piece Precooked1507g7g
Low Carb Breast Bowl with Sauce On Side42040g16g
Pork Bowl with White Rice And Veggies69023g24g
Side Of Pork No Sauce42065g32g
Side Of Brown Rice2205g
Breast Bowl with White Rice And Veggies59037g8g
Yakisoba Veggie Plate70016g5g
Side Of Katsu57064g32g
Katsu Sauce45
Side Of Orange Chicken50030g14g
Half Order Of Chicken No Sauce21032g8g
Side Mac Salad7208g50g
Beef Bowl with Brown Rice Only49023g9g
Breast Plate with White Rice74052g6g
Stir Fry Veggie with Pork48061g39g
Spicy Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice60030g23g
Kids Breast with Brown Rice22017g3g
Orange Chicken Bowl with White Rice And Veggies67029g23g
Orange Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice59028g23g
Beef Plate with White Rice75033g11g
Side Of Noodles38016g5g
Beef Bowl with White Rice And Veggies60023g12g
Tofu Yakisoba76023g8g
Side Of Breast No Sauce37072g16g
Spicy Sauce25
Gyoza Sauce151g
Stir Fry Veggie with Chicken48060g31g
Beef Plate with Brown Rice Only69033g13g
Shrimp Tempura 2 Piece2605g13g
Half Order Of Pork No Sauce21033g16g
Pork Gyoza 5 Pieces Precooked1907g9g
Veggie Bowl with White Rice3708g0.5g
Spicy Chicken Bowl with White Rice And Veggies74030g27g
Salad Dressing705g
Half Order Of Beef No Sauce21035g6g
Spicy Chicken Plate with Brown Rice87044g34g
Breast Plate with Brown Rice68052g8g
Spicy Sauce/Add Spicy25
Breast Bowl with Brown Rice And Veggies54036g9g
Teriyaki Sauce (Thin)302g
Side White Rice2404g
Kids Beef with White Rice25011g4g
Pork Plate with Brown Rice81033g29g
Chicken Plate with White Rice78044g14g
Stir Fry Veggie with Beef47063g29g
Shrimp Yakisoba81036g6g
Kids Katsu with Brown Rice24028g7g
Chicken Bowl with White Rice And Veggies61031g14g
Kids Orange with White Rice26014g4g
Kids Breast with White Rice24017g2g
Half Order Of Shrimp11020g1g
Low Carb Beef Plate53069g11g
Pork Yakisoba91049g26g
Low Carb Chicken Plate with Sauce On Side56064g23g
Breast Bowl with White Rice52037g4g
Side Of Fried Rice53012g16g
Chicken Plate with Brown Rice72044g16g
Chicken Bowl with Brown Rice And Veggies57031g15g
Breast Bowl with Brown Rice47036g5g
Veggie Bowl with Brown Rice3208g2g
Spicy Chicken Plate with White Rice98044g34g
Chicken Gyoza 5 Pieces Precooked1708g9g

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