Tecate Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tecate Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Light Beer1100.9g

Tecate is a Mexican beer that is loved by many Mexicans and foreigners. It is a very famous beer and it is loved for its flavour and the way it is served. Tecate is brewed by the Mexico’s largest brewery, Grupo Modelo. It has a very strong taste and it is made from malted barley. It has a very nice aftertaste. It has a dark amber colour and it has a low alcohol content. The alcohol content is around 2.5 per cent. It is very light and it is also gluten free.

Why you need to drink Tecate?

If you have never tasted the beer before, then you should try it. You will love its taste. Tecate has a very strong taste and it is very refreshing. It is also a very good beer for a cold day. It is recommended for a warm day or when you want to go for a walk. It is a very good choice for summer. It is available in most restaurants and bars and it is widely available in the market.