Taza Chocolate Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taza Chocolate Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Mexicano Chocolate – Cinnamon2103g12g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Guajillo Chili2003g10g
Chocolate Mini Tazito Bar – Crispy Crunch1101g7g
Sweet Heat Almond Latte2403g15g
Super Dark Chocolate Mexicano Bar2305g17g
Dark Chocolate – 80%2604g19g
Chocolate Amaze Bar – Peppermint Stick2002g12g
Chocolate Covered Treats – Cashews1703g13g
Chocolate Amaze Bar – Cacao Crunch2204g16g
Dark Chocolate Origin Bar – Dominican Republic2003g13g
Dark Chocolate Amaze Bar – Wicked2105g14g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Cinnamon2103g12g
Chocolate Bark – Maple Pecan2103g15g
Chocolate Amaze Bar – Pan de Jengibre2403g15g
Chocolate Amaze Bar – Toffee & Almond w/ Sea Salt1903g12g
Chocolate Amaze Bar – Coco Besos Coconut2103g14g
Chocolate Mini Tazito Bar – Almond Crunch1202g8g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Salted Almond2103g11g
Chocolate Amaze Bar – Sea Salt w/ Almond2104g16g
Chocolate Mini Tazito Bar – Hazelnut Crunch1201g8g
Dark Chocolate Origin Bar – Belize2304g13g
Dark Chocolate – 70%2504g17g
Chocolate Bark – Walnut Rum Raisin1802g10g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper1903g9g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Spiked Eggnog2103g14g
Dark Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Cacao Puro2204g14g
Chocolate Amaze Bar – Raspberry Crunch2003g13g
Mexicano Chocolate – Cacao Puro2204g14g
Cacao Nibs – Roasted1704g12g
Chocolate Covered Treats – Almond1752g14g
Chocolate Covered Treats – Cacao Nibs1702g12g
Chocolate Mini Tazito Bar – Coconut Crunch1102g7g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Coffee2103g12g
Chocolate Cashew – Odds & Ends1703g13g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Vanilla2103g11g
Dark Chocolate Origin Bar – Bolivia2303g17g
Chocolate Covered Treats – Hazelnuts1803g15g
Chocolate Mexicano Bar – Chipotle Chili2003g10g
Dark Chocolate Origin Bar – Haiti2004g13g

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Taza chocolate is a famous chain of chocolate restaurants in London. The restaurant was established in 2015 and it has spread all over the UK. Now, you can easily find their branches in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Southampton and more.

How to reach Taza Chocolate restaurant?

There are two ways to visit this restaurant. You can either book a table online or you can just go to their location and check out their menu. They have a wide variety of dishes that are made with chocolate. From chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, and cakes to chocolate drinks and hot chocolate, you will find everything in their menu.

The place is very popular among kids because it provides different dishes for them. So, if you are looking for a perfect place for your children or teenagers, then you should try Taza Chocolate restaurant.

Why is Taza Chocolate restaurant popular?

Everyone loves the chocolate. From cakes to desserts, the food is made with the same ingredient. So, people love to come to this restaurant and enjoy their meals.

In addition to the delicious food, their staff is friendly and polite. They will not let you feel uncomfortable or bored. The staff is well trained and they know how to serve customers with patience.

The ambience of this restaurant is also very nice and pleasant. You will feel comfortable and enjoy your meal.

Taza Chocolate restaurant offers good food at a reasonable price.


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